Glosarry Arc 3

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The stages in cultivating:

1. Qi Refining stage

2. Foundation Building stage

3. Core Formation stage

4. Nascent Soul stage

5. Demigod stage

6. Synthesis stage

7. Mahayana stage

8. Ascension stage

There are 9 ranks/layers to each stage of cultivation, with rank 1 being the start and rank 9 being the peak. After breaking through to the next stage, the practitioner starts at rank 1 of that new stage.


    • Gu Qingchen: — The identity of the body that Li Luo was now occupying. He was one of the elders of the Clear Sky Sect; the sect that cultivated in the immortal path.
      (Gu Qingchen was one of the geniuses in Clear Sky Sect for the past thousand years. After only more than two hundred years, he entered the Nascent Soul stage and squeezed into the list of expert rank in Tianyun Continent.)
    • Chu Wuyong: — ML, the protagonist.
      (The Devil Lord Chu Wuyong betrayed by his trusted aide which he regarded as his own younger brother, he was killed and reborn into a boy’s body with the same name.)
    • Yun Tianheng: — The main villain. The person who betrayed Chu Wuyong.
    • Ye Tianqi: — The Sect Master of Clear Sky Sect.
    • Elder Zhou: — the Elder of Clear Sky Sect. The old man with white temples and beard. He was a person who hate Gu Qingchen.
    • Song Qingyun: — the disciple of Clear Sky Sect. He ordered by Elder Zhao to frame Chu Wuyong.

Project Page

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