The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Saint Magus 2.38

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Elvis and Li Luo moved toward the dense fog in the front of them, after they entered the fog, the original clear scenery behind them was quickly covered with a dense fog which was just like a thick layer of gauze, completely unclear.

What they could see now was only the scenery within 20 meters radius around them. From now on, if they do not pass this trial smoothly, the dense fog around them will not dissipate.

However, this place was very strange, although they can only see the scenery within 20 meters radius around them, there was no obstruction to look at the sky above, they able to look very far. At this moment, the sky was sunny and cloudless, only the sun was hanging high in the sky.

After Elvis entered the white fog, his eyes right away had a look of vigilance, and his also holding the magic staff within his hand tightly, as he completely concentrated his attention to the situation around him.

Li Luo has long been changed into cat’s form, his back was raised and his tail was erected, he also quickly entered the state of guard.

In front of one person and one cat, inside the misty white fog, a vague shadow appeared. And as time went on, that shadow gradually became more and more clear.

Unlike the previous trials, where the ones that appeared were giant magical beasts, the dark shadow that appeared now was very slender, it doesn’t look like a magical beast but resemble a human.

When Elvis saw the vague shadow, he immediately narrowed his eyes and pointed his magic staff in his hand towards that shadow direction.

Only after a few seconds, the dense fog surrounding the shadows gradually dispersed and vanished. When he saw the appearance of the trial that he need to pass in this level before his eyes, Elvis can’t help show a trace of startled expression.

Because what appeared in front of him was a young man with the same looks as him.

It’s just that this young man’s eyes were blood red, and his mouth was not like a normal human. When he looked at Elvis that standing in front of himself, the young man excitedly moved his fingers, and draw back the corners of his mouth widely, revealing the sharp teeth.

Elvis’ azure eyes flashed a trace of darkness, he waved the magic staff in his hand a few times, decided to take the initiative to strike first.

Several dozen of vines very quickly emerged from the ground behind the young man, then squirmed toward the young man with blood red eyes.

The young man seemed to have been long anticipated Elvis’ move, his figure nimbly jumped up, then flipped once in the air and leap to the distance, avoid Elvis’ sneak attack.

Afterwards, the young man stretched out his left hand, the thick fog which just like the cow milk right away lingered on his hand, as it spinning around his hand. When the fog was dissipated, there was a magic staff in his hand which had the same appearance as the Mingxi spirit staff that Elvis holding.

Li Luo looked at the person who seemed to be surrounded by a layer of darkness and had the look that almost identical to Elvis, don’t know why he felt very annoying to his past self for actually created this character within the original text.

Li Luo strides forward with his four paws and quickly moved to Elvis’ side, before revealing his sharp teeth toward the young man with a pair of blood red eyes.

This difficult battle was about to begin formally.


St. Helier Magic Academy.

At this moment, it was the hottest time of the day, as the sun that hung high in the sky casting it bright radiance towards the ground.

Even though separated by a layer of glass window, you can still felt the scalding heat of sunlight on the skin.

Chris was sitting at the side of classroom’s window, her very smooth brown long hair, seemed to flash out a layer of dazzling golden radiance under the illumination of sunlight.

The mentor on the podium was still holding a magic scroll while give lecture to the disciples below the stage, but Chris’ attention had completely did not placed in the current class.

Chris slightly leaned over her head, as her bright and beautiful dark green eyes looked outside of the window under the sun, into the flower beds which filled with the colorful beautiful flowers, but her train of thought already long been drifted to the distance.

She had not seen Elvis for more than seven months, the last time she saw him, she was frightened by Elvis’ imposing manner, Chris couldn’t help but felt her body slightly stiff when she thought of Elvis at that time.

Since that accident, when Elvis once again returned to academy, Chris had only dared to look at Elvis in the distance for more than half a month, but she did not dare to approach him.

Because Elvis at that moment gave her a very dangerous feeling, Chris even thought that as long as Elvis wish it, he would be able to right away kill her in split second. It was because of this inexplicable feeling that her heart can not calm down even after a long time.

Then when she was able to continue to face Elvis, she found out that Elvis had disappeared.

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