The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.9


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Chu Wuyong slowly and carefully untied the cloth that wrapped the item. When the piece of cloth rested on the ground, the original appearance of the item was revealed.

It was a large rusty sword, the surface of the thick sword blade was covered with a layer of red-like bloodstain rust.

The blade was very wide, and at the length of one person, it was very inconvenient to wield or to attack others, coupled with its dilapidated appearance; it looked like a scrap sword that no one wants.

Li Luo looked at this big sword that simply appeared to be picked up from the garbage dump, then once again thought that after the male protagonist, Chu Wuyong, finally recovered this spiritual tool, it become invisible weapon as he used it to kill anyone who obstruct him. After that, he looked again at this spiritual tool which was still dusty, he can’t help but want to reach out and touch it.

However, Li Luo held back his own desire with great effort and tore his eyes away from the rusty sword. He looked at Chu Wuyong and lightly said, “This thing doesn’t look like a treasure.”

When Li Luo lowered his head and looked at the big sword he held in his hand, Chu Wuyong’s eyes were like a burning fire, greedily looking at Li Luo’s side face. From those slender and long eyelashes which slightly hung down, to that delicate tip of the nose, his gaze stayed for a while at those light colored lips, before falling to that slender and white neck outside the collar.

Currently, he was sitting close to Li Luo, so Chu Wuyong could clearly smell the faint scent of plum blossoms coming from that person’s body, who he was thinking about.

The smell was very fresh and elegant, Chu Wuyong felt his own mouth was a bit dry, he didn’t know whether the taste would be as wonderful as the plum blossom if he used his lips to kiss the soft and white skin of this person in front of him…

However, when Li Luo was about to look up, Chu Wuyong abruptly withdrew his burning gaze. His pair of deep eyes was just like a waveless deep pool, which made people unable to see a trace of emotional change.

“I brought out this big sword from another secret place in the cyan lotus secret place.” Chu Wuyong did not want to conceal anything from the person in front of him, “It may look like a scrap sword now, but after I properly polish it, it may become a good treasure. Moreover, it already recognized me as it’s owner. I can’t placed it in my Universal Pouch and can only carry it like this.”

Li Luo did not think that Chu Wuyong would actually tell him the truth. Moreover, he even told him the origin of it, very clearly. He suppressed the rise of the corner of his lips, before looking at Chu Wuyong and unconsciously giving him a few points, “Then you have to take care of it.” After he finished speaking, Li Luo did not show any expression of wanting to understand, instead directly exported, making Chu Wuyong stop talking about the subject.

Although they were in the Blue Feather Mountain, and there was no outsider, in addition, he was now a cultivator at the Nascent Soul stage, he can almost discover all the cultivators below his rank that concealed themselves nearby. But who knows if there will be any unexpected events, if it really happened, then even Li Luo don’t know what kind of transformation will happen on the plot.

After Chu Wuyong heard Li Luo’s words, he also followed Li Luo’s wish, and did not continue speaking.


In this hundreds of years, only Chu Wuyong did not come out immediately after entering the cyan lotus secret place. After staying inside for ten years, he was the only one who came out safely. Moreover, after he came out from the cyan lotus secret place, his cultivation was upgraded to the late stage of Foundation Building; this enough, would shake the entire Clear Sky Sect.

Even Ye Tianqi, the Sect Master of Clear Sky Sect, came to meet Chu Wuyong once, saying that he was very satisfied with this Inner Sect disciple. He also gave him a good spiritual tool in the Li Luo’s presence.

Chu Wuyong was the limelight of Clear Sky Sect, but his character was not much better than Gu Qingchen, and simply did not go out together to talk with other people.

Therefore, over time, the Blue Feather Mountain gradually became peaceful again and changed back to its previous appearance.


The weather was getting cooler, but the green bamboo within Li Luo’s courtyard still had a very verdant appearance. It was just that the leaves of the tall maple tree at the side of the stone table where he and Chu Wuyong frequently have the meal turned red as if there was a huge red umbrella opened above their heads.

After Chu Wuyong come back from the trial of the cyan lotus secret place, they maintained their previous habit of sitting together in the courtyard to have a meal.

At this moment, it was the end of the day, the red sunset passed through and enveloped the misty mountain peak, rendering the whole mist into a reddish color.

Li Luo wore a white moon robe with a light purple rimmed, and translucent white cotton clothes draped over his shoulders. His fair face was covered with a layer of faint orange-red rays of light from the sunset, making those cold facial features of him appear a bit softer.

Chu Wuyong looked at Li Luo as he put down his bowl and chopsticks, then picked up the teapot on the table, and poured a cup of still steamed tea for Li Luo.

Li Luo did not refuse it; he took the cup of tea that Chu Wuyong poured for him. He held it in front of his body and slowly finished drinking it.

When Chu Wuyong saw Li Luo finished the tea in the cup, his eyes slightly flashed before he once again, refilled Li Luo’s cup.

Li Luo did not discover Chu Wuyong’s peculiarity, he only felt that this time, the osmanthus tea that the sect sent him was more fragrant than before. It was estimated that those osmanthus trees had been carefully watered by the spiritual spring water for so many years, and now the spiritual energy contained inside the trees had increased. As a result the sweet-scented osmanthus flowers were also better than before.

After the meal, Chu Wuyong instructed the child waiting outside to clean up the cold leftovers of foods on the stone table.

Then Li Luo and Chu Wuyong had a brief conversation before returning to their respective rooms to rest.

Li Luo turned around and left the courtyard. When he walked into his room, Chu Wuyong still sat on the stone bench, silently watched Li Luo’s back disappeared from his line of sight, but his eyes seemed somewhat flickering.


The moonlight shone brightly, as Li Luo directly entered the room, then placed four night pearls at the four corners of the room, making the room illuminated by somewhat misty light.

Li Luo was about to go to bed directly when he heard a knock on the door of his room.

Li Luo immediately adjusted his posture and pretended to sit in meditation on the bed before he opened his mouth and said, “Come in.”

Only then, that Chu Wuyong opened the door and walked in. His tall figure created the long shadow that suddenly covered most of the moonlight from the door.

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