The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Saint Magus 2.25


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Since that day, Li Luo had not seen the patriarch and other members of the Roxis Clan again, maybe they felt too embarrassed to reappear in front of Elvis.

However, Li Luo, who was familiar with the synopsis of the story, knew that although they apparently had given up to make Elvis return to the clan on the surface, in fact, they still had not given up yet in their hearts. After all, the current Elvis would be able to bring great glory to the Roxis Clan.


Li Luo issued a big yawn as he rested inside the desk drawer in front of Elvis. Every time he listened to the mentor’s lecture on the podium, it was just like a long lullaby. As a magical beast, he couldn’t learn human magic, so every time he listened to the mentor talk about some theories of magic or spells, he always had the urge to lie down and fell asleep.

Just as Li Luo was drowsy, he suddenly heard the mentor say, “Today’s class now ends here, and I’ll announce some information. Maybe some of your fellow disciples already know what I’m going to say——in one month, our academy will hold a two-week competition with the two other academies. This was the tradition of St. Helier School Magic Academy and two other academies for hundreds of years. I hope that all of you will be well prepared to meet this first challenge.”

After listening to the mentor’s words, immediately there was some small uproar, and some disciples were whispering with each other discussing this news announced by the mentor. All of them had an excited look on their faces because the prize for the first place previously in this competition was very generous, moreover, they could also test their ability and know at what rank they were among all of the new disciples in the three academies.

Li Luo quivered and immediately sober up, he naturally knew about this first-time competition, but his focus was not on this one, rather the auction held by the largest auction house in the city where they held the competition.

In the original text, because of Chris, one of the female protagonists, was very interested in the auction so Elvis accompanied her to go there. Of course, all of this was based on Elvis already having feelings for Chris, and they were in the ambiguous stage of the relationship.

But now, even if Chris was eager to have further development with him, Elvis didn’t have such thoughts, and when she approached him, Elvis was very indifferent and ignored her.

Not to mention, with the other female protagonist, Luna——the two of them were just merely in a classmate relationship, and rarely talked.

While Li Luo thought about this, he couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips. Then, he used his fluffy cat’s paws to rub his round face strongly, only then his train of thought pulled back to the topic.

Now that there was no involvement of Chris in this plot, he had to remember this matter. After all, something very important to Elvis would appear at this auction.


At this moment the sun had risen in the sky as the moon fell, the disciples were in the midst of study inside the classroom. The time was passed very quickly, and it was already the last day they had classes before departing to the city where the competition was held.

During this period of time, Elvis had already looked at most of the scrolls on the second level of the St. Helier Magic Academy’s library.

When the class on this day was over, the mentor once again reminded all the disciples about the competition, and then gave the disciples one day off for preparation.

After Elvis got out of class, he still went to the second level of the academy’s library to finish the remaining magic scrolls. Li Luo was squatting down on the side of Elvis’ leg while looking around from time to time to pass the time.

By the time when Elvis finished reading, he instantly placed his paws on Elvis’ trousers and climbed up to Elvis’ shoulder, allowing Elvis to take him away.

Li Luo immediately changed into human form, after they arrived inside Elvis’ room. He took out a set of white robes and wore them, his long silver-white hair was scattered loosely behind his back. His delicate face was now opened up a bit, but the outline was still very soft and looked very harmless. His white cheeks which were under the projection of the orange-colored light of setting sun from the window was as if he was covered with a thin layer of gold powder, moreover, those pair of bright and beautiful cat pupils seemed to sparkle brightly, and appeared to be filled with the golden color of sunlight.

When Elvis looked at this kind of Li Luo, he couldn’t help but be slightly absent-minded.

Li Luo didn’t notice Elvis’ look, he went to the table and picked up a fork, then took one piece of fried chicken with it, before stuffing it into his mouth. Previously, he had been staying in the library with Elvis for so long, he had long since felt hungry.

After eating one piece, he felt that there was a bottom in his stomach. Li Luo turned his head around, and looked at Elvis before asked: “Elvis, I see you have read most of the scrolls in the second floor of the library, how long it will take to completely finished looking at them?”

“My estimate was that it would take another month to finish all of the magic scrolls on the second floor.” Elvis retracted his line of sight and walked to the table, he picked up the chopsticks and took one piece of fried chicken that Li Luo had just eaten from, placed it inside his mouth, before he unhurriedly said.

“Oh.” Li Luo nodded his head, if Elvis said so, that meant it would not be very long before they would leave the St. Helier Magic Academy. However, at least it should be after that competition with the other academies was finished. In other words, after that, he would be able to use his human form mostly.

“What’s the matter?” Elvis softly asked, with slightly darkened eyes, after his line of sight quickly swept to the greasy oil on Li Luo’s smooth and translucent lips without a trace.

“Nothing. ” Li Luo shook his head and said, as he hurriedly converged the expression on his face.

Elvis did not ask anymore, he suddenly leaned forward and lowered his head, directly pressing his own lips onto those lips that he had been longing for.

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