Chapter 112 Part 2

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Chapter 112 Part 2:

Li Luo and Li Lang spent a few minutes to catch up with the other three people who went down the stairs. They also met the two people from other dormitory. They formed a group and walked toward the school gate while talking and laughing.

Jin Chenji still maintained his indifferent and reserved temperament, and would not take the initiative to talk, moreover his whole body was surrounded by that kind of invisible pressure which made the other boys not dare go up to talk with him, so his surroundings as if formed a small circle of invisible empty zone.

The N University covered an area of a thousand mu, from the boy’s dormitory to the school gate, even if the boys body were tall and their legs were long, everyone has to walk for almost ten minutes.

    • mu” — unit of area equal to one fifteenth of a hectare.

As soon as they arrived at the school gate, they saw some other students who were already waiting there, and the class leader stood in front of the crowd, while counting the number from time to time. After Li Luo’s group arrived, it took more than ten minutes had passed for the whole class of thirty-two students to gather together.

Under the organization of the class leader, everyone sat on a public bus that rushed to the city center not far away from the school.

The class leader apparently had long been prepared for it. After everyone got off at the city center site, he took everyone to a restaurant that looked pretty good. The thirty-two people occupied the two big round tables of the restaurant, and everyone also did not have much pretentious, and all ordered dishes that they want and handed it over to the class leader.

Li Luo casually found a place to sit, and Li Lang also sat on his left side. Li Luo thought about what would certainly happen in the near future, and still looked a little erratic. Although he knew it was unavoidable to lose face, but it was completely different while he fully know the situation ah!

Even though he had long been mentally prepared, but when this moment really came, he still felt that the thing that would happen soon truly very embarrassing _(:з)∠)_.

Just as Li Luo’s heart was tangled, he did not notice that someone sat at his right side.

By the time when the dishes finished arranged on the table, Li Luo stretched his chopsticks and began to pick up the dish. Only then he found the person who is sitting next to him actually Jin Chenji. Li Luo’s hand couldn’t help but shaking, as the sweet and sour pork ribs on his chopsticks immediately fell down and rolled on the table surface.

Li Luo: “……” He really didn’t do it on purpose, he just suddenly saw another person and get scared.

No matter how much Li Luo’s heart hoped the time can pass a bit slower, at about six o’clock in the evening, everyone had already eaten well.

The class leader had long been booked a KTV’s private room before the meal. After paying the meal, everyone came to the largest KTV in the city center.

The front desk of KTV was located on the second floor. On the first floor, a large-screen LCD TV was hung facing the entrance, and playing each song MV repeatedly.

Next to the LCD TV was a marble-paved staircase, as the huge colored crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling cast down many mottled round shape multi-colored spots on the ground. The whole space looked very atmospheric.

Everyone walked up the stairs to the second floor, and in an instant a young man dressed in black and white uniforms greeted them, “Do you have anything need my service?”

The class leader said that he had already booked the luxury big private room by phone. After the waiter listened, he slightly moved sideways, “Please come with me.” Afterwards, he took the lead and bring everyone in front of a room after bypassed several corridors.

After the waiter opened the door, he stood on the side and said, “Please come in, because the seats in the private room can only allocate for thirty people. I will come again in a while and add two more seats.”

Even if the seats were less, they naturally can not let the girls to have no seat. So the boys spontaneously wait for all the girls to be seated, before going up to grab the remaining positions.

The class leader set an example directly occupied a place to add seat, and Jin Chenji naturally would not want to squeeze with a group of people, so he became the second person to be left out.

Li Luo’s face was delicate and his character was good. The girls in the class always like to pinch his face from time to time. But his appearance in addition aroused the girl’s maternal love was made the girls always see him as a younger brother. This year, Li Luo inexplicably became the mascot inside the class.

And the quality of the girls in Li Luo’s class was quite good, even the flower in the faculty was in their class. Many boys eager to get a seat in the nearest position to the girls, as a result, Li Luo was inexplicably pushed up to act as the divide line and sitting near the girls.

Li Luo: “……” Although he already knew it would be like this, but it was still a bit uncomfortable. What was going on orz?

Regardless of what Li Luo thought, the boys who had long wanted to show up in front of the girls immediately competed for the possession of the microphone.

At this moment, the waiter also sent two wooden round stools that slightly higher than the sofa. Jin Chenji swept a glance at the noisy private room, not at all infected by the increasingly enthusiastic atmosphere, then sat on one of the round stools, he casually arranged his pair of long legs, but still just like a valuable craft, attracting everyone’s attention.

All the girls: Ahahahah, the legs of the Prince Charming were good and long!

All the boys: =皿= his long legs were amazing ah!

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