The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.33


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Chu Wuyong came out from the Lotus Blossom Immortal’s Cave, he didn’t make any more stops, and immediately returned to the Xuan Ming Palace with Wu Xin and Wu Chen.

As soon as he returned to Xuan Ming Palace, Chu Wuyong realized that the atmosphere in the palace was slightly wrong.

Chu Wuyong didn’t say anything, but after he returned to his palace, only then did he summoned the elder who temporarily took care of the palace’s affairs when he left the Xuan Ming Palace.

When the elder received Chu Wuyong’s summon, he hurriedly came over from his own residence. After seeing Chu Wuyong who was sitting in the palace hall, he immediately bowed respectfully toward Chu Wuyong and said, “Lord.”

Chu Wuyong nodded slightly, before opening his mouth and asked, “During the time when I went to Lotus Blossom Immortal’s Cave, was there something that happened in the palace?”

“It’s this subordinate who has failed to live up to the Lord’s trust.” After the elder who was in charge of the affairs heard Chu Wuyong’s question, he immediately kneel down towards Chu Wuyong, and then continued while trembling and worried, “Lord is magnanimous, and let Hong Xiu, this girl go. Who knew she still thought of Yun Tianheng, and unexpectedly broke into the forbidden area within the palace——Xuan Ming remote prison, then saved Yun Tianheng who was locked inside.”

After Chu Wuyong heard this, his face immediately turned black and sank, and the purple light in his pupils were flickering even more. His mind flashed the scene when he discovered Yun Tianheng’s true identity. At that time, he looked at him with those pair of eyes that were similar to a small animal. Chu Wuyong’s hand that was placed on the chair’s handle couldn’t help but clench tightly. Then a sound of “pa” echoed clearly, as the sturdy wooden handle made of the South China Sea trees was broken down by Chu Wuyong’s strong grip.

Hearing the sound above, the elder’s body couldn’t help but shook slightly. Originally, when Chu Wuyong appointed him as the person in charge of the affairs at this big Xuan Ming Palace for the whole month that he was away, the elder felt very honored, but now he wished someone would take over this arch-enemy matter from him.

Chu Wuyong closed his eyes and didn’t ask anything more. Instead, he said to the elder who was lowering his head below, “You can retreat.”

The elder was stunned at the amnesty, then he quickly retreated while saluting towards Chu Wuyong.

Chu Wuyong was sitting within the spacious and empty palace hall, and don’t know why he felt somewhat gloomy in his heart. He obviously determined that the young man was really Yun Tianheng. He should finally be able to set his mind, continue to issue an order to post a reward, and directly send people to kill Yun Tianheng.

In his mind, the young man looked up at him softly and with grievance, obviously he had the same appearance as Yun Tianheng who he hated, but those pair of eyes were just like his master’s, Gu Qingchen, clear and pure, “Wuyong, why do you not believe me, I’m Gu Qingchen?”

The purple light in Chu Wuyong’s pupils was surging just like a raging wave. If the words that Li Luo said were true, that he was not Yun Tianheng, then why did Hong Xiu rescue him?

But now the most important thing was to be ready to implement all the preparations for the secret method.

Chu Wuyong pressed down his somehow anxious mind. Then he stood up and ordered Wu Xin and Wu Chen to prepare.

Wu Xin and Wu Chen didn’t question Chu Wuyong’s order. They knew that their Lord had been waiting for this day for a long time, and something that must be prepared had long been ready. Now what they have to do is to arrange the things that have been prepared according to the steps recorded in the secret method.

They had long prepared it properly, they soaked the more than one hundred years stones in the secret room with the night spring water of the extreme yin, and quickly used the luster stones and all kinds of rare treasures that had long been collected, to open a magic array.

The core of the magic array was the dragon’s horn in Chu Wuyong’s hands. As long as a small section of the dragon’s horn was placed in the array’s core, the magic array would start automatically.

After the magic array formed, the secret room would become like an ice cave. If an ordinary person stepped into this place, they would be frozen into ice sculptures in less than one burning incense stick’s time.

Chu Wuyong, Wu Xin and Wu Chen were cultivators. Although they feel a trace of cold, it doesn’t have much influence on their bodies.

After Chu Wuyong stepped into the secret room, he right away dismissed Wu Xin and Wu Chen, and ordered them to go to the door of the secret room to protect him. After all, after starting the magic array, he couldn’t be disturbed by anything.

Chu Wuyong looked at the magic array that emitted luster and calm light in front of him, and took out the dragon’s horn from his universal pouch, before placing it in the center of the array without any hesitation.

The magic array immediately lit up brightly, and Chu Wuyong was slowly sitting in the middle of the array in accordance with the secret method. The silk strands of cold air that coiled around the array, immediately rushed towards Chu Wuyong’s four limbs and hundred bones, invading his body.

Even though Chu Wuyong’s current cultivation is on the initial stage of Demigod, after sitting in this activated array for a little while, his whole person looked like someone who was walking alone in the extremely cold place for a night.

Chu Wuyong didn’t pay attention to the piercing cold feeling, and only sent his spiritual power to his own fingertips, and then pointed his fingers to the center of the array.

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