The Rebirth of Han Yuxi

Chapters 1 through 6 were translated by Vin:

Chapter 1 — Bodily Death (1)

Chapter 2 — Bodily Death (2)

Chapter 3 — Smallpox

Chapter 4 — Died of Illness

Chapter 5 — Moving Back to Rose Courtyard

Chapter 6 — Favoritism

For those interested in picking up this novel, here are some terms that I established and their Chinese counterparts:

“(韩)国公府” = The House of Duke Han (simply, the House)

“大伯母” = Great Aunt

“姑娘” = Young Miss

“青竹小筑” = The Bamboo Pavillion

“蔷薇院” = Rosebush Courtyard

“大夫人” = Head Madam

“秋氏” = Qiu-shi (The “shi” indicates that “Qiu” is her maiden name)

“容姨娘” = Concubine Rong

“老夫人” = Old Madam

The novel is very… residence-heavy (???) so here’s a link about Chinese courtyards to help.


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