The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: Saint Magus 2.24


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Li Luo expertly found a shortcut that only had a few people that passed, he once again walked on a wall and then climbed up a tree, making him take less than the average time that ordinary people used to arrive. When he was outside of the classroom where Elvis was. He looked around, before pushing open the door a bit, enough for him to quietly go through, and went in.

He quickly walked to Elvis’ side, then stretched his claw and pulled on Elvis’ trousers legs, he raised his round cat’s face and softly let out a “meow” sound.

Elvis lowered his head and looked at Li Luo, his brows slightly frowned. Then he quickly bent down and took Li Luo into his arms, before placing him on his lap.

[What are you doing here, didn’t I let you rest in the room? Do you still feel uncomfortable?]

Only when he heard Elvis’ question, did Li Luo manage to react. After he turned into beast form, he indeed did not feel the soreness on his body, he merely felt that his movements were slightly less flexible than usual, but it didn’t have much impact.

[I’m feeling much better now.] Li Luo immediately replied, and then continuously said, [Elvis, I saw Salina, with the great elder of Roxis Clan and some people who I did not know when I was on my way here.]

After Elvis listened to Li Luo’s words, his eyes suddenly flashed a trace of light, his pupils narrowed before returning to normal.

Elvis reached out his hand to stroke the soft long fur on Li Luo’s back, and he didn’t let him lay inside the desk drawer as usual, but from time to time, rubbed the small and plump leg beside his waist and also his back, making Li Luo unable to help but want to let out a “meow meow” sound at the comfortable feeling.

When the class was over, Elvis picked Li Luo up and held him in his bosom, before leaving the classroom with his usual indifferent look, but before he could walk far, he quickly saw a few people waiting around the corner.

Salina’s eyes immediately brightened after she saw Elvis, but when the corner of her eyes swept the people around her, she did not dare to rashly rush forward.

After seeing Elvis, the middle-aged man who was standing in the frontmost position immediately exposed a smiling expression, he walked directly in Elvis’ direction to greet him, “Elvis!”

There was an uncontrollable excitement in the middle-aged man’s light brown eyes. If Elvis agreed to return to the clan, then their Roxis Clan would be able to jump to the next level and become a middle-level clan in a few years. Even more, it was also not impossible to become a high-level clan in the future.

Elvis only gave the middle-aged man a cold glance, before turning his face and ignoring the middle-aged man, directly walking straight passed him.

“E…Elvis.” Salina opened her mouth and called out after she was pushed by the great elder on her side.

When he heard Salina’s voice, Elvis stopped his footsteps and looked at her face, there was a little bit of warmth in his azure colored eyes, but he still didn’t speak.

Salina fully understood why Elvis was so indifferent to the patriarch and others in the clan. She also didn’t want to come here at first, but the patriarch and great elder requested her to, so she had no choice but to go with them.

After all, she was still a member of the Roxis Clan, and her parents also still wanted to receive the Roxis Clan’s protection, she couldn’t be willful and disregard her own family just because of her own opinion.

However, after she came here, Salina didn’t know what to say to Elvis. Even if the patriarch and great elder had already taught her the words that she had to say, somehow she was unable to say anything.

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  1. Meow Meow… Our pretty cat really enjoys the petting, lol ? & I’m sure it soothes his poor owner. Those trashy people actually had the nerve to show up all smiling!

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