Chapter 66 Part 2

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Li Luo quickly closed his eyes and looked at the synopsis of the story, wanting to know how much the final price of the auction was, hopefully, there were not any mishaps that occurred.

Elvis who on the side, did not bid anymore and only looked at the slowly raising prices. The price quickly rose to 200,000 magic stone. However, it still continuously rose at a steady speed, as the voices below became more and more excited.

Li Luo finally flipped over to one section of the synopsis at the current period of time, but because Xiao Qi did not give him the complete plot, only the general storyline. Li Luo did not find the final price of this magic staff even after looking at it several times. Moreover, he had finished writing the novel so long ago and had already long since forgotten the storyline completely.

This plot certainly couldn’t have any mistakes, if they were unable to win over that auction item, who knows whose hands it would fall into, and at that time it would be very difficult to find them in the future, moreover it was unclear if the other would agree to give it, even if they agree, who knows what kind of requirements they would demand.

Li Luo turned his eyes and instantly thought of the ability that he had now, it should also be useful in this case, right?

However, he was embarrassed to say it in front of Elvis.

Li Luo immediately stood up from his seat, and Elvis instantly looked at him, there were clear inquiries in his eyes.

Li Luo waved his arms uncomfortably, and give Elvis an awkward smile, “I ate too much, and I need to walk around the room for a while.” Then he no longer looked into Elvis’ eyes, and directly turned his back, before walking to the corner at his side, he walked along to the other corner following a clockwise motion.

Li Luo slowly walked beside the door of their private room, then quickly turned his head and looked at Elvis’ back, when he found that he didn’t pay attention to him, he immediately sneaked to the corner of the door, before concentrate his mind to using the come true skill, and then whispered, “No matter what happens, these magic things will be bought by Elvis, and that bracelet also will fall into Elvis’ hands.”

……Even though he was speaking in a low voice, somehow he still felt inexplicable shame, what’s wrong with him?!

Fortunately, he was very far, and his voice was so low, so Elvis should not hear it, otherwise, he would instantly turn into cat form and hide from Elvis for a few days.

After Li Luo finished speaking, he stood in the same place for a while, before once again slowly walking around from one corner to the other, behind Elvis’ back, in order to prove the excuse he had just said, he circling a few times more, before sitting back on his seat, at this moment the price had already risen to 380,000.

When Li Luo sat down, someone added another 40,000 in one breath, making the price change to 420,000. At this time, the competitors had obviously decreased a lot and it had become the competition for only a few people.

After all, the price had already exceeded the original value of a fifth-grade magic staff.

Elvis now had only left over with a few dozens of thousands of bargaining chips, but his expression still didn’t show any panic and was still the same as before, even his eyes did not flicker a bit.

At this time, Li Luo completely did not feel nervous like just a moment ago, as long as there was no accident, that item below would certainly belong to Elvis, no one could take it.

Elvis pressed the bidding button, before opening his mouth and said, “I will pay 520,000.” Directly adding 20,000 to the price that the previous person said.

The plump woman in gorgeous garments immediately hesitated to bid again after hearing the price that Elvis’ offered. Not knowing why, when she once again looked at the item on the auction stage, she didn’t really want it. Anyway, there would definitely be something better in the future. After the plump woman thought to this point, she withdrew back her finger from the button next to her seat.

The female auction host that stood on the auction stage waited for a while, seeing no one bid again, she slightly smiled before knocking the table with the small hammer in her hand, “Then this item belongs to the gentleman who bid the last price, by the time when the auction ends, we will have a special staff of our auction house come over to your private room, please be patient.”

AdvertisementAfter that, the female auction host stepped aside, letting a muscular man push the cart away before continuously said, “Let’s see what the next auction item was…”

A few hours quickly passed, and only until around eight o’clock in the evening, the auctions ended.

After Elvis won that magic staff, he didn’t find anything that made him feel any reaction again so he quickly lost interest in the auction.

When the auction was over, there was a sound of knocking on the door of their private room after a while, Li Luo quickly changed back to cat form, climbed up to Elvis’ thigh and lied down, his two front paws were put together as he turned around and looked at the direction of the door.

The person outside knocked the door a few times, and waiting for a moment, before he opened the door and come in.

The person who came in was a young man with a tray on his hands, his age seemed to be not that old. When he came in, he looked at Elvis’ direction, and politely smiled, “This gentleman, I’m here to send the auction item that you won over, please accept it.” While speaking, the young man walked to Elvis’ side and moved the tray that he held in front of Elvis.

In fact, even without inspection, Elvis already knew that this item was indeed the thing that he wanted. As from the time the young man came in, he quickly felt that the blood in his whole body was boiling up and his heartbeat accelerated two-fold.

Even so, others could not see any change in his emotions from his face, but the color of his eyes slightly changed, if you didn’t carefully look at them, or you were of the people who were unfamiliar with him, you absolutely couldn’t see it.

Elvis directly placed the storage bag that contained all of his savings and the holy fruit that Li Luo had given him, into the tray that the young man’s holding.

The young man checked the content of storage bag and found that there were only 200,000 magic stones, then he looked at the jade white fruit on the other side, “Guest, you only handed over 200,000, this is?”

Elvis: “This is the other portion of my payment.”

The young man didn’t ask anything more, he nodded and said, “Please wait for a moment.” Then quickly placed the auction item on the table at the side, took the things that Elvis gave, and went out.

Elvis was still sitting in the same position, he knew that he couldn’t walk away now. Only when the young man came back and determined that the things he gave could pay the bill, he was able to leave the room, as a result, the young man was not afraid to directly put the auction item here.

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