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Please translate and explain/break it down. Baidu is helpful here cough. 


Please translate the following. You are expected to pick out the names of people and places.


Editors, take a moment to read through this page before editing the following segments:

The Rose Courtyard’s roses were full bloomed. The dense flowers overspread on the entire wall of the courtyard—it’s beauty equaled the beauty of the glow of the sun in the morning. It is even more brimming with vitality under the embellishment of the greenery around it.

The window has a man standing next to it. The view of his back—tall and straight but lonely, looked like an eagle at night. The imposing and built exposed upper body is like Michelangelo’s David. On his chest and abdomen, it is packed with taut and full muscles so that one could easily guess the power and beauty of the man. His eyes are hawklike and they are nearly completely swallowed by hate.

This naive looking monk is unexpectedly good-looking.

Beneath that shiny scalp, was a full forehead; also, he had an angular face, with a striking high nose bridge paired with bright eyes. Below is his thin lips, making the person have a noble and upright outstanding handsome appearance.

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