Chapter 25 Part 2

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Although he didn’t sleep for the whole night, Li Luo didn’t have the slightest drowsiness. He headed straight into a small alley not far away from the city gate, and quietly waited for the moment the city gate opened.

The white light started to slowly emerge in the sky. Inside Bian Capital City, the voice of people also started to gradually sound. Many silhouettes of people also gradually appeared inside the city gate. Some were going into the city to do business or purchase necessities for home. But because last night couldn’t catch up with the city gate’s closed time, they had to stay for a night inside Bian Capital City.

Li Luo mixed into these ordinary people, and waited with them for the opening of the city gate.

As he along with those people walked out of the tall city gate with thousands of meters height, Xiao Qi suddenly come out and shouted in his mind, 【Great Host, please be careful. At this moment, more than 600 meters behind you, there are more than a dozen horses are rushing over to this place. The people riding them are dressed exactly like the imperial guards who were standing outside of your room. 】


Li Luo immediately went on guard, he looked at the people in the surroundings that grouped into twos and threes as they walked. He didn’t immediately have a drastic reaction but instead slowly approached the hillside beside him. Taking advantage of all the people who did not notice him, he quickly fled into tall bushes that were as tall as half a person’s height that had grown there.

Not long after Li Luo hid in the bushes, the official that not far away from the road immediately saw a burst of dust swirl in the air, and then in split second more than a dozen horses appeared in his eyes.


Almost in just the blink of an eye, those more than a dozen horses were surrounding the people who were still walking.

When he saw this scene, Li Luo’s forehead immediately let out a layer of cold sweat. If it was not for Xiao Qi’s warning, all of his efforts to finally run away would be wasted and at this moment he may once again have to go back into that place.

Li Luo waited until the more than a dozen of imperial guards that surrounded the common people, drove them back inside the city, and only after all of them finally disappeared from his sight, Li Luo who was squatting inside the bushes for a long time came out from his hiding place, and continued his journey.

He had to go to the next city that Qin Yu would attack, Su Shui City. If he was riding a horse it would take a month to arrive, not to mention that he was walking with two feet.

It seems that he really should buy a tool for the transportation. At least it would make him travel a bit faster. To buy a horse, at least he would needs four hundred fifty two taels of silver. He didn’t know exactly how many taels he could get if he exchanged the gold threads that he collected. It was not clear if it would be enough to buy a horse if he sold all of it. Moreover, those gold threads was all that he had, he must not completely exchange all of it for money in one go. He couldn’t afford to buy a horse, so he should just buy a mule to ride.

Li Luo made up his mind, as soon as he arrived at a slightly more prosperous town, he would exchanged a portion of his gold threads with silver and buy a mule as transportation.


Li Luo was riding a white mule, as he rushed toward Su Shui City. Nowadays, he would immediately choose to sleep in the wild as long as he had recovered his original appearance.

Only when he was able to disguise as other people, did he find a place to stay, he would stay one night, buy some dry food the next day, and then continue his journey.

Due to the increased number of times it was used, now Universal Disguise Pill’s cooling time had gradually become seven days of time.

The mule’s speed was a little slower than the horse, so it took one and a half months for Li Luo to travel ninety-five percent of the road.

Now as long as he traveled another two more days, he would right away arrive at Su Shui City.

At this moment, Li Luo still didn’t know, because Jing Chun Empress Dowager captured him, it caused Qin Yu’s heart full of anger and he has nowhere to vent it, so he release all of his anger on the battlefield, which made what originally took more than a month to completely capture the city, now in the face of Qin Yu’s furious attack, it was unable to hold on for a long time and fell within ten days ago. So, at this moment, Qin Yu has been long ago already reorganized the army and headed toward the direction of Bian Capital City.

Even if Li Luo arrived at Su Shui City now, he was doomed to be unable to join with Qin Yu.

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