Chapter 13 Part 2

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Li Luo eyes immediately brightened. Was this a show of approval? It has been so long since Qin Yu had pried open his mouth, he was already at his very utmost limit, right!

Li Luo once again following Qin Yu—he took off his outer clothes and went in bed. He persistently stuck out his finger, and poked at Qin Yu’s back, “Yu, you haven’t talked with me for such a long time. To get angry for so long, you should been calm down, right? I promise you, I’ll never say that kind of thing again, okay? I really know my wrong.”

Qin Yu’s back was faced Li Luo. After Li Luo poked at his back more than a dozen times, he couldn’t stand it anymore, so he turned around and his jet-black pupils focused on Li Luo, “Not only can you not say that, you also can’t go to such places.”

Li Luo immediately grinned from ear to ear, and raised his three slender fingers toward the sky. “I swear I will not say such words again, and I will never go to a brothel.”

That had just accidentally leaked out from his mouth, how could he dare have such ideas otherwise. Anyway, he was just thinking about it at that time and as long as Qin Yu returned to the way he used to be, he would forget all about that.

“There are two more requirements, you also must promise me.”

So far, in the request that Qin Yu had said, there was still nothing he opposed. If this brat once again became depressed, and got angered to the point of giving him a cold-shoulder for a few months and often releasing cold pressure at him, he was afraid that he would not be reaching the plot arrangements and instead die early.

Li Luo didn’t wait for Qin Yu to say his requirements, he nodded right away and said: “As long as you aren’t angry anymore, I can promise you anything.”

“You are not allowed to get close to Liu Ruoyan, can you promise that?”

In Li Luo’s mind immediately flashed an idea. Don’t tell me Qin Yu was in fact secretly in love with Liu Ruoyan and just to get her attention, he deliberately always put that expression on his face for her to see?

Unaware that Li Luo thought had long ago strayed a thousand miles apart, Qin Yu stretched out his arm and held Li Luo waist. He remove the headband out if Li Luo’s long hair and then slowly combed it, “You are also not allowed to get married, I want you to always be with me. Mucheng, I have no Fuhuang nor Muhou [2], I only have you. Mucheng, you aren’t going to leave me as well, are you?” Qin Yu’s voice was trembling a little with traces of worry. His hands that held Li Luo’s waist also tightened a bit.

This man was the only one he wanted after the loss of his parents. He couldn’t and wouldn’t let him go.

This man had long been carved into his heart, if pull out his heart would also cut out together with it.

After listening to Qin Yu’s words, Li Luo’s heart couldn’t help but tighten and his swirling thoughts from just moments ago immediately disappeared. He extended his hand, and gently rubbed Qin Yu’s head, just like he did when Qin Yu was a helpless little boy, “All right, I promise you, I will always stay with you.”

Qin Yu’s hold of Li Luo tightened. When facing such kind of gentleness, he was neither able to resist, nor willing, so instead he just let himself indulge in it, unable to extricate himself. Even if he had to use a method that would hurt their relationship, even if he had to forced him in the end, and make him hate him, he would not let go of him.

He could only belong to him and him only.

That night, Li Luo and Qin Yu just embraced each others and did not speak. However they became much closer, as they unconsciously slept.


“Useless! Useless! You’re all a bunch of useless people!” Inside the huge palace, reverberated a loud roar of rage. A person in bright yellow robe and embroidered dragon boots was walking to and fro with a heavy pace, which reflected the owner’s angry and anxious heart.

Qin Yan’s eyes were red and his chest was going violently up and down. When he went to the front of a table, he hit the tabletop heavily and once again screamed, “You useless people! Get the hell out of here!!!”

Kneeling on the ground, the shivering, and full of cold sweat officials, that were half bowed moments ago, immediately retreated out of room in a trembling manner.

Qin Yan waited until all the people were out, and the door was closed again, before falling on a chair as though he had lost all his strength.

His red eyes had a crazed look to them as he was thinking. Why was that little bastard still alive? He should have died that year, yet why hadn’t he?

No, even if he wasn’t dead, this Qin country could only be his, Qin Yan’s!

He did not believe that all of his officials were useless people. There must be a solution, certainly there had to be some kind of solution. Thinking of the message he had received of Qin Yu leading an attack on the Yunxi City, Qin Yan’s hand that held the cup, couldn’t help but start trembling, spilling the tea on himself.

Just then, the door opened once and the outside sunlight came in.

Qin Yan immediately became furious, so he threw the teacup in his hand, “Who allowed you to come in?”

“Son.” A woman in a gorgeous palace dress slowly walked over. Even through there were a few wrinkles on her face, she was still beautiful.

“Muhou.” Once Qin Yan saw that she was the person that had entered and his angered expression immediately vanished. Though after that loud shout he didn’t know what to say.

“It’s all right, this country of Qin, would always be yours. The son of that lowly hussy would not be able to take it away.” Li Fei [1], who now was empress dowager Jing Chun, looked kindly at Qin Yan as she walked beside him and touched his cheek, “Look who your mother brought for you.”

A person with a sturdy figure appeared at the doorway, when Jing Chun empress dowager finished her words. Half of his hair had already whitened and he had a pair of sharp eyes with a resolute face that could be seen very clearly even against the light.

“This, this is!” Qin Yan’s face immediately showed an ecstatic expression, he suddenly stood up from the seat above.

As long as this person helped him, he would able to withstand Qin Yu’s attack as his bargaining chips increased by three-four points. With this buffer time, he could also have more time to think about how to deal with Qin Yu. After all, he was the current emperor of Qin country, so he was the one in control of power; in theory compared to Qin Yu, he was a lot stronger.

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  1. I didn’t now all of the names yet but I really hope that the man who was shown in the last part is not someone the ML and MC knows. Thank you so much for the updates 🙂

    1. What? No, it’s a guy… Some half-whitered hair with sturdy figure guy. “A person with a sturdy figure appeared at the doorway, when Jing Chun empress dowager finished her words. Half of his hair had already whitened and he had a pair of sharp eyes with a resolute face that could be seen very clearly even against the light.”

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