Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife



Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Translator: Vin

Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife is a completed novel written by 魅夜水草 and consists of 180 chapters total. It’s a reverse-role novel with the female MC being the powerful CEO pampering the ML, who conveniently happens to be head over heels for her already.


Su Yanyi. Resplendent Entertainment’s president, the legendary queen of the entertainment world. Any artist she decides to help will become a godly existence in the entertainment world.

After a scheme made her lose everything, she discovered that the man she had always treated coldly was actually deeply in love with her. At her life’s end, she was left with only irreparable regret.


Vin’s summary:

Su Yanyi; the president of Resplendent Entertainment, the queen of the entertainment circle, and a terrifying woman overall. She is cold, relentless, powerful, and any artist picked by her would guarantee to become the center of the entertainment world.

A scheme caused her to lose everything, but it also made her realize that the man she had initiated a contract marriage with years ago is actually deeply in love with her. After rebirth, she adds a few things to her agenda:

1) Get revenge.
2) Spend more time with her family.
3) Return the deep affections of her contractual husband. If impossible, then at least grant him a happy and smooth-sailing future.

With the help of her rebirth bonus, the “Virtuous Wife System,” the dense and stoic Su Yanyi sets out to pamper her oblivious husband, stumbling over her own inexperience as she tries to convince him that no, he is not having auditory hallucinations, and no, she is not feeling ill!

Just, why is the first task —make him smile genuinely ten times— already so difficult?


Chapter 1 — Rebirth
Chapter 2 — Thank You
Chapter 3 — The Virtuous Wife System
Chapter 4 — The Task is Difficult
Chapter 5 — Overheating of the Brain
Chapter 6 — Don’t Want to Deny
Chapter 7 — Changing Agents
Chapter 8 — The Su Family
Chapter 9 — Too Dense
Chapter 10 — Treat You Well
Chapter 11— Date
Chapter 12 — Add One Point
Chapter 13 — The Public Opinion

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