Chapter 69 Part 2

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After announcing the end of the match, the magic arrays that had enveloped the entire battle stage soon disappeared.

Li Luo’s erected tail because of nervousness from watching the match also softened, although he had long known that Elvis would deliberately lose the match, Li Luo still felt a trace of loss when he saw the result.

In the semifinals, everyone’s chances were the same as the finals, as long as they lose, there would be no opportunity to once again compete in a different semifinal match, therefore, as Elvis had lost the match, he would not have to participate in the next match.

So in this time’s tournament, he only needed to participate until today.

Elvis seemed to have some physical strength to stand on the stage for a while after the audience had moved to create a small opening, he came down from the stage and walked to the front of the seat where Li Luo was squatting.

He picked Li Luo up and just about to leave, but a clear and melodious voice of a young man sounded from behind him, “Hello, Elvis?”

Li Luo who was held inside Elvis’ bosom, turned his head around and looked behind Elvis’ body following the voice, and saw a handsome and delicate young man standing behind them, as those pair of dark green phoenix eyes looked at Elvis with a trace of probing.

Elvis turned around, his azure eyes looked calmly at Sizel in front of him.

Sizel looked at Elvis, the corner of his lips hooked up in a proper smile before he reached out his hand to Elvis, “I’m Sizel, can we be friends?”

Elvis glanced at the fair and slender hand that Sizel stretched out, but did not have even a bit intent to reach out his own hand to hold it.

When Sizel saw this, he took back his hand, “I do not have any other intent, and just felt that you certainly would be able to become my future opponent, so I want to know more about you.”

Li Luo looked up at Sizel and only felt that his appearance was even more dazzling, although he and Elvis appearances were equally matched, they were completely different types.

The fluffy triangle ears above Li Luo’s head trembled a few times, he still wanted to carefully observe the appearance of Sizel again, but Elvis reached out his hand and pressed his round head inside his own bosom.

Li Luo immediately felt his whole cat’s face was buried in darkness, no matter how he struggled, Elvis did not loosen the hand on his head.

“No need.” Elvis dropped these two words in a gloomy voice while holding Li Luo who was still struggling with his paws before he took a few steps forward and left the competition site.

Only when they were far from the entrance of the arena, did Elvis let go of the hand that pressed Li Luo’s head.

The fur of Li Luo’s whole cat’s face was a mess, he rubbed down against Elvis’ embrace a few times before properly managing his fur when he recalled his own actions just a moment ago and Elvis’ reaction, Li Luo couldn’t help but be somewhat speechless. He just looked at Sizel once, nothing more. Was it necessary to not even allow him to look?

He used to like women, he wouldn’t feel anything about that man.

Even though he was in love with Elvis now, he only liked Elvis this one man, it didn’t mean that because he liked Elvis, then he would also like other men.

However, when he remembered Elvis was so concerned about him, Li Luo immediately drew back the corner of his cat’s mouth, and couldn’t help but extend his head, as his mouth quickly touched Elvis’ chin, before very quickly retracting his head.

When Elvis felt the soft touch on his chin just like a breeze brushing over the surface of a lake, the corner of his lips couldn’t help but hook up, and his eyes flashed a trace of very gentle expression.

Only in front of Li Luo, would he show such a gentle and fond expression.


After another three days, the finals round were finally over.

Sizel of the Cardenas Magic Academy had defeated all other opponents without any controversy, and got first place in this joint competition.

After a day of rest in Yale City, the mentors who had come to accompany these disciples quickly prepared to take their disciples back to their respective academies.

As before, the mentors were following the original route when they come here, passed through those several huge teleportation arrays, and used a hasty journey for a week, before finally returned to the St. Helier Magic Academy.

Just like like the previous trip to Yale City, all the people on this trip weren’t able to have a good rest, so when they returned to the academy, all the disciples rushed back to their rooms with dark circles under their eyes, ready to have a good sleep as compensation.

Elvis was holding Li Luo in his arms as he walked to the room where he lived and immediately went to bed with Li Luo to rest.

After sleeping for the whole afternoon and evening, Elvis felt that his spirit had become very full. He sat up from the bed and looked at Li Luo who was still sleeping while holding the quilt. He didn’t wake Li Luo up, rather gently got out of bed, before putting on clothes and quietly washing his face and rinsing his mouth, trying not to make a sound as much as possible, Elvis softly and quietly opened the door and went out.

When Elvis returned to the room with breakfast, he saw that Li Luo has been awake, and was getting out of the bed to washing up. Elvis then loosened his hands and put the tray with their breakfast on the table inside the room.

Because these disciples had just returned, the academy did not ask them to immediately attend class the next day, but let them have two days off, and on the third day, when their spirit recovered, they had to continue to go to class.

Because all of the first-year disciples went to the joint competition, as a result, everyone’s course only started the day after the suspension.

Everything was restored to the tranquil situation just like before the competition, without a trace of change.

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