Chapter 55 Part 2

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Two days ago, when the escort team passed a hillside, they encountered a few dozens of people who want to rob the goods. In this case, they didn’t need a mage to take action, even though the majority of the team were warriors, they were all higher rank than the other side, but they only had more than ten people, and had to deal with more than twenty people, although they definitely wouldn’t lose, it was still somewhat difficult.

However what they didn’t think of was that the silver haired young man was able to handle three people together by himself, and he was very skillful in using a long sword in his hands. They had never seen anyone use a sword like this. It was seemed had some kind of rhythm, not only was it very hard to see though, but also very ferocious.

In the total of a few dozens people, the silver haired young man defeated at least ten people.

All of the warriors that were previously prejudiced against Li Luo immediately quieted down, warriors revered the strong, they all admired Li Luo, only if he was the disciple that was taught by a powerful expert who was in hiding, was he able to conceal his rank so they couldn’t detect it even a bit.

Li Luo didn’t care about these warriors who threw glances at him, he kept walking beside Elvis at the same pace, compared to other people who maintained tense nerves, his expression seemed very relaxed.

He had already looked at the storyline, and knew the general idea of what would happen at this period of time, after the robbery, there would only be several attacks in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts.

Even if something unexpected really happened, he felt one kind of inexplicable peace of mind beside Elvis. However, since Elvis woke up that day, he always felt that his attitude towards him began to become somewhat strange.

He didn’t know whether or not he was thinking too much, no no no, he must be thinking too much. Li Luo shook his head, and quickly pulled back his drifting train of thought.

“Everyone let’s first take a break here, and have lunch before continuing on the journey.” The leader who was a middle-aged man looked at the sky, turned around and said loudly.

With his orders, all of the people stopped their footsteps, and each searched the nearby place to prepare for dinner.

Elvis and Li Luo went to the grassland under a tree far away from the crowd and then sat down, Elvis took food out of his storage bag and handed it over to Li Luo.

Li Luo obediently took it, he bowed his head and started eating at a fast speed, when he finished eating, Li Luo suddenly heard Elvis call to him, he raised his head in confusion, only to find that Elvis unknowingly lean against him and he was very close, his pair of azure eyes were like two first-rate blue gems, the color was clear like a cloudless sky, as it reflected his own figure. It was as if in those beautiful eyes, the only things you could see, was only him.

Li Luo couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, and his original normal heartbeat also inexplicably accelerated somewhat.

“You have something on your lips, I will help you get it off.” Elvis didn’t wait for Li Luo to answer, as he quickly lowered his long eyelashes, and looked intently at one place on his face, before stretching out his slender fingers, the warm fingertips seemed to accidentally brush against his lips, and then stopped at the corner of his mouth and wiped it.

Although it was only a short moment, but Li Luo felt the temperature of his lips were heating up just like it was being burned then it spread to his heart, Li Luo felt his own face must be flushed red.

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