The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.4


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Li Luo brought Chu Wuyong back, and according to what was written in the original book, he first gave him the ‘introduction of basic cultivation method’ to learn, added some scrolls of the techniques that he felt suitable for the present Chu Wuyong, and let Chu Wuyong to ponder about it himself.

In the original text, Gu Qingchen also adopted this kind of policy when he raised Chu Wuyong. As to how much Chu Wuyong able to comprehend, it depended on his own ability. Only when there was an incomprehensible problem, would he give an advice or two.

Not to mention, the current Li Luo knew nothing, so if you want him to give guidance or anything, don’t expect him to have any good ideas. Not even guiding Chu Wuyong from the wrong direction of what he had comprehended, it would be thankful if he had not misguided him to the point that causes a rise in his inner demon.

Regarding this situation, Li Luo also asked Xiao Qi, and Xiao Qi told him that if the protagonist really has any questions, then the system will definitely find a solution. Only then Li Luo put down the worry in his heart; after all, he really does not know anything about cultivation.

However, it was very difficult to be able to adapt to the real cultivation world, given that this body was a genius who had been cultivating to Nascent Soul stage, Li Luo would certainly not let go the opportunity to test this novelty world.

But the character of this body was a cold and self-sufficient person; apart from cultivating he did not take an interest in other things.

Of course, it was impossible for Li Luo to reveal himself and tell others that he was not the same as the original. Otherwise, it was very likely that the people in Clear Sky Sect would think that his body was taken over by another cultivator.

In the cultivation realm, all cultivators deeply hated individuals who forcibly taken over someone else’s body.

If it was really certain that a cultivator’s body has been taken over by another cultivator, then that cultivator who took over the body was not much worse than a devil cultivator; in the eyes of other cultivators. He or she would certainly be chased to kill by all the cultivators in the entire cultivation realm.


Li Luo rode his own flying spiritual tool, the leaf-shaped boat, and wandered around the whole Clear Sky Sect in a circle. Finally, under the guidance of Xiao Qi, he found the Immortal’s Cave that the previous Gu Qingchen had chosen.

Like other cultivators, Gu Qingchen set up a defensive barrier outside the Immortal’s Cave.

When seen from a distance, the whole cave appeared to be hidden behind the thick fog, making people unable to see the situation inside clearly.

Moreover, if someone forcefully plans on getting close to this Immortal’s Cave, it would start the defensive formation set by Gu Qingchen right away.

If an attack in the defensive formation was unintentional, it would only trap the person, when activated. But if the attack was malicious, then it would quickly turn to kill.

Li Luo used his hand to push away the vines that hung down like a curtain on the cave’s entrance, and slowly walked inside.

The whole Immortal’s Cave felt just like Gu Qingchen; it was very simple and unadorned, it basically had no decorations, which made it obvious at a glance.

Li Luo glanced around the vast room. There was only a stone bed connected to the stone wall, and a stone bench and table located not far away from the stone bed.

After Li Luo looked at this somewhat empty Immortal’s Cave, he suddenly thought of a problem, he must also pretend to have a Closed Door Training in the future. However, every time a cultivator had a Closed Door Training, it would take at least ten days or more than a month. Not to mention he was a Nascent Soul stage cultivator; it was not surprising if he had a Closed Door Training for more than ten years.

So the problem was, even if he was able to pretend that he was in a Closed Door Training, what was he going to do throughout these more than ten years? Could it be that he would stare blankly at the walls of this cave?

When Li Luo thought of this, he immediately called out Xiao Qi in his own mind, “Xiao Qi, come out, I want to ask you something.”

After a while, Xiao Qi asked within his mind: “Great Host, what is the matter that you have to look for me?”

Li Luo raised his hand and scratched his cheek, before he glanced around the cave where there was almost nothing, and asked, “What am I going to do when I had Closed Door Training? Just stay here for so long?” ……If it was really going to be like this, he might absolutely go crazy ah!

[Theoretically yes] Xiao Qi replied, [But since the host was not really a cultivator, I can provide relevant entertainment measures for the host to pass the time. By the time this body reaches the breakthrough, the host can go out.]

Li Luo’s heart immediately relaxed, and then his eyes lit up. While Xiao Qi’s voice had not yet fallen, he immediately asked: “What entertainment measures?”

Xiao Qi was a little stunned by Li Luo’s excited voice, it paused for a moment, before saying: [Just like star network, I will provide something such as TV dramas, variety shows, games, etc. These will be available for you to enjoy. You can’t communicate with anyone on the star network, but browsing social networking sites is okay.]

Li Luo felt like he had been hit by a pie that fell from the sky, not only that he can experience those profound techniques of the cultivation world, he can also experience the entertainment of the future technology.

“Xiao Qi, is this the benefit of this world?”

[No, it was also used before.]

“Then why did you not mention it before.”

[Host, before, you didn’t ask about it at all, so I didn’t say it.]

Li Luo: “……” So, that’s how he missed the opportunity to access future technology for so many years?


Inside the Gu Qingchen’s Immortal’s Cave, Li Luo tried a lot of techniques from Gu Qingchen’s memory, before leaving the cave with satisfaction.

Xiao Qi observed Li Luo, who tried to use the techniques from the most simple until the last one and did not know what to say.

Originally, it was supposed to go into hibernation, but Li Luo constantly called it out to talk. It was to the extent that it could only looked at Li Luo from the beginning to the end.

If it had a face, then its expression at a time like this would be full of black lines, speechless.

So when Li Luo was about to leave, Xiao Qi simply wanted to light some firecrackers to celebrate.

Li Luo returned to the courtyard where he lived, and happened to run into Chu Wuyong who opened the door and came out.

“Master.” Chu Wuyong bowed and said after he saw Li Luo.

At this moment, Li Luo’s expression had been restored to its once cold and indifferent state, the outer corner of his phoenix eyes was raised slightly as he cast a glance and nodded at Chu Wuyong. He slightly opened his light-colored lips and said: “Wuyong, you have been studying the cultivation method that I gave you for a few days, what breakthrough were you able to make?”

He did not know why, but when Chu Wuyong heard Li Luo’s cold voice, his heart skipped a beat.

This kind of feeling, it has never appeared in the long thousand years of his life. But when faced with the person in front of him, alone, he felt it twice.

The pair of slightly immature eyebrows were lightly furrowed, on the face of his lowered head. Shortly after, he hid the expression on his face and slowly walked to Li Luo’s side.

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