Note: If the monetary benefit is your drive for translating, you are looking at the wrong site and community. Translating is a hobby, not a job. It is fun and rewarding, but not in the monetary sense.

  1. If you are hosting an existing project elsewhere (e.g. WordPress Free) and would like to join ISO with that project, you will most likely not have to take the translator test. Please email us or contact Kiki or Vin on Discord to discuss your recruitment.
  2. If you are an experienced translator who wishes to host a new project on ISO, you will most likely not have to take the translator test either. Please let us know which project(s) you have worked on prior/are working on so we can determine your fluency. Again, email us or contact Kiki or Vin on Discord.
  3. If you are a new translator who wishes to join ISO, please take the translator test below. This is strictly required for new translators.

We do accept machine translators providing they meet our minimum accuracy requirements. 

You may choose to type the translation in a Google Doc/Word and send us a share link or directly into the message box of the contact form.

∗ Pick ONE of the tests. Test 1 is short but much harder than Test 2.


Please translate and explain/break it down. *This is a part of a poem. It’s rather difficult and will require you to surf the Baidu forums and read additional Chinese in order to figure out what each of these words mean. No translation machines will be able to help you. Hint: “东篱” is not a name. There are no names in this sentence.



Please translate all three passages. They are not related to each other.

(1) 这场宴会己经准备多日,既是为叫新县尊认识一下本县的名流,也是为了破除谣言安抚民心,燕如海更准备到时同众人议一议赈灾以及修堤的后续事宜,听说为此河泊所秦大使还专门请来了一位彰州的大海商。

(2) 人生有无数种可能,我们当下所做出的选择却只能将我们带往一个终点。世界瞬息万变,生活对于女性的要求越来越多:要敢于为梦想拼命,生出三头六臂驰骋职场,比汉子还汉子;也要温柔地守护爱情,上得厅堂下得厨房,爱得了男神,防得了小三。

(3) 西海招摇山往东两千三百五十里,有一山,名曰青丘,为九尾狐之乡,神狐居于泗水上源,方圆千里,皆为狐子居所,红狐白狐灰狐共居于此,奉神狐为狐主,与世无争,终日嬉戏玩闹,好不快活。


∗ Please take a moment to read through this page before submitting your test.

Keep in mind that because the editor’s test is short, the grading process is harsh. An editor’s job is to fix grammar and make the translation flow better, so make that your goal.

Past tense and American English are preferred.

The Rose Courtyard’s roses were full bloomed. The dense flowers overspread on the entire wall of the courtyard—it’s beauty equaled the beauty of the glow of the sun in the morning. It is even more brimming with vitality under the embellishment of the greenery around it.

The window has a man standing next to it. The view of his back—tall and straight but lonely, looked like an eagle at night. The imposing and built exposed upper body is like Michelangelo’s David. On his chest and abdomen, it is packed with taut and full muscles so that one could easily guess the power and beauty of the man. His eyes are hawklike and they are nearly completely swallowed by hate.

This naive looking monk is unexpectedly good-looking.

Beneath that shiny scalp, was a full forehead; also, he had an angular face, with a striking high nose bridge paired with bright eyes. Below is his thin lips, making the person have a noble and upright outstanding handsome appearance.

If you have any additional questions, you can join ISO’s Discord server and message either Kiki or Vin for answers.

Currently, our contact form is not working. If you wish to apply, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Name (required)
  • Role (required)
    • Translator
    • Editor
  • Editors ONLY
    • Available project(s): RFEBW
  • Your test for either roles (required)

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  1. Hello, I’m Godwin. I wish to join the Isohungry Translation team. I recently just started translating and i have a sample to present if requested. Thank you.

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