Chapter 95 Part 2

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After listening to Ye Tianqi’s words, Li Luo did not show any peculiar expression. Instead, he very calmly nodded, “I understand what you mean, but I don’t believe my disciples will be so simple lost in the cyan lotus secret place. In a few days, the group of disciples that participate in the cyan lotus secret place this time will come out, and my disciples will certainly come out with them.”

When Ye Tianqi saw Li Luo like this, it was not good to persuade.

After Li Luo entered the Clear Sky Sect, there was rarely a close person around him because of his cold temperament. Now that he finally took the initiative to accept a disciple, that person has such an outcome; it was really regrettable.

“Be that as it may, but Elder Gu, you still must not hold too much hope.”

In the past, there was also no precedent that the cultivator who entered the cyan lotus secret place for the first time did not come out, but came out after the next opening of the ten years later, but this case was too little and can be counted with only one hand.

Listening to Ye Tianqi’s words, Li Luo’s heart was not worried at all. After all, he was also aware of the next plot, the male protagonist Chu Wuyong will definitely come out with the group of cultivators this time.

But these words, it naturally can not be said to Ye Tianqi.


Two days later, in the afternoon.

A large piece of white clouds, like cotton candy, was floating in the clear sky.

Because the season was close to late autumn, the weather was very refreshing and cozy.

The breeze blew lightly, as it carried the sweet scent of fruit from somewhere, and just like the dancer’s flipped skirt, gently blowing through the small courtyard full of bluish-green bamboos.

Li Luo sat beside the stone table in the courtyard, his hand was holding a white jade tea cup, as he slowly drank a tea made from the sweet-scented osmanthus flower produced by the osmanthus tree inside the cup.

Today was the day when the cyan lotus secret place, once again opened, releasing the cultivators who had undergone the trial inside.

Although Li Luo also wanted to go to the valley and wait for Chu Wuyong to come out, but if he does it, it was obviously not in line with his original character. As a result, Li Luo can only sit beside the stone table in his courtyard, drinking tea, while waiting for Chu Wuyong to return.

The clear and moist tea soaked Li Luo’s light-colored lips with a layer of shiny luster. Today, he was dressed in a light blue colored robe with a few floating clouds drawn in silver thread, and a wide belt of the same color tied around his waist which outlined his thin yet tough waistline.

His shoulders were narrow, his body was slender, and his skeleton was a little smaller than the average male, so he looked somewhat thin and weak. From far away, it was as if he would be blown by the wind at any time.

The outside of his light blue colored robe was covered with a thin white cotton clothes, making his fair skin appear to be more white and pure.

When Chu Wuyong entered the entrance of the small courtyard, that he had missed for a long time, he saw this scene.

Seems to be aware of the arrival of someone, that person who looked like jade, but had a cold expression on his face, raised his head and looked to the direction of the courtyard’s entrance.

Those pair of phoenix eyes, like two expanses of limpid autumn waters was slightly raised and when he saw the person who appeared at the courtyard’s entrance, there were microwave rippled for a moment, but it quickly changed back to the original appearance.

The current Chu Wuyong had fully grown up to a tall adult, his somewhat childish face ten years ago had now become deep. Those pair of eagle eyes beneath the two thick eyebrows contained an unknown expression that made people unable to see through, as he looked deeply at Li Luo’s direction.

Chu Wuyong wore a black outfit, completely showing off his wide shoulders, narrow waist, and long legs. He had an unknown item wrapped in a cloth behind his back, but Li Luo could see that this thing was long and wide. Although Chu Wuyong carried it on his back, the lower end was about to drag on the ground.

Chu Wuyong suppressed the desire in his heart and greedily gazed at the person in front of him. He lowered his pair of dark eyes, just to restrain himself from looking at Li Luo, the corner of his thin lips slightly formed an arc, “Master, I am back.”

Li Luo’s heart was naturally very happy when he saw Chu Wuyong, but his face was completely inconspicuous, and he merely nodded faintly toward Chu Wuyong, “En, it’s good to come back.”

Then, Li Luo looked like he discovered something, and glanced at Chu Wuyong a few times, “You have now entered the late stage of Foundation Building?”

“Yes, Master.” In fact, Chu Wuyong had long become a cultivator at the initial stage of Core Formation, moreover, he had been in touch with the trick of breakthrough to the middle stage of Core Formation. However, in order not to attract the attention of Clear Sky Sect, he used the secret technique to suppress his cultivation to the late stage of Foundation Building.

Chu Wuyong walked to the side of the stone table, untied the thing on his back, and placed it on the ground next to the stone table. When the thing was placed on the ground, the soil was immediately smashed into a shallow pit of the same shape.

“What is this?” Li Luo asked, as he looked at the tightly wrapped item.

“Master, do you want to see it?” Chu Wuyong’s stance naturally raised his eyebrows and looked at Li Luo.

Of course he wants to see, this was the spiritual tool that he had written in his book! Although he can’t use it, even letting him touch it was good.

Li Luo groaned in his heart, but the expression on his face was still cold, “Is this what you got in the secret place?”

“Exactly.” Chu Wuyong picked it up again and in front of Li Luo, slowly untied the layer of cloth wrapped in the outside.

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