The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 126

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Chapter 126: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.31


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Li Luo felt that the properties of the medicine pellet he had eaten were circulating to a critical time, but he suddenly felt a burst of acute pain on his lower jaw that he could not ignore, as if trying to crush it.

“Yun, Tian, Heng?!” The very familiar voice sounded like the sudden clap of thunder striking the ground. It was filled with uncontrollable disgust and penetrating hatred, making Li Luo’s small heart tremble in shock.

The spiritual power that originally guided the medicine properties was suddenly shattered, and it immediately evaporated out of his body.

He can only swallow another medicine pellet to be successful, but with the current situation, he doesn’t need to take another medicine pellet to make his appearance change.

Moreover, what should he do with the current situation? It was hard to get his relationship with Chu Wuyong a bit better. Now, Chu Wuyong discovered his real face, he was not going to get rid of him at once, would he?

Li Luo felt that he was simply unlucky. He finally returned to this world with great difficulty, but the original owner of the second body he occupied was that of the person who had “killed” him. It was even more difficult to return to Chu Wuyong’s side. Even though he often trembled in fear at the thought of Chu Wuyong finding out the identity of his current body. But now, the worst situation has finally arrived, his identity has really been discovered by Chu Wuyong.

Li Luo opened his eyes, his pair of pomegranate-colored eyes that was covered with a layer of water vapor because of the pain stimulation, just like a first-rate red gem soaked in spring water. When those eyes looked at him with a fright dread and wronged gaze, Chu Wuyong’s black pupils burned with purple light.

Chu Wuyong didn’t know why his soul shook and felt his heart as if being stabbed by thin needles, when he saw that glimpse of emotion in Li Luo’s eyes. He felt that his current action of strangling the person in front of him was a crime, a mistake that made himself unable to forgive. Uncontrollably, Chu Wuyong’s hand suddenly loosen a bit.

But when he saw that face, he quickly reacted, and the cold light in his eyes became more and more visible, making the people who were in contact with it feel cold all over. The strength of his hand that was originally loosened, once again tightened, even adding a little more strength compared to the previous time.

Why did Yun Tianheng change his appearance and returned to Xuan Ming Palace?

And why did he make gestures similar to Gu Qingchen?

After seeing Li Luo’s true appearance, Chu Wuyong’s original inexplicable favorable impression for him, and the feelings of wanting to be close and protect him, were all turned into uncontrollable anger at this moment.

Moreover, Yun Tianheng was the one who killed his sweetheart. But he now used his affection for Gu Qingchen to deliberately approach him, which really made him feel very disgusted.

Li Luo felt that he was quickly choked by Chu Wuyong’s hand that clutched him, but what made him more suffocated was that Chu Wuyong looked at him with disgust as he clutched his lower jaw. This kind of look made Li Luo felt even more uncomfortable in his heart.

“Chu Wuyong, I…You listen to me, the things…things are not at all like what you think.” Li Luo opened his mouth and said.

Advertisement“What do you want to say?” Chu Wuyong’s voice at this moment was cold and intimidating, without a trace of temperature, just like a block of ice and a roll of snow in the North, as it directly hit his face, “Could it be that you want to say that you’re actually my master——Gu Qingchen?”

Li Luo’s words were suddenly blocked by Chu Wuyong’s words.

Chu Wuyong sneered, “Do you really want to say this to me? Yun Tianheng, do you forget, who was the person at that time that made him have no choice but to explode his Nascent Soul?”

Li Luo simply had no words to argue. After all, his current body was precisely the main culprit of his own tragic death at that time.

Xiao Qi, come out for me, this blame, I don’t want to carry it ah you bastard QAQ!!!

Li Luo really wanted to cry but had no tears as he screamed in his heart due to Xiao Qi’s vile character. Xiao Qi seemed to know that Chu Wuyong was in a state of rage outside, and didn’t dare to utter even a small sound, let alone coming out and responding to Li Luo.

“Yun Tianheng, you pretend to be a humble servant, and also deliberately pretend to have similar gestures as my master. What is your purpose in the end?” Although Chu Wuyong really wanted to directly kill the person in front of him, the rational part of his heart has stopped this kind of thinking from emerging. Although he really wanted to kill him, at least he needed to ask clearly why Yun Tianheng would have such a good understanding of Gu Qingchen.

When Li Luo heard Chu Wuyong’s question, he could not help but feel a little confused and wronged. When did he deliberately pretend to have similar gestures as his previous identity? Obviously that previous identity had a cold and indifferent look, and the current him was exactly the same as his real character.

And those blue veins that showed up on the hand that clutched Li Luo’s lower jaw, clearly indicated the owner’s anger and hate towards him.

Li Luo couldn’t help but wrinkle his eyebrows a bit in pain, because of Chu Wuyong’s strength. Even with his current cultivation he can feel the pain, he can foresee how much strength Chu Wuyong used.

“Wu…Wuyong, whether you believe it or not, Yun Tianheng is already dead, I’m not…Yun Tianheng.” Li Luo opened his mouth and said with difficulty, “I’m really Gu Qingchen.”

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