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Welcome! ISO is always open to new applicants, and that means translators, TLCers, and editors alike! We’ll

Editors, please refer to this document.

The editor’s position is open!

Translators & TLCers, please contact Kiki by filling out the form below, or join ISO’s Discord channel and messaging either Kiki or Vin.

We do offer ad revenue for translators, but if you’re in it for the money, we’d highly recommend you to turn away. Translating is something you only get decent profits from after at least 2 months of hard work, and you’d honestly earn so much more working at a part-time job. By decent I mean like…. more than +$100 monthly. Which is what you can earn at a day of minimum wage in most countries. However, it’s fun, rewarding, and you’ll meet so many new, awesome people on our team. And I gotta say, the money is a sweet bonus. Please do the contact form below if you wish to join our team along with the role you’re applying for.



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  1. Godwin

    Hello, I’m Godwin. I wish to join the Isohungry Translation team. I recently just started translating and i have a sample to present if requested. Thank you.


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