The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.11


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Since that night, Li Luo noticed that Chu Wuyong had been frequently looking for him to discuss. In addition to that, this occurred during night time.

Of course, for the protagonist to thirst for knowledge so much, Li Luo also had nothing to complain about. Moreover, like this, he would have a lot more time to get along with Chu Wuyong. Although he does not show any expression on his face, in fact, his heart inexplicably felt happy.

This way, several years unconsciously passed.

This evening, Li Luo explained the topics that Chu Wuyong did not understand, as usual. After Chu Wuyong went out and closed the door of his room, Li Luo was about to lay down and sleep when he unintentionally saw a small wet stain on the bed he was sitting on. This wet stain was very light in color and could not be seen without careful observation.

Li Luo couldn’t help but scratch his nose as he looked at the small wet stain. Could it be that he accidentally wet the bed when he was too lazy to get out of bed and walk to the table to drink tea before, and directly used his technique to pour and bring the tea to his side?

He never crossed such a situation before, when he thought of himself who sat next to this wet stain, while explaining about the cultivation method to Chu Wuyong for so long, and also unaware if Chu Wuyong who stood in front of him saw this wet stain.

As he thought of this, Li Luo’s face immediately became slightly red, and his fair skin was covered with a layer of light pink color. Coupled with the thought of this shameful wet stain, that may be seen by Chu Wuyong, the shame rippled in Li Luo’s eyes, coupled with his original cold face, in such a strange contrast, his whole person seemed somewhat confused.

At this time, Li Luo never thought that this small piece of seemingly inconspicuous wet stain was actually the evidence left behind by the disciple who stood in front of him to ask him for advice.

If he had checked his body carefully at this time, Li Luo would probably discover that at the side of his slender and tough waist were two shallow hickeys in a place that are not easy to see. There were also red traces left behind above his butts because of someone eagerly rubbing, at which that person was unable to erase because there was not enough time.


Chu Wuyong returned to his room and tried to restrain the emotions surging in his heart. Now, the time he was able to control Li Luo became longer, and tonight when he faced Li Luo’s completely unguarded, with his naked body exposed in front of him, he was almost unable to control himself.

Besides, he did not enter Li Luo’s body, he did all the things he had to do and vented his uncontrollable desire with the body of his sweetheart. Because this took a long time, and Li Luo was about to wake up, he just hurriedly dealt the obvious traces, and did not have time to erase a few traces in the hidden places on Li Luo’s body.

Chu Wuyong was leaning on the door plate of his room, while his handsome face could not help but revealed a trace of bitter smile. For that person, he was completely unable to suppress the hungry and thirsty desire of his own heart.

When he was able to caress Li Luo’s body before, he was already a bit out of control. For a period of time, he decided not to stay alone with Li Luo in his room at night, so that he wouldn’t do something he couldn’t control.

However, that person was just like the most difficult problem for him to solve, in the world.

Even if reason was telling him that he could not continue to go on like this, he could not control his own actions at all. When the night comes, he would still knock at Li Luo’s door to make sure.

Chu Wuyong was very aware that he had not dealt with all the traces he left behind that evening. He has been calmly pondering over that if ever Li Luo found out that he bore such dirty thoughts towards him and has already put into action, he does not know what Li Luo would do to deal with him; this disciple who took advantage of him.

In Chu Wuyong’s black eyes, a trace of strange purple light flashes quickly. Even if Li Luo wanted to deal with him, it was also impossible for him to give up the person who he had been thinking about for so long.

Li Luo can only belong to him, whether it was his body or his heart.

But what Chu Wuyong did not expect was that Li Luo did not seem to discover anything that happened last night, and his attitude towards him was still the same as before.

The next day, Chu Wuyong secretly observed Li Luo’s demeanor for a long time and also did not notice any strange expression on his face.

Chu Wuyong looked at Li Luo in front of him, who used a jade chopsticks to pick up the dish and put it into his mouth, and his heart could not help but inexplicable felt somewhat funny.

He obviously thought about a lot of consequences, but the result was the other party did not actually found anything. It really made him not to know whether to laugh or cry.

With such a muddle-headed sweetheart, this only made Chu Wuyong felt as if he was more lovely, and wanted to take possession of him forever, so that he can only belong to him.

Chu Wuyong’s eyes can’t help but become darker as he looked at Li Luo who was eating the fine dish with his eyes slightly curved in satisfaction, but it was well hidden and difficult to see through.


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