If you are a new translator who wishes to join ISO, please either take the test below or send us a share link to a translated chapter if you've already begun to translate a novel.


If you are an experienced translator who wishes to host a new project on ISO, you will most likely not have to take the translator test. Please let us know which project(s) you have worked on prior/are working on so we can determine your fluency. Again, email us or contact Kiki or Vin on Discord.


If you are hosting an existing project elsewhere (e.g. WordPress Free) and would like to join ISO with that project, please email us or contact Kiki or Vin on Discord to discuss your recruitment. It is likely that you will not have to take the test.


We do accept machine translators providing they meet our minimum accuracy requirements. Please either submit the test below, or send a sharing link to a translated chapter if you have already begun translating a novel.

∗ Pick ONE of the tests. Test 1 is short but much harder than Test 2. Try it if you feel like doing a challenge. We will be more lenient when grading Test 1, but the translations for Test 2 must be at least 99% correct.

Past tense and American English are preferred.


Please translate and explain the sentiment. *This is a part of a poem. It’s rather difficult and will require you to surf the Baidu forums and other courses in order to formulate an appropriate translation. No translation machines will be able to help you. Hint: “东篱” is not a name. There are no names in this sentence.



Please translate the following blurb.







If you do not have a particular project in mind, please refer to option 1, and only option 1 for your application. If you wish to translate one of the projects listed below, you may also choose option 1, but completing option 2 would greatly boost your chance of acceptance.

Past tense and American English are preferred.

OPTION 1: Edit the provided paragraphs
The Rose Courtyard’s roses were full bloomed. The dense flowers overspread on the entire wall of the courtyard—it’s beauty equaled the beauty of the glow of the sun in the morning. It is even more brimming with vitality under the embellishment of the greenery around it.
The window has a man standing next to it. The view of his back—tall and straight but lonely, looked like an eagle at night. The imposing and built exposed upper body is like Michelangelo’s David. On his chest and abdomen, it is packed with taut and full muscles so that one could easily guess the power and beauty of the man. His eyes are hawklike and they are nearly completely swallowed by hate.
This naive looking monk is unexpectedly good-looking. Beneath that shiny scalp, was a full forehead; also, he had an angular face, with a striking high nose bridge paired with bright eyes. Below is his thin lips, making the person have a noble and upright outstanding handsome appearance.
OPTION 2: Edit and submit an excerpt from the project(s) you want to help with

You may choose any part of a chapter provided that they meet the following requirements:

  • From one of the latest five chapters (e.g. If chapter 16 is the most recent, you may choose an excerpt from chapters 11 - 16)
  • At least 300 words in length
  • Was originally unedited
  • Allow you to properly display your editing skills (don't purposely pick an area of the chapter with barely any mistakes!)

Please include the original, unedited paragraphs with your test. It may take 4~7 days for us to reply, so please be patient.

Currently, our contact form is not working. To apply, please send an email to [email protected] using this format:

  • Name (required)
  • Role (required)
    • Translator
    • Editor
  • Editors ONLY
    • End of World's Businessman
  • Your translation/edits or share link (required)


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  1. Hi, i want to know if i can get permission for translate this story into my language? Ofcourse i will add you guys credit and add your web into account.

    Please give me reply neither you are agree or not. Thankyou.

    And i’m sorry i cannot talk polite cause my grammar is limited.

  2. Hello, I’m Godwin. I wish to join the Isohungry Translation team. I recently just started translating and i have a sample to present if requested. Thank you.

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