The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: Saint Magus 2.39

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Unconsciously, they have been in the magic relic for four years.

Elvis’ height was five centimeters taller than he was four years ago, and the outline of his face also become a bit more solid.

The baby fat on Li Luo’s face was faded within this past four years, and his height was also eight centimeters taller than before, but he was still one head shorter than Elvis.

At the moment, they were on the last level, as long as they passed the trial in this level, they right away able to leave this magic relic.

This time, it was more than a year earlier than Li Luo was originally written in the book.

However, although it was more than a year earlier, Elvis’ rank was still the same as in the original text, which was increase to nine-star Saint Magic Instructor level.

In the continent where Elvis was located, there were ten people who able to reach the Saint Magic Instructor level, and there was only one person in the Saint level.

And the only Saint level currently has been 165 years old, his whole hair had long been turned white. However, because of the nourishment of his magic power, he still had the appearance of an old man of seventy or eighty years old, and his legs and feet were still very healthy.

There was rank higher than Saint level, but it was only a legend circulating in the continent.

According to legend, thousands of years ago, there was indeed a stunning genius born in the continent, when he was in his 100s, he had break through the Saint rank barrier and became God.

Then this stunning genius was disappeared without trace from the continent shortly after, and no one know where he went, leaving only his legend which still circulated on the continent until now.


Li Luo was wearing a white mixed with light blue robe, embroidered with several dark clouds, and his long silver hair was simply tied behind his head.

As his body grows taller, the lines on Li Luo’s face was also opened up. However, estimated related to his beast form which was also quite small. His face seemed still very small and delicate compared to the average male. And his figure was also somewhat thinner than other men, while his shoulders were still narrow, the whole person appeared very delicate.

Elvis was completely had the appearance of a youth with a face that even more deep and solid than before, and messy half-length blond short hair. His shoulders were wide and his legs were long, he was wearing a black close-fitting robe, with a belt of the same color was attached to his waist, which fully showing his strong waistline that looked like a black panther with full of toughness and explosive power.

Fortunately, the clothes that they bought were robes that able to adjust with the change of their bodies skeleton, otherwise, they would have to live wearing animal skin clothes just like savage people, in these four years they were here.

Li Luo was followed closely behind Elvis, slowly walked toward the white fog that was rolling around.

This piece of white fog was precisely the location where the last level trial was, behind him and Elvis was a forest that has restored to it original green appearance, you able to hear the crisp sound of birds all the time.

The last trial was to temper Elvis’ heart. Comparing with strengthened and refined the external part, the inner part was more difficult to refine and tempering.

Only those who had their heart as strong as their external will not be confused by any foreign object in their own line of sight, and able to maintain their calmness at all times and make the best judgment. Only such a person able to become stronger and stronger, and conquer every obstacle.

It was easy to refine the body, but it was difficult to refine the heart.

The original Elvis was stay in this level for more than a month, and almost unable to come out, ultimately he achieved big enlightenment and broke away from the illusion, and passed this most difficult final level.

As the last trial was only refined the heart, and didn’t have other danger, when Elvis entered the white fog, there was no attack from a more aggressive magical beast like before.

After he entered the white fog, Elvis appeared to carelessly glanced back to Li Luo’s direction from the the corner of his eyes.

When he saw Li Luo did not turned into beast form, and also did not had the obvious precaution in his eyes when he glanced around, Elvis’ eyes right away flashed a trace of unknown light.

At that time, when they were in those first third level, Elvis somewhat sense that something was wrong with Li Luo.

No, it should be said that he had a strange feeling about Li Luo much earlier, he felt Li Luo seemed to know very clear about what the two of them will experience in the future.

It was only at that time, his feeling was not as clear as it was now.

After aware of it, Elvis began to subconsciously began to pay attention at Li Luo’s every movements as they went through trials.

The more he observed, the more he was shocked by Li Luo’s actions. Although Li Luo’s movements were very subtle, as Elvis was carefully observed it, it was obviously abnormal.

Why Ludwig able to know what would happened so clearly?

Just like all of these were within his grasp.

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