Chapter 75 Part 2

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And after Elvis disappeared, it has been so long. Regarding Elvis, Chris already completely did not have the original fear that she felt, instead she missed him. After all, this person was the first person that make her heart beating.

As Chris faced the bright sunlight, she slightly narrowed her dark green eyes, the corner of her lips was slightly hooked up.

Even though Elvis had disappeared for so long, she believed that he would definitely appear in front of her own eyes again one day, and by that time, she must welcome him with smile as before.

Meanwhile, inside the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts.

Inside a huge basin that surrounded by mountains, besides a few scattered big trees, the rest were covered with field of green grass. Between the leaves of green grass, there were multi-colored small flowers mixed together, as the breeze gently blowing, make it lightly swaying.

The scene was very quiet and peaceful, but this tranquility did not last long.

A huge magical array with black runes was gradually began to appear on the field of green grass, this huge magical array was continuously appeared and disappeared, before stabilized after more than an hour.

As the magic array operated, a huge black tunnel appeared in the center of the magic array, it was similar to a bottomless rotating black hole that able to absorb all the light.

Suddenly, a thin palm of human skeleton stretched out from the black hole.

The palm which almost only had bone slowly teared the edge of the black hole, before it tightly grabbed the grass stalk next to it. After that palm touched the grass, the originally emerald green quickly withered into yellow color, before finally shattered into pieces, and blown away by the wind in the air.


Li Luo’s snow white fur had turned gray after six hours long battle, and he had a long scar on his back, as blood oozing out from that.

One of his front paws was also fractured, causing him to walk limply.

Li Luo spit out the cold dagger which glitter like frost from his mouth, and right away felt that his strength was exhausted in the more than ten seconds that had just passed.

Elvis was half-kneeling on the ground, below his clothes was dyed red with blood, as his chest was violently moving up and down. His half-long blond hair had long been completely soaked, and his sweat constantly falling on both sides of his cheeks just like a small stream. That pair of azure eyes were half-opened and half-closed, his complexion was pale like a piece of paper.

Li Luo simply did not have the strength to change back to human form, his pink and tender three-petal cat mouth was opened wide, as he gasping roughly to take big mouthful of air. Although before he entered this level trial, he had already made up his mind and wanted to help Elvis passed the almost deadly crisis in this level, but when the idea was very easy, the implement was extremely difficult.

After all, what appeared in front of them was individual with ability that was exactly the same as Elvis, moreover its power was slightly stronger than the current Elvis, which was equivalent to the manifested of his reflection projection.

And the entity of that projection was unusually difficult to find.

Li Luo only know that the main body was hidden in Elvis’ shadow, as long as the main body was not dead, no matter how many times Elvis injured the projection, the wound will completely disappeared after only a few seconds, in addition it was also useless even if Elvis stabbed its vital part.

When the main body was hidden in Elvis’ shadow, the projection of it was clutch Elvis’ neck before thrown him to the ground, as dagger stabbed in his chest, and when he was about to die, Elvis found his shadow was abnormal, and then, in the moment of imminent peril, he saved his life.

But after that, Elvis also immediately lost his consciousness, if not the sacred beast that has been accompanying him in the book, went around and able to find a healing herb, moreover frequently used his ability to heal him, Elvis was very likely to die. But even so, Elvis was lying on the ground in a coma for one week before he woke up, then only after more than a month his wound completely healing.

At the beginning of the battle, Li Luo right away pay attention to Elvis’ shadow from time to time, but at that time it was noon, there was simply no shadow at all. And then, as the shadow slowly stretched, Li Luo also could only occasionally saw Elvis’ shadow has a trace of difference, but it right away disappeared in the next second.

Until finally, when Elvis was about to be stabbed by that projection, Li Luo saw that Elvis’ shadow began to distort, and a pair of blood red eyes appeared on the distorted shadow.

Li Luo immediately whispered a sentence, to ensure that he can absolutely kill that main body. Then while hold a dagger within his mouth, he directly dashed straight towards it with his fastest speed.

Although his front paw had been fractured before, but at that moment, he felt like nothing in general, in the moment he stabbed the dagger, that projection also strike its double edged sword, as a long wound appeared on Li Luo’s back, but fortunately, he still killed the main body.

After the main body that hidden in Elvis’ shadow was died, the white fog around Elvis and Li Luo began to dissipate, revealing the true scenery hidden behind.

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