Chapter 113 Part 2

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Chapter 113 Part 2:

Gu Xiaoxiao endured the urge to reach out and pinch his face, she made Li Luo watch the video, and then asked, “Xiao Luo, do you remember the movements?”

Li Luo nodded his head dazedly, and let out “en” sound, he was simply too obedient.

The boy beside Li Luo also joined the fun and said, “The female dancer on the video is showing her waist, Li Luo you should be exposed your waist too.”

Everyone immediately laughed again, and then someone encouraged the boy to pull Li Luo’s t-shirt and tied it up, to show his waist.

And under everyone’s support, the boy also did not hesitate anymore, and immediately lifted up Li Luo’s t-shirt to the top of his waist, and then tied a knot.

Immediately, Li Luo’s waist which still had soft meat but looked very slender was exposed in the eyes of everyone.

Li Luo was still obediently letting people tossed him. Gu Xiaoxiao looked at Li Luo, who was like a little white rabbit in front of her, almost want to give up this prank, but she turned her head and coughing a few times, and then she looked around the people inside the private room, before saying, “Who is number twelve? The lucky person who is going to take Xiao Luo’s dare was decided to be number twelve.”

Everyone laughed for a while, but no one responded. At the time everyone looked at each other in dismay after Gu Xiaoxiao asked again, a slender hand slowly lifted up, as a low and full of magnetic voice sounded, “It’s me.”

Everyone looked in the direction of the sound, and immediately all of them dumbfounded and silent.

The person who raised his hand turned out to be——Jin Chenji!

When Gu Xiaoxiao saw that number twelve was Jin Chenji, she also couldn’t help but stunned. The people in this private room, except for Jin Chenji, she can tease with no pressure.

However, if it was Jin Chenji, even though Gu Xiaoxiao also adored him like other girls, but the temperament that his whole body exuding maked people afraid to make fun of him casually.

Li Luo was completely ignorant of all this, he staggeredly stood up, and looked at Jin Chenji with his pair of misty eyes, before walked toward Jin Chenji’s direction.

As soon as he walked toward Jin Chenji, his feet seemed to be stumble by something, and then his body slant and at once threw himself into Jin Chenji’s arms.

Everyone: “……”

Li Luo hummed a few sounds in Jin Chenji’s bosom, then he grabbed Jin Chenji’s arm to climb up, before very naturally sat on Jin Chenji’s lap.

Everyone: “……”

Because he was rubbing against Jin Chenji’s bosom for a while, Li Luo’s black and supple hair was a bit messy, and his hair appeared even more fluffy because of it, coupled with his face that still had a little baby fat, made him look even more like a harmless small animal. His pair of big eyes were covered with a layer of water mist, as he very obediently looked at the handsome youth in front of him.

AdvertisementJin Chenji looked at Li Luo in front of him, and don’t know why, he felt somewhat itchy in his heart as if to be brushed by a small brush.

Li Luo tilted his head, seemed to be thinking about what to do next. Then he stretched out both of his hands and encircled Jin Chenji’s neck.

Everyone: “……” Help!

Then Li Luo slightly swaying his small waist. His body’s flexibility was very good, although the video that he watched just a moment ago was blurry, but it also recorded six or seven points of the action. Although he was not enchanting like the female dancer in the video, his movement was not any worse from it, coupled with those full of innocent and obedient expression, as he sat on his lap while doing this somewhat seductive movements, made Jin Chenji’s heart feeling itchy and his heartbeat accelerated several times.

Jin Chenji swept a glance at Li Luo’s fair and slender waist, the look in his eyes uncontrollable sunk and darkened several points.

After not knowing how long the time had passed, Li Luo suddenly revealed a big smile, he lowered his head and captured Jin Chenji’s lips then nibbled it.

Everyone: “……”

Gu Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but cover her face with her hand. The female dancer in the video indeed came closer to blow a kiss, but it was a blow kiss, not a real kiss ah!!!! She can’t bear to watch anymore.

Jin Chenji only felt that his lips touched by a soft lump, as the itch in his heart expanded even more and could no longer be suppressed at this time, and filled his whole heart full.

After Li Luo finished nibble those lips, he yawned and his body tilted backwards.

Jin Chenji quickly reached out his hands and took Li Luo’s waist, then pulled him back into his bosom. Li Luo took advantage to lean against Jin Chenji’s shoulder and closed his eyes while letting out a small breathing sound. He unexpectedly had already fallen asleep.

Jin Chenji looked at the person in his arms, he felt somewhat not know whether to laugh or cry; uncontrollably spilled out a trace of softness that he did not notice.

Jin Chenji pulled Li Luo’s half-falling t-shirt properly, then encircled his waist and got up while half-carrying him. Jin Chenji looked around the private room a circle without any sound, before saying, “He is drunk and went to sleep, you all continue, I’ll take him back to the dormitory first.”

After that, he didn’t wait for other people to answer, and right away go out while half-carrying Li Luo.

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