Chapter 33 Part 2

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Li Luo and Qin Yu strived against each other for a long time, because of his constant request, he was allowed to wear a white robe, but he also had been done by Qin Yu many times. Even though he still wore nothing inside the robe, totally exposed, and only tied with a belt. However compared to the previous two months, where his body was only wrapped by a single layer of thin muslin, it was much better.

Li Luo collapsed softly onto the bed, his butt was half suspended in midair as he laid down on his stomach. Just a moment ago, he was embraced by Qin Yu twice, at this moment there was no strength left in his whole body. He appeared somewhat lazy, all revealed, a sense of languid. His butt hurt when he sat down, so he could only lie down on his stomach. Taking advantage of the fact that Qin Yu went to the study room, Li Luo immediately checked out the progress of storyline that he absolutely didn’t have time to see before. At this moment, the progress had been stopped at 99.3%. He always felt that with such progress, to achieve one hundred percent progress, it would take a long time.

Li Luo looked at the slow pace of progress bar, and felt more pain in his butt.

Qin Yu currently watched him like a thief, as if he would run away if he loosened his guard. There were several squads of imperial guards surrounding the place around this room, this position, even a housefly couldn’t fly out.

They were already attacking the last country, but since Qin Yu found him, the speed of capturing the Qing Xiao country obviously instantaneously slowed down. Qin Yu almost spent all of his time with him, he only ordered his generals to attack Qing Xiao country. The ability of those generals were obviously not as good as Qin Yu. In addition, the Old General Nangong had retired. He had long ago forced Qin Yu to remove him from his position, before he went back to farm and enjoy a peaceful life. The person who inherited Nangong Ao’s position was his second son, Nangong Zhan. His ability wasn’t bad, but still not as good as the Old General Nangong, in addition Qin Yu was much better than him at planning strategies.

So it was understandable that the current progress was slowing down like this.

Li Luo withdrew from his train of thought, he raised his head, before he looked boringly at the furnishings inside the room.

In addition to eating and sleeping, what he did the most was exercise in a certain bed. Qin Yu was just like an insatiable beast, no matter when, as long as he wanted it, he would directly press him down to someplace—door, table, carpet, window, then directly tear open his clothes before overwhelming him.

In the long run, Li Luo’s body now had become very sensitive, as if it had formed from some kind of reflex. As long as Qin Yu touched his body, he would involuntarily become weakened, his body would burn hot, moreover his excitement would be uncontrollable and stand up on their own.

Li Luo felt that he could no longer go back to his original world. If it continued going on like this, his integrity as straight man was at risk (although it seemed that there wasn’t much left _ (: з) ∠) _). His body had already gradually become accustomed to being entered by Qin Yu, as he obtained pleasure from this seemingly abnormal sexual relationship. Even when Qin Yu only touched him, he began to feel a strange sense of anticipation.

Li Luo covered his face, and felt that his bottom line had been broken.

At this moment, Li Luo suddenly heard a crisp and sweet voice of girl outside, “Mucheng gege, Mucheng gege I know you’re inside, why don’t you come out and see me?”

Liu Ruoyan, in fact, as early as a month ago, she had come here from time to time, and wanted to meet with him, but he had always promised to see her, but didn’t even answer her.”

Li Luo still did not answer, with how he looked at the moment, he couldn’t go see Liu Ruoyan. Let alone he was just wearing a thin layer of muslin, and there were countless deep and shallow traces of bite marks and hickeys on his body. Making the people who saw that, instantly know what he’d experienced in the end.

“Mucheng gege!” The girl outside shouted again, “Is it that scoundrel Qin Yu that won’t permit you to meet me? Mucheng gege, just let me see you, okay? Yan’er has not seen you for more than five years. Yan’er really wants to meet you. Why don’t you want to see me?” The voice of girl outside the door somewhat choked up, and seemed to be very wronged.

“Do you want to see him?” Qin Yu’s voice suddenly sounded from inside.

Liu Ruoyan seemed to be startled, as she didn’t say anything for a long time.

Until half a cup of tea time passed, only then did she say, “How come you’re here? Weren’t you still discussing important things in the study?”

“It wasn’t an urgent matter, so I came back early. Do you want to meet Mucheng, I’ll let you see him.”

Liu Ruoyan immediately elevated her voice as she quickly said, “Really? You’re really willing to let me meet Mucheng gege?”

Li Luo cried in his heart, he had a very bad feeling about this.

“Why would I stop you from seeing him?” Qin Yu’s voice sounded again, “But if you want to see him, only you can go inside. The maids behind you have to wait outside.”

“It’s enough with only this? No problem, I want to meet Mucheng gege.”

Then, there was squeaky sound that came out from the closed door, as the door slowly opened.

Li Luo’s complexion immediately changed. He rapidly stood up from his lying position on his tummy on the soft couch and tried to hide behind the bed.

However Qin Yu was obviously faster than him, and a fiery palm grabbed Li Luo’s hand when he reached halfway, “Mucheng, where are you going?” Qin Yu said as he circled Li Luo’s waist. He held Li Luo in his embrace, before he leaned over and kissed Li Luo on his lips, “Don’t you want to see your Ruoyan meimei?”

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  2. Sigh* This is the first time I felt so irritated to a possessive ML….. He’s just continuing putting trauma on Li Luo… I hope Li Luo will learn to hate him and the ML will snap out of it.

  3. I can’t find words in English to describe what I’m feeling right now so I’ll say it in Spanish: Que hijo de la GRAN PUTA

  4. Que poca mad… enserio que perdio completamente la moral y el cerebro, lo odio :/
    Tambien espero que los proximos arcos no sean asi u.u
    Gracias por el capítulo!

  5. *Sigh…* This last chapters and developement…it’s like glacial pace mindbreak/brainwashing hentai…
    I don’t approve!…I feel a bit yucky…
    It’s weird…the tricking part into mutual helping each other was okay, even the first drunk night was still acceptable, but now that things are out in the open…I feel more uncomfortable…
    I expected more romance I guess and less…rape?
    I hope the next arc will have a better balance of those kind of things…

    Thank you for the translation as always^^

  6. so sly 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 making sure that his love rival can see how much they’re rolling around in bed!

  7. Ruthless enough, ML would break any thoughts of the FL towards LL and also embarass LL in front of her…. being presented this way to someone you treat as a sister is pretty bad.

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