Chapter 26 Part 3

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Li Luo had rushed over nonstop to catch up, and after one month, he finally arrived at the Bian Capital City. At this time, Bian Capital City long had huge changes in appearance. Stationed on the entrance of city gate was the soldiers who were wearing the attire of Xiang Bei Army and Xiang Nan Army. Each and every one of them were standing straight, as they gazed sharply straight in the front, and seemed to be particularly filled with vigor.

Li Luo was riding a white mule as he advanced toward Bian Capital City. Because those soldiers didn’t recognize him, they only regarded him as an ordinary person that wanted to enter the city.

Li Luo didn’t stop, riding a white mule, he trotted all the way to the outside the entrance of the imperial palace.

The soldiers that were stationed outside the imperial palace immediately blocked his way. One of them was a small officer that felt Li Luo looked somewhat familiar. He could not help but glance at Li Luo a few more times, then his face showed a pleasantly surprised expression, “Deputy Chief Su, is it you?”

Li Luo smiled at the small officer, as he nodded his head and said: “Yes, it’s me, I’ve come back. Yu…I mean the current Emperor, where is he now?”

The small officer motioned for the other soldiers to put down their sword that were pointing at Li Luo, and then said to Li Luo, “You finally came back, com…the Emperor, he was always searching for you. The moment after he captured Bian Capital City, he sent a lot of people to find you. You don’t know how ugly the complexion of the Emperor was after you were taken away. The Emperor’s expression had been very dark, so frightening that the people around him didn’t dare breathe.”

As Li Luo listened to the small officer’s words, Li Luo could not help but feel ache in his heart. When he heard that Qin Yu in these few months has not slept well even once, Li Luo felt that his heart ached even more as if it was being pricked up ruthlessly. If that day he did not agree to go out with Liu Ruoyan, perhaps such things would not have happened.

The small officer on the side of Li Luo talked continuously, as he lead Li Luo inside the imperial palace, and then directly walked toward the Great Hall where the Emperor and the officials discussed the court matter.

Since Qin Yu had just recently taken over the Qin Country, and previously when it was under the reign of Qin Yan the rules of Qin Country had been eroded and riddled with many holes, so Qin Yu currently had many things waiting to be done. Qin Yu had to summon all his counselors, as well as the available talents, to discuss the new laws of Qin Country. This kind of a very busy life, was able to allow him to temporarily forget the fact that Li Luo was not with him.

At this moment, Qin Yu was sitting on the dragon chair in the Great Hall, as he watched the officials of the court below him argue over the taxes system in full swing.

After he knew that nothing had happened to Li Luo, Qin Yu had gradually began to be able to fall asleep at night, so now those large dark circles that were under the rim of his eyes had disappeared, and a faint point could only be seen on it.

The officials of the court below him argued continuously, which made his head somewhat painful. Just as he was going to speak out to interrupting the noisy below him, his heart suddenly skipped a beat, his eyes unconsciously turned to the direction of the Great Hall’s doorway.

As his gaze swept past, Qin Yu saw just two figures cast on the door. Although one of the shadows is still somewhat indistinct, but Qin Yu could completely see that he had a very slender body, his shoulders were narrow, and he appeared very delicate.

Qin Yu was immediately startled, he immediately stood up from his seat at the top, looking straight to that direction.

The very enthusiastic officials who were arguing below immediately noticed Qin Yu’s actions. They quickly stopped quarrelling and looked at Qin Yu, and thought this young emperor wanted to express his opinions. However, they only saw the handsome young emperor step down step by step from the dragon chair. Then, almost at a blink of an eye, the emperor came to the front of Great Hall’s door, and he stretched out his hand, his fingers are trembling slightly, very quickly he opened the tightly closed door in an unusually fast speed.

Li Luo was standing two and half steps behind as he was waiting for the small officer to knock on the door. However, he didn’t think that before the small officer was able to knock on the door, the doorway immediately opened in front of them.

After the door opened, Li Luo clearly saw a tall and straight young man. Afterwards, the young man’s eyes immediately burst into ecstasy as he saw him.

Li Luo didn’t have the chance to open his mouth to speak, before he was wrapped firmly in Qin Yu’s embrace, which using the great strength as if he wanted him to be embedded in his body.

It was as if he was his entire world, as long as he held him tightly, he could have the whole world.

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