The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 17

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The transmigration routine of always being captured by the ML Chapter 17: ‘The Wild Dragon Proud Days’ 1.17


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Alex

  • Fuhuang” — emperor father, what the emperor’s children calls him.
  • Muhou” (母后): mother-empress. All children of the emperor has a di mother, the empress, who they refer to as muhou and for those born of concubines, who is their shu mother, they will call them mufei.

Qi Cheng was sitting inside a brightly-lit study room, facing the candlelight he studied the information he obtained about the circumstances of the Xiang Bei Army.

The surroundings were very quiet, with only the sound of slight rustling as he flipped the pages and the cracking sound of the candlelight.

Suddenly, Qi Cheng seemed to hear a melody he was very familiar with, it was as if his departed wife was whispering softly in his ear, blaming him as she sighed in sorrow.

Qi Cheng’s hand immediately shaked, like the disturbed surface of a lake when being blown by the wind; his heart was no longer calm.

In the past when he still was young and had lofty ambitions, he had wanted have achievements that would be passed on for all eternity.

That’s why, when he received an imperial edict the very next day after he had married his childhood sweetheart, he disregarded his beloved’s grief and urges to stay and instead went into battle.

Three years later, he finally got satisfaction out of his achievements, however at the same time he received news that his newlywed wife, which he hadn’t seen for years, was seriously ill. Even though he had hurried back to Bian Capital City, he was still late and didn’t even get to see her last moments.

It was then that he found out that no amount of achievement could compare with the smiling face of his beloved wife. But it was too late, he could never have it back. Afterwards Qi Cheng was so frustrated, that he went into the palace and handed back all of his military power, resigning from his position as Bei Da Great General, before going into seclusion.

Had it not been for Jing Chun empress dowager’s personal pleas for help, he wouldn’t have gone into battle again.

He once again heard the zither song that his deceased wife often used to play for him. It was as if an invisible hand was peeling off the scars of his wound, making him feel penetrating pain in his heart, as well as unbearable anger.

Who was it? Who dared to play this song?!

Qi Cheng stood up with an unsteady breath and hurriedly out of door, looking at the direction from which the subtle song came. Step by step, he walked past with gloomy complexion.


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