The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: Saint Magus 2.33


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

After Elvis returned to the St. Helier Magic Academy, he once again began his daily activities in the library.

Elvis planned to leave the St. Helier Magic Academy with Li Luo, as soon as he finished reading all the magic scrolls on the second level of the academy’s library. However, looked at the progress, it was estimated that after reading these books, it should almost be the end of the semester.

Six days after returning to the academy, when Elvis studied a magic scroll in the corner of the second level of the library, he suddenly felt that his body seemed to transmit out a slight and soft chanting sound, and rapidly felt just like he became a newborn.

Elvis’ eyes flickered, he calmly put back the scrolls in his hand on the bookshelf, before hurrying out of the library, and returned to his room while holding Li Luo.

At the time of the competition, Elvis originally already had some feeling that he was not far from the breakthrough into a six-star Great Magus, but he did not expect it to be so fast.

Elvis directly sat down cross-legged when he returned to his room and felt the magic power in his body began to madly rush forth, his brows slightly frowned, as he opened his mouth and called out, “Ludwig.”

Even though Elvis only called him, Li Luo immediately understood what he meant. He lightly jumped to Elvis’ side, his amber eyes emitted a layer of misty golden light before transparent protective arrays that were one meter in diameter appeared around Elvis’ whole body and the magic force that just started to surge into the air immediately disappeared.

After two hours, Elvis inside the protective arrays opened his eyes.

Li Luo was looking at him with a rare pleasant expression, and Elvis immediately understood that he had broken through the fifth-rank barrier and entered the six-star Great Magus.

From today on, Elvis had taken another new step.


Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, another week passed after Elvis became a six-star Great Magus.

After he finished attend today’s class, Elvis let Li Luo jump from his desk drawer into his lap.

When Elvis was about to take Li Luo with him to the library, Chris, dressed in a white long skirt, walked over to him, “Elvis, are you originally from the Roxis Clan? I always thought that you were not a member of any family, so every time you took a long vacation, you didn’t go back to your clan and reunite with your family.”

After Elvis heard Chris’ words, he immediately stopped his footsteps from leaving, and turned over his head and looked at Chris, “What are you talking about?”

Chris did not think that Elvis would pay attention to herself, because when she talked to Elvis before, Elvis would practically never have any desire to talk with her. Before she could have time to feel happy, she was startled by Elvis’ cold gaze.

Those pair of limpid eyes that looked like the color of the sky was now looked just like a cold lake that had been frozen for a thousand years, as they emitted faint cold chills, and merely a glance was able to instantly make people feel cold from the outside straight to the heart.

The smile on Chris’ face could not help but be frozen by Elvis’ ice cold gaze, and couldn’t help but retreat a small step back.

When Elvis saw Chris like this, he immediately put away the cold look in his eyes, as it changed back to the usual color, and back to the way that he usually treated other people, he continuously asked, “Where did you hear that from?”

Chris felt that her own limbs had become somewhat stiff because of Elvis’ gaze just a moment ago, and now she had finally returned to normal, no longer looking like she was frozen.

However, her heart had just received a fright from Elvis, it would not be dissipated so quickly.

Chris still kept the distance that she had from Elvis after she retreated, she swallowed a mouthful of saliva, before continuing, “This was also the news that I received today. It was said that you are a member of the Roxis clan, and it is already spreading outside. Because of your roots, Roxis clan’s reputation in the whole Wate Empire had risen, and the clan that was originally not even a third-rate clan has become very close to a second-rate clan.”

After all, Elvis’ performance in the academies tournament until semifinals when he lost the match and did not have the opportunity to compete again, was very outstanding. He was only seventeen years old, and already a four-star Junior Magus, his innate talent couldn’t be said to not be high.

Elvis’ fame rose after his match with Sizel finished. Therefore, after the Roxis Clan spread out the news that Elvis was their clan member, their clan was immediately able to make an exception to rise from an almost third-rate clan into a clan that was classified as a second-rate clan in the Wate Empire.

Elvis couldn’t help but narrow his eyes, he didn’t have any intent and was unwilling to once again join the clan, those people would come up with such a method to use him, really did they think he was dead?

As Elvis’ mind flashed countless thoughts, his eyes changed from the original azure color into dark blue, which seemed just like the water in the deepest part of the lake, it looked very serene and deep.

Sensing the change of Elvis’ emotions, Li Luo raised his head and let out a “meow” sound in worry.

Elvis immediately reached out his hand and caressed Li Luo’s head a few times, then nodded to Chris, “Thank you.”

After that, Elvis left the classroom with Li Luo.

Elvis was ready to find the mentor who managed their class to make request leave and go back to Mika City, he didn’t want Roxis Clan to be proud of his reputation for a long time.


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  1. Seriously?!! There`s a funny shameless and a disgusting shameless and the Roxis clan apparently chose to be the latter one! :[

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    Also during the conversation with Chris, there was: ‘she saw Elvis’ terrified cold eyes’. I think it`s a typo because the only situation where Elvis would be ‘terrified’ would involve Li Luo in danger.. and then Elvis would become ‘terrifying’ for the said danger ;]

    1. You’re welcome ^-^/

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      1. You see, my knowledge of English isn`t deep enough to understand some phrases. What I remember from school is that terrified means scared so by association it gives me impression of Elvis being scared. Do you think you could replace it with some other word? That sentence just looks weird to me. Sorry, I promise I`m working on my vocabulary but it`s slow… 🙁

  2. Thanks for translating! ThatRoxis Clan is so fcking shameless! How dare they claim to be his clan when they abandoned him?! Disgusting!

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