The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: Saint Magus 2.28


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

The competition of the academies would be held in five days, while the auction was scheduled to be in three days.

The time was set before the competition started, it was estimated that some disciples who participated in the competition would also want to participate in the auction, increasing the number of people that came to the auction, this would help increase the final price of the items in the auction.

Two days before the auction begun, Elvis took Li Luo and strolled around the entirety of Yale City, and tasted all kinds of the specialty snacks here. Among them, Li Luo’s favorite was a dessert made of chocolate, and a deep-fried sandwich filled with salty meatballs. Elvis directly bought more than ten boxes of each of them before placing them inside his storage bag.

On the third day, shortly after the sky became bright, Elvis immediately shook the still sleeping Li Luo awake, because the auction’s admission time was set quite early. If you didn’t get up early, it would be too late to buy an admission ticket and would be unable to enter the auction.

In the auction, after waiting for everyone to sit down, it would take another hour before it actually started.

When Li Luo was pushed awake by Elvis, his opened eyes were still in a daze, as his silver hair also was a complete mess after sleeping, not to mention there was still a layer of freshly awakened flush on his face, it seemed very cute.

Elvis looked at Li Luo who still had misty eyes for a while, before unable to hold himself back, and quickly leaned over and kissed the still dazed, Li Luo.

Li Luo finally sobered up, and his head felt a little dizzy from Elvis’ kiss, he was unable to tell east from west or south from north, and could only passively welcome Elvis’ kiss.

Because of this kiss, it took another half an hour for them to finish washing up. Li Luo had a red blush on his face that still hadn’t yet disappeared, changed into a white and round cat before climbing up to Elvis’ shoulder and followed him out of the inn’s entrance.

Since they needed to catch up with the time, neither of them had breakfast, as they directly rushed to the auction’s location.

Along the way, they met a lot of mages with the same destination. Fortunately, the two of them get up early, although they were delayed for a bit time, when they arrived at the auction, there was still roughly one-quarter of seats in the spectator’s stage that still had not been booked, and only one private room was left. If they had come a half an hour later, it was estimated that they would be unable to book that one private room.

After booking the seat, Elvis immediately took Li Luo to the restaurant on the side to eat breakfast. When they finished having breakfast, Elvis took Li Luo into his arms and rushed back to the auction house, and following the leadership of a special guide lady, went to their private room and sat down.

The first floor of the auction house was a huge spectator’s stage, and on the second floor, there were thirty or forty private rooms, different from the spectator’s stage of the auction below, where you could see countless people on the left and right sides, the private room was a relatively quiet space. In addition, the people in the private room were able to see the spectator’s stage and the auction platform clearly, but the people below were completely unable to see anything inside the private rooms. Therefore, no one knew who was sitting inside, and this design was also to guarantee the privacy of the customers inside.

Elvis booked the last private room on the second floor, even though the position was a bit worse than those in front, but compared to the first floor, it was quite good.

However, in contrast, the price was ten times higher than the spectator’s stage below. Elvis spent almost half of the semester’s tuition fee to book this private room.

After entering the private room, the guide lady quickly left with her head lowered, and helped Elvis close the door. Afterward, without Elvis’ instructions, no one would enter the private room, naturally, any sound inside, would not be heard outside.

After the guide lady left, Li Luo immediately changed into human form, wore a robe, then sat down beside Elvis. He picked up a piece of pastry on the small table next to his seat and threw it into his mouth while eating, he vaguely said, “If I knew that there were free pastries and tea here, I wouldn’t have gone to have breakfast a while ago.”

Elvis reached out his hand and wiped out the leftover pastry on the side of Li Luo’s lips, there was a smiling expression in his eyes, “You already ate breakfast, but don’t you still want to eat pastries now?”

Li Luo picked up another piece and was just about to put it into his mouth when he heard Elvis’ words. He rapidly turned his hand to Elvis’ direction and stuffed the pastry into Elvis’ mouth, “It doesn’t matter whether we already ate or not, this private room fee was so expensive, it would be a waste to not eat, fortunately, these pastries are indeed very delicious.”

As Elvis opened his mouth and ate the pastry, the tip of his tongue licked Li Luo’s stretched fingers in his mouth. The points of Li Luo’s ears immediately become a bit red, and he instantly withdrew his hand and opened his eyes wide. He looked at Elvis for a while and said nothing as if he just received a fright, his eyes were round and his ears were erected, just like a cat that shrinks its neck.

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