Chapter 84 Part 2

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When Li Luo saw that he’d been caught, he wanted to retract his hand right away but it was quickly grabbed by Elvis. Then Elvis took his hand and placed it on the side of his lips before kissing his hand from palm to fingertip, repeating until he’d kissed every finger.

Li Luo tried to pull back his hand a few times. After his unsuccessful attempts, he silently allowed Elvis to continue kissing it. Anyways, so many years had passed and he was, in fact, used to it.

Elvis kissed Li Luo’s hand once more before beginning to make his way up to Li Luo’s upper arm. Only after making several hickeys on the small, jade arm, did Elvis let go of Li Luo’s hand.

“Ludwig, I love you,” said Elvis in a low voice, his hand encircling Li Luo’s waist to press him even tighter to his chest. His clear blue eyes looked straight into Li Luo’s.

Li Luo looked at Elvis’ serious appearance and couldn’t help but move his face closer. Kissing Elvis’ lips, he replied. “I love you too, Elvis.”

Elvis stared at Li Luo’s appearance and the corner of his lips couldn’t help but hook up. He lowered his eyelids to cover up the dark color within his pupils. Once again kissing Li Luo’s lips, he sat up from the bed.

“You can go back to sleep again. I’ll go down to make breakfast first and call you when it’s done.”

Li Luo had no objections. He had a strong recovery ability, in accordance with being a magical beast, but after drowning in that kind of hot-passion with Elvis for a few days? His body still felt very uncomfortable. At the moment, he still felt as if his waist was broken.

When Elvis called for him half an hour later, Li Luo unhurriedly got up from the bed. He opened the bedroom door and went out.

Since the house was covered with soft carpets everywhere, Li Luo didn’t feel the slightest bit of cold when his feet touched the ground. Rather, it was incredibly soft and comfortable.

As they went through the affair just a moment ago, Elvis gave Li Luo the option of different flavored porridge or thick soup for breakfast.

When Li Luo was satisfied with the food, he turned around to find that Elvis had hardly eaten. Instead, the man had leaned his head against his hand and gazed at him with concentration.

Although Li Luo had lived with Elvis for so long, he still couldn’t help but blush under the man’s long gaze. When Elvis looked at him like that, it felt as if he was on fire and that Li Luo was the light that could illuminate his entire life.

“Elvis, what’s wrong? Do I have something on my face?” Li Luo couldn’t help but reach out his hand and touch his own face.

“Ludwig, I really love you.”

“I love you.”

“I love you.”

Elvis’ gaze was focused on Li Luo as he repeated himself over and over again.

Li Luo’s whole face was blushing red due to Elvis’ words and he was unable to restrain the joy in his heart from the constant confessions from his lover. He immediately went to Elvis and kissed his lips, replying, “I know, I love you too.”

Elvis held Li Luo’s face with both hands before kissing Li Luo deeply. He knew that Ludwig also loved him but not to the same extent. His love for him had grown for a very long time.

Because he knew the condition for Li Luo’s departure, Elvis had suppressed his own cultivation. However, he still had to slowly cultivate. Although he loved Ludwig and hoped that Ludwig would always be with him forever, if Elvis didn’t progress further then he would have likely died around his hundredth birthday.

Elvis didn’t want to bind Ludwig forever in this world, and accompany him to die together.

A week ago, when he sensed the changes in his body, he knew right away that he was about to breakthrough. Rather than being happy, his heart was very heavy.

After more than a century from stolen time, it was finally about to end.

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