The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Saint Magus 2.29


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

The time went by, and the auction already went to the twelfth item, but the people present did not feel any boredom, instead, the atmosphere became better and better.

He had to say that the female auction host was very skillful, only in a few words, the atmosphere of the auction house could be mobilized, and she was very good at using her own advantages after a few meaningful glances she could make some of the male mages instantly raise the price of auction items slightly.

Elvis’ goal was to find the item that resonated with him, therefore, even after the twelve items had been auctioned off, no matter how much the female auction host said, he was not the slightest bit tempted.

Li Luo didn’t think too much about it, as he didn’t feel any special reaction toward those three items like Elvis. Moreover, the female auction host on the stage explained every auction item very vividly, and with the support of the special magic in the private room, he could see the items below very clearly. Li Luo observed the item very carefully before once again listened to the explanation of the female auction host, while he was eating, Li Luo talked to Elvis from time to time.

He didn’t know if it was just his illusion, but every time he slightly mentioned about that female auction host, he felt Elvis seemed to become unhappy. Although his face still didn’t show any expressions, the color of his azure eyes became a little deeper, afterward, Li Luo intuitively avoided the topic about the female auction host, only then did he feel that the pressure at his side slightly lowered.

“The next is our twentieth auction item.” The female auction host said with an appropriate smile on her face, then looked to the left. This time only one muscular man pushed a small cart to the front of her, and then the muscular man quickly left the auction stage.

The female auction host walked to the side of the small cart that carried the auction item, stretched out her hand, and slowly uncovered the white cloth on it.

At the same time, Elvis once again felt the blood in his whole body boiling. He all of a sudden sat up straight and gazed down sharply.

Li Luo immediately felt the change in Elvis’ emotions, he also looked fixedly below, “Is it on this cart?”

“En.” Elvis made a simple response, his eyes still looked fixedly at the female auction host’s hand that slowly pulled on the white cloth.

When the white cloth was completely pulled off, what appeared in front of everyone’s eyes, was a magic staff with an exquisite handle that was suitable for females, and placed next to it, was a very simple bracelet, but the style was more suitable for men. Under the illumination of a magic lamp, a circle of faint light seemed to reflect out from it.

“This magic staff, although the three small jewels around the main gem at the peak had been shattered, this magic staff was still a fifth-grade magic staff. Imagine if you were able to repair those, this magic staff could immediately become a sixth-grade magic staff. In addition, we also will give the bracelet on the side as a gift to the guest who wins it over.” As the female auction host spoke, she picked up the bracelet beside magic staff, placing it in her fair palm, then showed it in all directions.

“We will start the price at 30,000 magic stones.”

In fact, when the female auction host said that the broken magic staff was a fifth-grade magic staff, a little commotion immediately rose below.

A high-grade magic staff was very difficult to make, and the success rate was very low.

AdvertisementA fourth-grade magic staff was the dividing line, and refining the first three grades of magic staves was relatively simple. Therefore, most of the magic staves on the market were below the fourth grade, and the fourth grade appeared fewer, and also relatively rare. To see a fourth-grade magic staff or above you would need to look at your luck. If your luck was good, you may be able to buy it, but if your luck wasn’t good, you may not even be able to see its shadow.

Now there was a fifth-grade magic staff, with the possibility of an upgrade to a sixth-grade in the future in front of them. Not only those small number of female mages looked at the magic staff with bright eyes, but even the male mages also looked at the magic staff with desire, even if they couldn’t use it themselves, they could give it to their daughter-in-law as a betrothal gift.

Li Luo looked at the scene below, and suddenly think of one matter, in the original novel, the protagonist came here with Chris. He was still quite poor at that time, so the private room on the second floor was actually booked by Chris, and the protagonist originally only came to accompany Chris, but after seeing the bracelet, the protagonist immediately felt he must have it. After winning it over, Chris took the magic staff, while the protagonist took the bracelet.

Afterward, the protagonist helped Chris repair the magic staff as compensation. Then, when he and Chris were together, he instantly made the magic staff one grade higher for Chris——but these were all floating clouds for Elvis now. So the most important thing now was, how to make Elvis win this magic staff over with his amount of money, not to mention that this time the private room was booked by him, the remaining money was even less.

When Li Luo just thought to here, he heard a crisp and excited female voice from below, “I will pay 50,000.”

The female voice had not yet fallen before another voice quickly sounded, he said with an overwhelming voice, “I will pay 70,000.”

Li Luo could not help but start to worry, if the protagonist did not have enough money at the moment, he certainly would be unable to win over this magic staff, then he couldn’t get that bracelet he needed, and wouldn’t storyline of the book quickly distort, and be unable to be fixed, from now on?

“Elvis, do you have enough money?” Li Luo turned his head and asked.

“I still have 200,000 magic stones in savings, and in addition, you also give me a Holy Fruit, that could at least be worth more than 300,000 magic stones, it should be enough.” Elvis did not have the slightest bit of worry, as his azure eyes looked at the noisy scene below, before reaching out his hand and pressed the button next to his chair, then said, “100,000.”

The sound of Elvis’ voice immediately echoed in the auction’s stage below, even though it was a few degrees lower than his usual voice, it was still very pleasant to hear.

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