Chapter 36 Part 2

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Unconsciously, two months had passed.

Qing Xiao Country, outside of the capital city.

Li Luo was reclined on a long couch inside the big tent where Qin Yu was staying, since he married Qin Yu, he finally was able to put on the clothes that he usually wore, even though Qin Yu still did not relax his guard on him even a bit. Since Qin Yu was always with him, he couldn’t call out Xiao Qi.

Li Luo once again looked at the progress bar in the system, it was already at 99.8. Actually, even if he didn’t look at the progress bar he also know since he and Qin Yu were already camping outside the capital of Qing Xiao Country now. This remainder of the progress bar would be completed in only a matter of several days time.

Fortunately, in the end, Qin Yu still could not help himself but personally go into battle, he led the army to attack Qing Xiao Country, otherwise the progress would be very slow.

With the leadership of Qin Yu, Qin Country’s millions of troops became even more powerful. They directly attacked from outside of the capital, they wanted to break through to the center of Qing Xiao Country.

As long as they captured the capital and entered the Imperial Palace, the bar would progress directly to one hundred percent.

It also meant he was going to leave this world and return to his original world.

In fact, if he removed the kind of thing that Qin Yu did to him, Qin Yu was really good to him. He took care of him meticulously, he only needed to expressed his emotions, and Qin Yu would be able to immediately understand what he meant.

However, it was impossible for him to have a lifetime with Qin Yu. He felt that Qin Yu now had almost a morbid possessiveness towards him, holding and watching him firmly and closely. Although his control had begun to slowly relax, Qin Yu still did not allow him to move around freely.

A burst of the sound of killing was heard from outside, but it was like being separated by two worlds with him. While it was very loud outside, it was quiet in this place where he was.

Occasionally one could see a silhouette that carried a sword appearing above the tent, but it would soon be settled by layer upon layer of guards outside of the tent, as bloodstains splashed above it.

The fighting lasted for three hours before it was conclude, the defeated army of the Xiao Qing Country returned inside the city walls, as it began to fight in defence mode again.

However, their army suffered heavy losses in this battle, and it was estimated that it would not be able to last for a long time.

After a while, the tent opened, and a slender figure with an overbearing look came in, it was Qin Yu. He was wearing silver armor, above the armor was splashed with several obvious bloodstains, making his fierce look seem even more heavy.

After entering the tent, Qin Yu did not go to approach Li Luo, but instead he turned around and walked to the side. While his back faced Li Luo, he took off the bloodstained armor from his body and placed it on the table, before he ordered the imperial bodyguards to prepare his bath.

Li Luo was sitting on the bed, there was a screen that separated the bed and tent door which Qin Yu specially ordered to be set up, as a result, Li Luo did not see Qin Yu’s fierce appearance.

After he took a bath and put on a new set of clothes, Qin Yu turned around the screen, and walked toward Li Luo.

Li Luo, with his long hair scattered over his shoulders, crouched on his knees as he sat down on the bed, his face was buried in his knees, and only revealed his pair of amber coloured peach blossom eyes as he looked at Qin Yu. His two fair feet, which were hidden under the black bed sheet, seemed to glow against the background of the sheet. The skeleton of his body was much smaller than that of the average man, so when he was curled up, he resembled a harmless little animal that could only shrink it’s body when it encountered a ferocious beast who was about to prey on them, with wet eyes earnestly begging the beast not to eat them. He did not realize that such a gesture, only made the original eager beast want even more to throw himself down on him, and swallow him whole inside his stomach, eaten until even the residue wouldn’t be left.

Qin Yu picked Li Luo up and carried him in his arms, as he buried Li Luo within his bosom. Although he had embraced him, his heart now still felt very uncertain, like this person in his arms would disappear at any time.

This feeling was like the tide that suddenly surged up violently, right away submerging him, making him unable to breathe for a moment. He buried his face in the crook of Li Luo’s neck, feeling the warmth of his skin, before he took a deep breath, only then did he feel the sudden panic in his heart slowly disappear.


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