Chapter 86 Part 2

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Li Luo faced the blank document and, for an hour, moved his fingers as if he was flaying the surface of the keyboard. In one breath, he had written three chapters.

He checked it one more time, to make sure there was nothing wrong and that it connected naturally with the previous chapter, before placing the new chapters under the previous existing draft.

Then, Li Luo opened the folder containing his collection of TV dramas and chose one of his favorites to play. After watching two or three episodes, he habitually opened his own work and looked at the reader’s comments.

After all, writing novels wasn’t just a matter of one’s skill. If he wanted to eat rice, the reader was his god. If there was no reader’s support, he’d be starving.

And so, every time that Li Luo posted his writing, he had to look at the reader’s reaction. If they didn’t like one scene, he’d try to shorten this arc as much as possible. If he’d encountered something that the readers liked, he’d write a longer arc. Of course, there was a reasonable limit to which he could do so, it had to be natural.

As soon as he opened the comments area, Li Luo saw that the comments were all filled with similar content.

[Not Wear Pants was Good and Cool]:

The front row was surrounded by thick lines of the local tycoon.

[All Beauties in the World Love Me]:

Kneel and wait for the local tycoon’s appearance! By the way, local tycoon, are you running short of male friends? When I went to college, I would have very likely to driven that kind of car.

[Old Paper Bragging was the First Under Heaven]:

Kneel and wait for the local tycoon +1

[Hold Trace Prince Charming]:

I’m just standing in a circle to look at the local tycoon, everyone give me a place ah, one by one, don’t squeeze!


Local tycoon?! Who was it?

Li Luo wrinkled his brows. As he slowly read over the comments, the memories in his brain constantly flashed. When he swept a glance at the top list of names on his original book, and saw the leading name on the very top, he finally remembered.

Cloud Passed Heavy Boat.

Every Saturday, this person would give a tip of 10,000 pieces of Hua Country currency. Since Li Luo graduated and started writing novels at home, he had never stopped tipping even once.

Li Luo naturally added this enthusiastic person that supported his food and clothes. Not only did they tip a reward on a fixed day of each week, the words they said were very concise and he’d tip several times more on holidays.

Every time Li Luo said several sentences of gratitude, they would respond to him in short words. But Li Luo felt an inexplicable sense of security from this person.

Every time he encountered something unhappy, Li Luo would talk about it with Cloud Passed Heavy Boat.

After they replied a few words to him, Li Luo would have a realization in less than half an hour later.

Li Luo remembered that he hadn’t contacted the man before he left the real world. It’d been a week since he last talked to him and Li Luo was ready to find him for a chat.

He opened his own chat channel, only to find that the status of Cloud Passed Heavy Boat was gray. Li Luo felt somewhat disappointed as he minimized the channel and continued to watch his dramas.

Around midnight, Li Luo double checked his chat channel once more but the status of Cloud Passed Heavy Boat was still gray.

Before going to sleep, he checked once again. Seeing that the other person was still absent, he turned off all the programs on his computer and went to bed.

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