Chapter 82 Part 2

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Watching the scene before her very eyes, Chris felt her breathing suddenly stop as if it was tightly gripped, her chest feeling suffocated.

For the past five years, she constantly thought about Elvis and never once forgot him. As a princess of a country, she had never cared about anybody like this and it was unthinkable to her that Elvis would appear again but with another person.

It was only after this scene happened that she found out how hard it was for her to accept it.

Chris stood in the same place, looking blankly at Elvis who was tenderly fixing the hair of the silver haired youth. It was a completely different expression from the constantly indifferent look that Elvis always had in Chris’ memory. It was as if he had changed into a different person.

She couldn’t help but take a step back. When the man who led Elvis and Li Luo here looked at her with curiosity and a questioning gaze, Chris calmed herself with great difficulty. She forced herself to smile and asked Elvis, “Have you forgotten about me? We were classmates five years ago.”

For the past five years, Chris had often thought about how she would show her most satisfying smile when she saw Elvis again, but at this moment that wish had disappeared without a trace.

Even if she was able to show that type of smile at Elvis, he already has someone he likes and look at how much he cherishes that person. What else doesn’t she understand?

“Oh, hello.” Elvis nodded in acknowledgement before bypassing her and walking inside courtyard while holding Li Luo’s hand.

Chris was still standing at the courtyard door. She turned around to gaze at the back of Elvis and Li Luo’s figure as he walked away. She raised her hand to brush aside the hair on her forehead that had been blown up by the wind. She was unwilling but when she saw Elvis’ attitude towards the silver haired young man and his delicate appearance, she already knew that it was absolutely impossible for her to be together with Elvis. He had always treated her just like an unrelated stranger without even the slightest emotion.

So she would let go, ending her five years of fantasies and impossible dreams.


Li Luo sat outside in the sun-filled courtyard, eating freshly picked grapes from the yard as he looked at the dark clouds in the sky.

A week ago, a large expanse of black clouds had appeared and as the days passed, the clouds grew. There was no sign of rain and the clouds continued to grow without a hint a fading.

Li Luo stared at the unusual form in the sky. The feeling of an approaching storm was familiar to him. However, he couldn’t remember what happened at this period of time and so, he closed his eyes and sank into his thoughts, going over the synopsis of the story.

After being lost in thought for a good while, Li Luo remembered a similar plot that was written when the protagonist was battling the boss of the otherworldly creatures——the demonic beast emperor.

Recalling this, Li Luo immediately sat up, startled. If he wasn’t mistaken, then when these black clouds had settled into their darkest color, a portal would form in the sky at the center of the continent. The demonic beast emperor would descend to this continent.

If Elvis could prevent the arrival of the demonic beast emperor, the remaining demonic beasts in this world would be much easier to deal with and he wouldn’t have to work so hard to improve his ability.


On the main street, a group of people approached from a distance. The two men in the lead were riding a huge lion-type magical beast while others followed behind them on horses. Following firmly behind the lion beast was a carriage.

The black clouds condensing in the sky were already as thick as large barrels of black ink, dripping as it continued to rush towards a single direction.

In the center of the black clouds, waves began coalescing and broke the tranquil smooth surface. Immediately after, a small vortex began to gradually materialize.

Li Luo looked up at the sky and calculated when the demonic beast emporer would like descend from the sky.

Previously, after he had recalled what had happened, Li Luo had rushed to Elvis to try informing him in any way possible.

After Elvis had pondered for a few hours, he decided to ask the Magic Union for help. In the beginning, nobody had believed him. However, Elvis’ ability as a Nine Star Saint Magic Instructor in addition to the support of Chris, the princess of a country, he was finally able to persuade the Magic union.

Among the group of people that followed behind Elvis and Li Luo, there was the only Saint level mage of the continent. Due to his old age, he had to remain sitting in the carriage to arrive here. In addition, other Nine Star Saint Magic Instructors accompanied the Saint.

There were also more than a dozen warriors of the Saint realm as well as thirty to forty Martial King warriors accompanying them.

“Elvis.” A handsome young man with dark, long green hair rose his large horse towards Elvis’ side, his green eyes sweeping his surroundings. “There are several demonic beasts around us, let’s stop first to take care of them before we continue our journey.”

This man was Sizel, a Seven Star Magic Instructor who followed his master to join Elvis’ group.

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