The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 118

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Chapter 118: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.23


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

The night was getting deeper and deeper, and the indoor of the window curtains became even more pitch-dark.

Li Luo’s eyes closed, and he had long been deeply engulfed by the dark and sweet dreamland.

In the darkness, the right side of the bed, next to Li Luo, moved lightly a few times, and then a dark shadow quietly sat up, he reached out his hand and turned on the dim bedside lamp.

Under the faint yellow bedside lamp, Jin Chenji lowered his head and looked at Li Luo who was lying down on his left side.

At this moment, Li Luo’s body was facing slightly sideways, and his black hair scattered on top of the pillow that he was sleeping on. His features appeared very relaxed. Under the projection of the light, his long eyelashes casted a pair of fan-shaped shadows on his fair cheeks. The wing of his nose moved lightly, and as he slept deeply, those light colored lips were slightly opened, revealing a small piece of white teeth.

Because the black pajamas were unusually wide on his body, Li Luo’s beautiful collarbone was revealed with his sleeping position.

When Jin Chenji saw this kind of appearance of Li Luo, his eyes could not help but become a bit dark. He leaned down his body in Li Luo’s direction, then reached out his hand, gently caressing the outline of Li Luo’s face; Li Luo still slept deeply without any vigilance.

The slender fingers were drawn from between Li Luo’s forehead, passing his somewhat fleshy tip of the nose and stopped below his soft plump lips. While the fingertips just slightly used a bit of force, Li Luo who was sleeping deeply, opened his mouth slightly, revealing a bit of his tongue’s red tip.

Jin Chenji’s breathing slightly stagnated for a moment, he couldn’t help but hang down his head. He sucked Li Luo’s tip of the tongue a bit, his lips also pasted on top of Li Luo’s soft plump lips, then he gently sucked and kissed him up.

Li Luo seemed to feel uncomfortable, and lightly let out a groan. After Jin Chenji heard Li Luo’s voice, the dark light in his eyes could not help but deepened. He left Li Luo’s lips and took a deep breath, only then he pressed down his desire of wanting to occupy Li Luo.

Jin Chenji looked at Li Luo’s lips that were covered with a layer of saliva after being sucked and kissed by him, and then he took a glance at Li Luo’s sleeping face, before once again lowering his head. Unable to restrain himself to gently kiss Li Luo’s lips again.

This current kind of kiss, can only satisfy a little bit of his desire, but the satisfaction at this point has further expanded his longing for this person.

Jin Chenji never knew that he would want a person like this. He always had astonishing self-control, but these days he was continuously in a situation where he was completely unable to control himself.

On the other hand, Li Luo who was originally sleeping deeply, was awoken by the sudden voice in his mind.

[Great Host, I have already replenished the energy~]

After Li Luo was awakened by Xiao Qi’s voice, the first thing he noticed was not the content of Xiao Qi’s words, rather the touch on his lips, that was clearly the kiss.

And now he was unconsciously opening his mouth slightly, letting that person move from a soft kiss to a deep kiss.

There were only two people in this room, it was obvious who the person that was kissing him now.


Li Luo felt that his brain was being dropped with a bomb that was enough to blow up a whole mountain, and going to blow up his entire consciousness.

He, once again, thought of the similarities between Jin Chenji and those few people, Li Luo felt his heartbeat was going to stop suddenly.

Although Li Luo’s brain activity was extremely intense, but in the eyes of Jin Chenji, he was still sleeping deeply, his breathing was also still steady, and he was so cute that Jin Chenji couldn’t help but deepened this kiss again.

[Great Host, are you ready? We can get out of here and return to the previous world.]

Li Luo’s brain was a mess, that he was unaware as to what he had answered in his mind. In the next second, he had lost consciousness and fell into a darkness.


When Li Luo regained consciousness again, he felt a sharp pain all over his body.

What’s going on?

Why was this whole body in so much pain? It was simply as if someone had attacked and broken down all the bones in this body.

“…Uh…” Li Luo was in pain and couldn’t even say the words. He opened his somewhat tired eyes, and the top of the rough rock appeared in front of his eyes.

Li Luo laboriously eyed his surroundings and immediately found himself currently seemed to be in a cave.

[Xiao Qi, what’s the situation now, why this current body of me like this?]

[Great Host, you have now returned to the world of Immortal Path of Devil Lord, but the current time was more than three hundred years after you left. And you can only choose the suitable body without a soul. The owner of this body was already dead, he may have been merely suffering a heavy wound before his death, therefore he would be like this. But it doesn’t matter, Xiao Qi would provide a medicine pellet to the Host, and these injuries will be able to heal very quickly.]

Li Luo: [……] Although these injuries would heal very quickly, this extreme pain that he felt currently was not fake ah! Why can’t you choose a better body for him?!

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