The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 104

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Chapter 104: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.17


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

In the dark mist, Chu Wuyong was like a dark king as he controlled everything.

And Song Qingyun was like a small insect that fell into the cobweb and can’t escape the fate of being preyed on, no matter how it struggled.

At this moment, Song Qingyun’s forehead was drenched with cold sweat, and his heartbeat was in disarray. The joint fingers of the hand that held the spiritual tool turned white, as he slightly trembling; his whole person was in an extremely tense state. He looked around everywhere without a goal as if something horrible would jump out at any time.

Chu Wuyong stood in the black mist, his calm and deep black eyes seemed to have infiltrated this thick black mist, which made the people around him completely unable to see the emotions inside clearly.

Looking at Song Qingyun, who struggled helplessly inside the mist, although the victory was within his grasp, there was also no joy of winning the match.

For Chu Wuyong, this match was just a passing game, nothing more. If he wanted, he could actually win from the start when Song Qingyun still hadn’t taken any action. However, in order to hide his own strength, he allowed Song Qingyun to compete until now.

Now that he has been dragging the match long enough, he doesn’t need to waste any more time.

Chu Wuyong’s black eyes flashed a glimmer of light, the next moment, his figure disappeared from the original place.


Song Qingyun was still in alert as he extended his five senses to the maximum to perceive the surrounding movements.

The dark mist still lingered around him, making him unable to see the surrounding situation clearly.

The illusion created by the spiritual tool that he was familiar with, has now become a shackle that chained him. It made him completely not find Chu Wuyong’s position, and the situation was also very passive.

Song Qingyun turned his tense neck because of excessive stress around, and his current situation made him very aware that he was unlikely to win the match.

When Song Qingyun thought of this, the gloomy color in his eyes almost turned into substance and overflowed from his eyes.

Chu Wuyong——even if you can win against me, I will not let you have an easy win.

At this moment, Song Qingyun was keenly aware of the slight change in the mist around him. This slight change, if it was not because of his tense nerves and tried to put his five senses to the maximum, he may not have been aware of it at all.

After detecting that something was wrong, Song Qingyun’s heart immediately skipped a beat, but it was too late, as he saw a slender and powerful hand stretched out from the dark mist. In between the five fingers of that long and powerful hand were flashing a gorgeous rays of light.

And he doesn’t know when the owner of that hand stood behind him and just about to give him a final blow.

But just before Chu Wuyong could send his attack and make Song Qingyun lose his ability to take action, Song Qingyun suddenly said, “I admit defeat!”

There are two criteria for judging the outcome of the match for the big competition of Inner Sect of the Clear Sky Sect. One, when one party lost the ability to fight, and the other was when one party took the initiative to admit defeat, but neither of the two conditions could harm the life of the loser. After all, this was only the big competition of Inner Sect and not a match that required a fight to the death.

Therefore, Chu Wuyong’s action paused after he heard Song Qingyun’s words.

After all, the competition rules was that as long as the other party admitted defeat, there was no need to attack again.

However, at this time of pause, an accident suddenly occurred, Song Qingyun unexpectedly turned over his body and threw an unknown thing to him.

Chu Wuyong originally wanted to quickly avoid Song Qingyun’s scheme, with his strength, he could completely dodged it in a flash. But somehow, when that thing was thrown at him, his mind suddenly shook and so he lost the opportunity to dodge it.

That unknown thing immediately flashed an unusually gorgeous luster, like the shards of a colored glass, as it quickly merged into his body after in contact with his skin.

At the same time, a trace of faint devil spiritual power suddenly spilled out and lingered on Chu Wuyong’s whole body.

When Song Qingyun saw that the crystal piece he had thrown at Chu Wuyong took effect, his eyes flashed a pleasant expression, then he quickly stepped back a few steps, and deliberately shouted in a loud voice: “Chu Wuyong, how can you have devil cultivator’s spiritual power on your body?”

Chu Wuyong stood in the same place, as he looked at Song Qingyun who was standing not far away from where he is, there were killing intent flashed in his eyes, his pupils also showed a hint of purple light in a flash, but it was only a glimpse and it quickly hid to the deep of his black pupils.

As the Devil Lord who everyone talked about in his previous life, Chu Wuyong did not expect that he would be plotted against by a person that he regarded like an ant.

Although Chu Wuyong really wanted to kill Song Qingyun immediately, he understood that as long as he killed Song Qingyun, then whether his identity of devil cultivator was real or not, he would be immediately beheaded by those elders who were sitting in the front spectator’s stage.

Chu Wuyong did not make any movement and every Elders and Mountain Lords who sat below, right away sense the devil spiritual power, and all their original leisurely appearance changed into a very serious look. Coupled with Song Qingyun’s words, almost everyone immediately looked at Li Luo who did not have the slightest change of expression and still had a cold appearance.

Elder Zhao looked at Li Luo, who still did not have the slightest change of expression and seemingly unaffected, and the edge of his lips could not help but overflow with a trace of lightness; letting people unaware of his malicious smile. He would like to see how long Gu Qingchen can keep his disgusting aloof attitude!

In order to maintain the original aloof characteristic, Li Luo tried to suppress his desire to blurt out the “Fu*k”, but in his mind, he was already flipping an unlimited number of tables.

What the hell is going on here? Originally there was no such plot in his book, and Chu Wuyong did not reveal his identity as the devil cultivator before he left the Clear Sky Sect. He also does not believe that Chu Wuyong would be stupid enough to expose himself in front of so many people, so what’s going on now?

Among the many disciples who watched the match below, three disciples were flashing a faint red rays of light in their eyes. The faint red lights were just like secretly burning flames, as it flickered clearly in their eyes, it was very strange. But the people around them were all focused on the competition stage that no one noticed the abnormalities of the three of them.

At the same time, separated by more than half of the continent from the Clear Sky Sect, was a beautifully decorated small building that stood above the high mountain inside a forest surrounded by white mist all year round, inside the building was an alluring woman lazily leaning over inside the canopy which was covered by layer upon layer of red muslin with gold threads, abruptly opened her closed eyes. There was a smile full of interest on her beautiful face, “The Lord’s guess was really not wrong, truly interesting~”

Although she doesn’t know about the other devil spiritual energy that emerged together with that familiar devil spiritual energy, but that familiar spiritual energy was definitely that person from a few hundred years ago, the man who everyone in cultivation world talked about, and make all the devil cultivators worshipped him——Chu Wuyong.

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