The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: ‘The Wild Dragon Proud Days’ 1.29


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Li Luo and Liu Ruoyan strolled around Bian Capital City until the moon hung above the tip of a willow branch. After they ate famous dishes at several restaurants, only then did they go back to the Imperial Palace.

Once he entered the entrance of the Imperial Palace, Li Luo instantly saw Qin Yu standing there, wearing a bright yellow dragon robe.

Li Luo still didn’t want to talk with Qin Yu, so he merely gave him a glance from the corner of his eye, and then swiftly walked past him.

Liu Ruoyan looked at Li Luo’s actions and then followed closely behind him. When she walked past Qin Yu, Liu Ruoyan wrinkled her small nose, her face proud as she grinned.

Qin Yu’s face instantly darkened. He had been waiting there for a full six hours, but he had not even received a single glance from Li Luo. Although he really wanted to advance two steps forward and carry Li Luo back to his sleeping quarters, but when he saw Li Luo’s slight smile rapidly vanish after he knew that he was there Qin Yu wouldn’t act rashly. He just followed behind Li Luo and Liu Ruoyan, the two of them, and wanted to see where Li Luo would go.

When he saw Li Luo walk in the direction of his sleeping quarters after he and Liu Ruoyan left separately, Qin Yu was secretly happy in his heart. He advanced two steps forward and walked beside Li Luo.

How could Li Luo be unaware of him, when he arrived in the front of the room, he stopped his steps, he directly opened the door and went in and swiftly closed the door.

Qin Yu was almost hit by the door, “……”

Li Luo looked around the room and found his own luck was very good. There was a bedroom inside, and everything he needed was readily available. You could see that even though the room had been cleaned every day, the room had no trace of someone using it, it seemed as if no one stayed in this room.

Li Luo promptly decided he would stay here tonight. He still wasn’t ready to let Qin Yu come in. He reckoned Qin Yu would stand outside for a while, and then finally understand that the meaning of his actions were to make him leave.

Li Luo had been strolling around outside with Liu Ruoyan for a few hours, even so, he still didn’t know what was to be done in regards Qin Yu. It was impossible to make him directly accept Qin Yu’s affection. He felt that he still liked women. It was impossible for him to return Qin Yu’s feelings just because Qin Yu was in love with him.

Li Luo took off his coat and lied down on the bed inside the room, looking at the shadow of Qin Yu standing outside the door which was blurrily projected by the darkness. Li Luo opened his eyes to look closer for a while, he felt somewhat irritable in his heart. He simply turned over his body and no longer looked at him. Li Luo closed his eyes. He felt very complicated inside, but after a while, he gradually fell asleep.

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  1. Bueno, normalmente esperas que los sentimientos sean mutuos, y puedes considerar hacer lo que él hizo y no solo por que tú si lo quieres, decidas que esta bien y comertelo … Necesitas sufrir un poco…
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