Sword Labyrinth Chapter 1 (FINALLY!)

Chapter 1: Lustreless Silver

G’day everyone, this is nomad here…yes, I know, this took what, a month? More perhaps? The point is, I’m terribly sorry for the wait.

But here you have it! The first chapter is done, finally!

Anyway, if all you want is to read the novel and skip over this old man’s rant, click the link above, I don’t mind. I’ll only talk a bit about myself and this project here…pretty boring right?

So yeah, it’s finally out of editors hell and published, my first time publishing something outside of Baka Tsuki in fact, which is where I started translating. All this wordpress formatting and stuff was quite confusing and I believe I broke some links but whatever.

So, about this novel… there’s something I have to confess, I didn’t look into it too much before picking it up, all I did was check the author, saw that it was Natsuki Mamiya (Author of Gekkou if you read it) and insta-picked it up, as simple as that. I only read one or two chapters ahead (there are 9 chapters plus a prologue and epilog) so I don’t know how it will end, hopefully, it’ll be worth it.

I can’t promise any date for the next chapter, I currently have a few other ongoing projects and there’s real life to deal with, so please bear with my insane waits, I wasn’t expecting to take this long between the prologue and the first chapter.

Anyway, this is it for me, was a pleasure to meet you all, and hopefully I’ll be seeing you around soon enough…hopefully.

So, stop reading this and go to the chapter!


Translation: def_nomad

Editor: Peter (Thanks a lot, dude!)

Sword Labryinth Prologue


Hi there! it’s Kiki! This is our new novel, Sword Labyrinth of the Sacred Sword. The novel will be translated by Def_Nomad, but since his wifi is down, I’m posting in his place! We hope you all like it!


There exists *something* in this world that overcomes human knowledge.

That *something*, called the ‘Sword Labyrinth’, is a dungeon residing inside the ‘Holy Sword Gramm’—A humongous relic piercing through the once majestic city of Sigurd. Many adventurers challenged the dungeon, seeking the answer to the mystery behind the never ending beasts born inside the holy sword, only to disappear afterward.

The Father of the young Alec, a resident of Sigurd, had also disappeared inside the dungeon. Ten years later, Alec became a ‘Silver Smith’, met the mysterious ‘Sword Queen’ Celestia, and together they ventured into the dungeon… …not knowing that more misfortune than the one his father went through was waiting for him…

Translator: def_nomad