The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: Saint Magus 2.40

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What was the thing that Ludwig hiding from him in the end?

Of course, Elvis would not directly ask Li Luo about this sensitive topic, when he confirming that Li Luo was really familiar with what would happened next, it has been more than a year now.

Whenever Elvis thought of this abnormality of Li Luo, he don’t know why he often felt an unspeakable panicky arose in his heart.

This kind of feeling, it felt as if he has been experience it a long time ago, and at the moment it seems that the big lock that hold this taboo has been opened, and it was impossible to push down this feeling back to the bottom of the box.

When Elvis thought until here, the color of his azure pupils became a bit dark, he would not force Ludwig to tell him, what he wanted was to let Ludwig himself tell all of these things to him.

After Li Luo and Elvis walked into the white fog, the fog around them right away getting thicker and thicker, they were almost able to see the trajectory of fog movement.

The silk strands of thick, almost liquidized fog were entangled Elvis’ body, immediately, his whole person was buried by the white fog.

Elvis looked vigilantly at his surroundings, but he could not see anything clearly. Elvis immediately stretched out his hand to the side, wanted to hold the hand of Li Luo who was on his left.

But the hand that he stretched out was get an empty air, there was nothing there.

The pupil of Elvis’ eyes couldn’t help but shrink, he immediately turned his head to look for Li Luo’s figure, but after Elvis turned around, he only saw a white fog, except it, he can’t see anything.

Elvis has lived for almost four years in this magic relic. He had experienced the various level of trials before, and this time trial, he would also certainly able to pass smoothly.

Furthermore this was the last level, he will not, and can not admit defeat at this last moment.

However, before that, he must first confirm Ludwig’s location, this was the most important thing for him.

Elvis glanced around in a circle at the white fog that surrounded him, after a short while, he immediately opened his mouth and shouted: “Ludwig.”

Not long after the Elvis voice fell, he felt his left hand covered with a warm and thin palm. He was very familiar with the temperature of this palm, which belonged to Ludwig’s palm.

Elvis held that hand, and the corner of lips on his expressionless face hooked up. For him, as long as Ludwig was still by his side, he could face all dangers.

On the other hand, the scene in front of Li Luo was completely different from Elvis, and he can clearly see the scene around him.

When Elvis called his name, Li Luo subconsciously wanted to go forward and hold Elvis’ hand, but when he approached Elvis, he right away discover that there was a transparent glass wall which separated him with Elvis.

He able to see all of Elvis’ actions, but he couldn’t come to Elvis’ side, he could only watched helplessly as Elvis seemed to be holding something, and then the expression on his face right away become slightly gentler in a flash.

Li Luo immediately understood that Elvis had entered the illusion.

Li Luo followed Elvis’ footsteps, while turned over the synopsis at this level of trial in his mind.

If he remembers correctly, Elvis would experience the scene of his grandmother’s death again, and if Elvis unable to control himself and went mad after he faced his grandmother’s corpse, he would be forever stay in this illusion.

Elvis was pulled that hand he familiar with, and penetrated layer upon layer of white fog in the front of him, which just like stepped across a long corridor of time. There was a flash of dazzling light in front of him, before the scenery suddenly changed.

The vibration on the ground, the crowds that fled everywhere, and the magic light that flashed in the distant sky, everything was so familiar.

Elvis’ eyes that originally have a trace faint smile, immediately disappeared without trace. He looked at the scene in front of him with heavily complexion, while suppressed the violent emotions in his heart which continuously want to surface.

This scene has been appeared countless times in his dream.

Elvis can never forget this day, because he was weak, he unable to go out himself to save his only relatives. And he himself was also just like the most inferior and ants, without a bit of dignity plead the other people to help him, but in the end it was still of no use, just because he was a waste, and did not have any value to anyone.

Elvis’ face was calm and collected, as he immersed himself in the memory, the hand of the person that he hold firmly, at this time has been disappeared without a trace.

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