The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: Saint Magus 2.12


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

According to the score, the top ten disciples were assigned to the best class in the St. Helier Magic Academy—Black Thorn. Although there were only ten disciples in this class, all of their mentors were the best in the academy, and they could practice every kind of magic with the best distribution, moreover the strength of their mentors were very strong, which made people be unable to help but be shocked.

In addition, the residences in which these ten disciples were assigned were also the best single rooms. It was also convenient to protect the privacy of these disciples without being squeezed into one room with several other disciples just like the other disciples.

On the first day of the academy, these new disciples didn’t immediately start studying and only were assigned to their classes and rooms. This day, for the rest of the time they had left they were free to move around and familiarize themselves with the new environment of the St. Helier Magic Academy.

After Elvis got the key to his room, he did not immediately enter the room. All of his important things were placed inside the storage bag that he carried on his person, and he also was not in a hurry to enter the room to place the items. With Li Luo in his embrace, Elvis strolled around the huge campus.

The St. Helier Magic Academy had been in the Wate Empire for thousands of years, and each building seemed to have a long history of its own, as if one was able to see the glimpse of its glorious history for thousands of years through these buildings.

Li Luo who inside Elvis’ bosom, turned his head around as Elvis walked, his amber colored cat pupils also continuously moved around as he looked at the scenery in his surroundings. As an otaku who always stayed at home and barely went outside, he only saw such ancient buildings in Western style on the computer.

After he arrived in this world, he had only lived a normal life with Elvis for a few months, and almost always stayed in the room, and basically only went out several times. After that, he and Elvis entered the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, and started the lifestyle of eating and sleeping outdoors. They occasionally went to the city to sell the crystal cores of magical beasts. However he never saw any buildings like St. Helier Magic Academy before.

Elvis walked straight in the direction of a small lake, the water was dark blue and clear like a mirror, in the middle was a pavilion with a string of wisteria flowers hanging on its domed roof, Elvis stopped his footsteps after he was inside, then sat down on the stone bench in the pavilion while holding Li Luo.

The bright sunlight projected on Elvis’ face through the gap between the wisteria flowers, seemed to make his body glow with a dense layer of mild purple rays of light. Elvis leaned on the stone pillars of the pavilion, while his hand caressed Li Luo’s long fur, and looked at the water of the lake that could clearly reflect their figures and the surrounding scenery. His azure eyes were just like the dark blue water of the lake which was reflecting his shadow, sparkling bright under the sunlight, seemingly clear and incomparable, but also made people unable to see through.

Although Elvis wanted to let Li Luo change into human form, he had no choice but to be careful, as the possibly of other people showing up in this area were high at this time, he clearly understood what it meant to have a magical beast who able to change into human form, it was just like carrying a very precious treasure, but didn’t have the ability to protect it, just like a young child who was holding a gold bar and standing in a street full of people, it was simply impossible to protect the treasure within his bosom. He wouldn’t take any risks until he could totally confirm Li Luo’s safety.

Now he was still not strong enough to make people feel fearful of him, in addition he also couldn’t perfectly and smoothly control his dual ability of magic and body strength yet, as long as there was someone with a higher rank than him, and fought with him for a long time, they would inevitably find his flaws and secrets. He was also practicing the scrolls recorded by that previous senior, he now already cultivated up to the ninth layer, and was only lacking one layer from great success, it was said that after he finished cultivating it, he could freely switch between using the abilities of a mage and a warrior, of course, he would also be able to use them together.

What Elvis wanted now was to be able to enter the huge library of St. Helier Magic Academy and find the shortcoming part of his magic scrolls. Only when his foundation was built solidly, he could learn the more advanced magic, only then he could practice the magic scrolls that he inherited from the previous Saint Magus.

However, it was really making Elvis feel a bit depressed, as he could only touch his beloved in beast form most of the time, also was unable to talk to him. Now he couldn’t completely have Li Luo, but normal communication should still be able to satisfy him, right?

Elvis’ pupils slightly sank, he lowered his head and looked down at Li Luo on his lap, who seemed to be enjoying his touch, and asked, “Ludwig, when can you and me communicate through divine sense?”

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