Transmigration Routine Chapter 8

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Chapter 1.8:

“Oh…” Several muffled groans sounded as three men dressed in black clothes spitted out blood on the ground.

Nangong Ao, who was upright in the main seat of the room, looked gloomily at the three corpses beneath him.

This was already the third wave of these black-clothed men trying to infiltrate the Nangong residence. In addition, the surroundings of Nangong mansion were often filled with spies disguised as peddlers or commoners.

Qin Yu, released his hand from the side of a small table and slightly knocked on top of it several times with his fingers, “It seems Qin Yan has already fixed his attention on us and in that case, it’s better to take this opportunity to let his suspicions come true. I will destroy his believe that I’m dead, I’d love to see his face when he finds out I’ve been alive all this time.”

Nangong Ao pondered for a moment, then he lightly nodded. Indeed now the time was ripe, the long awaited moment to deal an unprepared blow to Qin Yan—finally here.

Thinking to this point, Nangong Ao couldn’t help but give Qin Yu a glance. From the beginning Qin Yu showed his incomparable intelligent mind and accurate understanding of the situation, while they were scheming. It could be said that at present, Qin Yu had everything he needed to seize this opportunity.

His grandson was so talented, so his beloved daughter in heaven was probably also feeling very gratified.

Nangong Ao stood up from his seat, he took out the commander in chief seal from his bosom, and handed it over to Qin Yu. He was confident, he could entrust all of his army to Qin Yu.

He didn’t want his grandson to hide under his wings, while he was fighting over the throne. None of the children in their Nangong family was to be a weak or cowardly individual. Moreover, he believed that with Qin Yu’s ability, he would certainly be able to commands the army properly.

Qin Yu immediately stood up and received the commander in chief seal with both hands. With serious expression, he faced Nangong Ao and said: “Thank you, grandfather. Your grandson absolutely will not disappoint you.”

Nangong Ao didn’t reply and just laughed heartily as he patted Qin Yu’s shoulder. He repeated the word ‘good’ three times.

On that day, the gigantic dragon that had been in hibernation for many years finally started to fly swiftly upwards.

All this time he had stayed hidden in the dark, but from this day onwards, he would make his appearance.


Li Luo squatted in front of a flowing stream. He picked up a handful of water, and wiped his face. After which he lowered his head down, brought the stream water in front him and drank a few mouthfuls.

He stood up and removed the armor on his body, which were followed by his clothes. Since he had started following Qin Yu to war, he hadn’t taken a bath for many days. Now, that they finally set up camp near a water source, he had to seize this opportunity to take one.

Although it was still afternoon and sun hang high in the sky, but there were groups of people who would come led by skillful individuals so there was nothing to worry about.

The insensitive Li Luo felt nothing as Qin Yu came up behind him. However Qin Yu face immediately darkened when he saw Li Luo state.

Li Luo had already revealed his fair and beautiful back. That very sight made Qin Yu’s eyes turn red.

Had it not been the time yet, he would’ve already rushed over to carry Li Luo on his shoulder to his tent, where he would properly punish him the whole night. He would’ve made him cry under his body and have him vow to never again take a bath in a place where others might see him.

Qin Yu took a deep breath, slowly calming down the anger in his heart. He turned around and used his qinggong to return to the camp. When he arrived, he immediately summoned soldiers to send out a notice, that no soldier was permitted to go around Li Luo’s location.

In these two months, Qin Yu often gave unfathomable orders. This young prince couldn’t stand to have many people around, so when he took a bath, he made everyone leave.

Although some soldiers felt dissatisfied with this order, after witnessing Qin Yu’s knowledge and experience regarding his ability to lead the army, and then his brilliant control of the war in this two months they immediately shut their mouths. Compared with his accomplishments, Qin Yu’s minor flaw, was really nothing.

After he finished giving his order, Qin Yu picked up a change of clothing, and went back to Li Luo’s bathing location. At this point, Li Luo had already finished taking off his clothes. He was inside the water, standing in the deep part of stream, only exposing the upper part of his butt.

The sunlight illuminated the water, making it glimmer like mirror. It reflected Li Luo’s whole body and made it seem as if his fair skin let out a soft light.

Qin Yu was watching the movements of the bath towel in Li Luo hand as he used it to rub his slender arms and slender waist. When he started rubbing his leg, from time to time he would expose a small part of his round butt. Seeing this scene, Qin Yu lower abdomen couldn’t help but become hot, and he even felt itches inside his nose.

He sighed lightly, strongly pushing down his restless heart, then took off his clothes and walked to Li Luo’s side.

Compared to Li Luo, Qin Yu’s skin was more dark, if looked from distance it looked like it was covered with a layer of golden honey. Previously, Qin Yu was already a bit taller than Li Luo. After this past year and a half, his high had grown half size taller compared to before. On top of it, his body had also become more muscular, his arms looked powerful, and his abdomen was lined with a six-pack.

Hearing the sound of water, Li Luo turned around. Seeing it was Qin Yu, his eyes immediately light up, “Yu, you also come to take a bath, hurry up come over and help me clean my back! I haven’t taken a bath for a week, it’s certainly very dirty.” Li Luo said as he hands over the bath towel to Qin Yu, not even slightly considering this person as his boss.

Qin Yu did not speak and he carefully rubbed Li Luo’s fair back a few times with the towel. The heat in his lower abdomen not at all reduced, in fact it was only increasing and making his little brother excited.

Qin Yu felt grievances at his body unexpected reaction and once more held his breath. He deliberately put a confused look on his face as he embraced Li Luo and rubbed against his butt. He couldn’t help but sigh in his mind. With a very wronged voice, as if very upset by the situation, Qin Yu spoke out, “Mucheng, it has stood up, what’s to be done?”

Li Luo felt his butt continuously being rubbed several times. Although he was somewhat feeling uncomfortable, after hearing Qin Yu’s words, he immediately threw all of his strange feelings in the back of his mind. Still he didn’t know what to do, he had no experience with such situations.

“Didn’t you already come over last time?” Li Luo turned around and looked on Qin Yu’s black eyes, which were very akin to a dog’s begging for food, his heart couldn’t help soften. After all, it was just like raising a big child and he had raised him like his own younger brother. So as long as Qin Yu revealed such look, Li Luo’s subconsciously followed him.

“I feel uncomfortable without you.” Qin Yu looked at Li Luo’s eyes even more pitiful.

“I can help you now, but I can’t help you every time you ask for it. What’s to be done after you take a wife?” Li Luo turned around, caving in to Qin Yu. He really felt like Qin Yu’s full-time nanny, some matter should be solved by oneself.

“Future affair should be discussed in the future. I am feeling uncomfortable now, so you help me first.” ‘Oh, even if I want to marry a wife, I will only marry you!

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with a thread of darkness, taking advantage of Li Luo’s stillness he embraced his waist, secretly sticking out his tongue into Li Luo’s shoulders licking it, his two palms rubbed over Li Luo’s waist Luo. Suddenly, a wicked idea crossed his mind, he quickly reached out his hand to grab Li Luo’s little brother.

“Mucheng, if you help me, I will also help you take care of it.”

“Wait…wait-wait…” Li Luo gasped, his mind was very quickly getting dominated by pleasure. He started to gradually lose his strength to struggle.

When he regained his rational thoughts, he found out his legs had spread wide and he was sitting on top of Qin Yu’s body, his little brother and Qin Yu’s little brother stuck together intimately.

Li Luo immediately turned even redder. His delicate face, looking like a spring flower in March, was exceptionally moving; his black eyes pulled in Qin Yu and almost made him lose control again, when Li Luo pushed him.

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