The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.18


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Because of the interference of the elders who watched the match, the black mist that had shrouded the competition stage dissipated in an instant.

Only to see two people on the competition stage. When Song Qingyun who had already ran to the edge of the competition stage saw the black mist dissipated, he immediately pointed to Chu Wuyong and said to Elders and Mountain Lords on the spectator’s stage: “All the Elders, Mountain Lords, Chu Wuyong has just used the devil spiritual power, he must have been taken over by the devil cultivator!”

Chu Wuyong’s figure perfectly straight as he stood in the same place, his slender silhouette was just like the unbending pine and was not affected in the slightest by Song Qingyun’s words. After the black mist dissipated, he also didn’t make other moves and only turned over his body, as his deep black eyes looked straight at Li Luo among the Elders and Mountain Lords, he simply did not care about Song Qingyun who pointed at him. As if for him, the other people’s thoughts were not worth mentioning at all and only the thought of that person alone was what made him most concerned.

Although this devil spiritual power on his body did not belong to him, his soul was indeed a devil cultivator and he was the one who made all the people in the cultivation realm terror-stricken at the news of devil cultivator in his previous life.

Chu Wuyong looked at Li Luo who still did not have a change of expression as he sat on the spectator’s stage. He had always been very calm and steady, even when he faced the betrayal of the only person he recognized as his close friend in his previous life, he also didn’t have the slightest panic. But now, he can’t help but secretly clenched the hands inside his sleeves.

Chu Wuyong did not discover that as he looked at Li Luo’s eyes, there was a trace of difficult to detect nervousness within his gaze.

Although the current situation seemed to be very unfavorable to him, even if they directly determined his devil cultivator identity, he also had the method to escape this current predicament and would merely suffer a few injuries, and need to cultivate for a long time, nothing more. But he doesn’t want to see the person he cared the most show a disgusting expression toward himself.

Elder Zhao turned his head and looked at Li Luo, “This is indeed the spiritual power of a devil cultivator, Elder Gu, have you not found anything wrong with Chu Wuyong before?”

When Li Luo heard Elder Zhao’s voice, he immediately understand why Chu Wuyong’s body suddenly emitted out the devil spiritual power, this matter must be relevant to Elder Zhao who sat next to him.

But he can’t find any evidence at the moment and Chu Wuyong’s body indeed emitted the spiritual power of the devil cultivator. He did not know what method Elder Zhao had used to make Chu Wuyong unable to control the devil spiritual power from emitting.

However, even if Li Luo knew that it was Elder Zhao’s scheme, but he also didn’t have any way to prove it.

So what’s to be done now?

Li Luo knew very well that the immortal path cultivators loathed the devil cultivators and would quickly eliminate them if they found one, moreover a person who was originally an immortal path cultivator suddenly emitted out the devil spiritual power, the others will be even more suspicious that Chu Wuyong have been taken over by the devil cultivator.

When it’s determined that Chu Wuyong had been taken over by a devil cultivator, this kind of thing would make the situation even worse.

Li Luo swept a slight glance at all the cultivators on the spectator’s stage, and right away saw the fear and caution in their eyes.

Elder Zhou didn’t receive a reply from Li Luo and secretly sneered in his heart, in the current situation, he would like to see how Gu Qingchen going to deal with it.

Elder Zhao immediately made a deeply concerned expression, and said, “Elder Gu, although your only disciple has become like this, you should not worry too much. We naturally believe that it was impossible for you to cover a devil cultivator and let him move around freely in our sect for a long time. It is just because you love your disciple a lot, so you haven’t found the abnormality of your only disciple all this time.”

The words of Elder Zhao seemed to be speaking for Li Luo, but in fact, he had long been directly put the devil cultivator label on top of Chu Wuyong’s head.

Li Luo did not pay attention to Elder Zhao, rather he flew up from the spectator’s stage, and steadily landed on the competition stage and blocked in front of Chu Wuyong.

After that, he turned around and looked at a few elders who were ready to step forward and arrest Chu Wuyong. There was not the slightest hesitation and doubt about Chu Wuyong’s identity in his cold phoenix eyes, as his light colored lips opened slightly, “Whoever wants to hurt my disciple, will need to pass me first.”

When they heard Li Luo’s words, the Elders and Mountain Lords immediately looked at each other in dismay. Gu Qingchen’s comprehension of cultivation was quite high. He only took more than two hundred years to enter the Nascent Soul stage and now several decades had passed, they do not know to what extent his cultivation increased.

Moreover, the elders that were present were also cultivators of Nascent Soul stage. With their ability, if they and Gu Qingchen really have no other choice but to do battle then neither side would win. The two ancestors who in the Demigod stage retreated to their own Immortal’s Cave for Closed Door Training and only when there were major events occurred in the sect, they will come out from their seclusion.

Coupled with the fact that the Sect Master valued Gu Qingchen so much, they didn’t want to have a life-and-death grudge against him. Naturally, they were unwilling to be the first to go up and became enemies with Gu Qingchen.

As a result, the situation turned into a deadlocked.

At this time, someone suddenly shouted, “The Sect Master arrived!”

When everyone heard that voice, all of them looked outside of the competition site, and sure enough, they saw a refined middle-aged man came down from his fan-shaped spiritual tool and slowly walked into the site, this person was the Sect Master of Clear Sky Sect, Ye Tianqi.

Even though Ye Tianqi’s pace seem slow, it actually only took one breath, before he came to the spectator’s stage and walked to the competition stage.

Ye Tianqi first glanced at every Elders and Mountain Lords on the spectator’s stage, then turned his head and looked at Li Luo who still have indifferent expression as he stood firmly in front of Chu Wuyong.

Before he could start to talk, Li Luo said to him first, “Sect Master, there must be something odd about this matter of Wuyong…”

“Sect Master, when Chu Wuyong battled against me, he certainly used the devil cultivation method, therefore emitted out the spiritual power of devil cultivator. This thing is witnessed by everyone, Chu Wuyong is a devil cultivator!”

Haven’t waited for Li Luo to finish speaking, Song Qingyun who was still standing on the side of the competition stage loudly interrupted him, “Chu Wuyong is obviously a devil cultivator, but Elder Gu still sheltered him, could it be you and the devil cultivator collude with each other, want to…” At the time Song Qingyun was tasked to do this by Elder Zhao, he right away knew that Elder Zhao had spent so much efforts, precisely want to make Elder Gu felt pain. Therefore, he will naturally not let go of the thing that can make Elder Zhao more satisfied with him.

Sure enough, after he poured a dirty water on Li Luo, he right away saw Elder Zhao who was sitting on the spectator’s stage, casting a vague praise look on him.

When Ye Tianqi heard Song Qingyun’s words, the expression on his face immediately became unsightly, as he looked coldly at Song Qingyun, “Shut up, it is not your turn to speak here.” But he stopped it too late, when Song Qingyun spoke, all those disciples below the stage who doubted that Chu Wuyong was a devil cultivator started whispering with each other in discussion.

Even if Ye Tianqi valued Li Luo, it was impossible to shield a disciple who may be a devil cultivator in front of so many disciples.

“Elder Gu, no matter whether Chu Wuyong is accused wrongly or not, it’s necessary to put him first in the Spiritual Lock Pagoda of our sect, I hope you can cooperate. Before I can confirm the facts, I can guarantee you that Chu Wuyong would not get hurt even a bit.”

The Clear Sky Sect’s Spiritual Lock Pagoda, as the name implies, it was able to lock all the spiritual power of those who were locked inside the cell, turning it into a restricted area that made cultivators become an ordinary person without the slightest spiritual power. So the cultivators who were locked inside the Spiritual Lock Pagoda would basically be unable to escape.

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