Chapter 56 Part 2

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The Armored Dragon’s eyes quickly emitted an ominous glint, after it saw the party of more than ten people, the magical beast opened its mouth and exposed its sharp sawteeth, before rushing toward them.

“Properly defend and attack, don’t let it get close to our goods!” The scarred middle-aged man shouted, he was taking the lead in pulling out his broadsword, and rushed toward that fourth rank magical beast which was the Armored Dragon.

Elvis took out his magic staff, and his mouth began to chant the spell, there were countless vines immediately sprouting from the ground, and tightly entangled the Armored Dragon’s body, hindering the pace of its advancement.

The scarred middle-aged man slashed the Armored Dragon’s body with his broadsword, and the blade’s tip immediately pierced the outer layer of magical beast’s armor, issuing a dazzling spark and a huge collision sound.

The Armored Dragon was enraged by the scarred middle-aged man’s action, so much that its eyes emitted a crimson ray of light, the beast raised its head and roared loudly, before slamming its legs down with force, immediately struggling to get free and broke most of the vines that entangled its body.

The magical beast swept over the long tail behind its body at the scarred middle-aged man, wanting to strike him.

The scarred middle-aged man avoided the danger, and Elvis once again chanted the spell as a flashing silver magic array immediately appeared above the Armored Dragon. The Armored Dragon was once again tied up from taking action, the next second, a few dozens of beams of light rose, and gathered at the top of the Armored Dragon’s head, forming a cage, trapping the Armored Dragon.

The Armored Dragon let out a more furious roar, its eyes flashed a black and red light alternately, everyone suddenly felt the ground under their feet begin to shake, it looked as if the earth was going to split open, it was obvious that the ground began to sway just like ocean waves that moved up and down.

Li Luo was shaken by the violent waves under his feet, he wasn’t able to stand still, and fell to the side, but Elvis who was next to him immediately stretched out his hand and encircled Li Luo’s waist, before taking him into his embrace.

Then in the next second, there were sharp earth thorns that emerged from the place where Li Luo was about to fall, if Elvis hadn’t pulled Li Luo in time, Li Luo would very likely have instantly fallen on that thorn in the ground. This situation had also occurred for the surrounding people, fortunately, Elvis had reinforced the carriage with magic in advance, so nothing was damaged.

While hugging Li Luo’s waist, Elvis once again casted the spell, and a dazzling silver light immediately flashed on the ground under everyone’s foot, as all of the original protruding earth thorns melted back into the ground. “Quickly leave this place, I can still trap the Armored Dragon for a while.”

When everyone heard Elvis’ words, they all quickly sped up, and left this place while pulling the horses. Elvis once again reinforced the magic array that trapped the Armored Dragon, before quickly leaving the scene with Li Luo.

EzoicLi Luo’s looked like he still didn’t completely relax after the rapid change of events that happened just a moment ago, until he found that Elvis’ hand was still on his waist, and he felt Elvis’ scorching palm’s temperature on the skin around his waist. Li Luo’s face couldn’t help but immediately get hot, he pushed Elvis away, and stood a few steps away from him.

“What’s wrong?” Elvis asked, as he looked at Li Luo’s white cheeks that were flushed red, with the corner of his mouth revealing a faint smile.

Looking at Li Luo’s expression, really making him want to imprison him within his bosom, and then fiercely kiss his light colored lips. Let his lips bloom into a more vivid color, and would certainly become more attractive than the present.

“Nothing, let’s keep going. It was almost evening, we must be careful and quickly catch up with the escort team, and it would be bad if the Armored Dragon once again overtook us.” Li Luo’s eyes were drifting, as he immediately found a suitable reason, and then sped up a few steps and walked in front of Elvis.

Elvis did not expose Li Luo, rather he followed behind Li Luo’s back, staring at the slim figure of the young man not far away in the front.

The two of them quickly caught up with everyone who was rushing ahead, and Li Luo’s somewhat disorderly heartbeat just a moment ago also gradually returned to normal.

Everyone showed a very good welcome to their return, if it weren’t for Elvis, the team would probably have lost several members, before they could escape from the claws of the Armored Dragon.

They once again rushed to the established route for more than an hour, before everyone’s hearts were relieved, and slowed down their pace a little bit, ready to find a place to prepare for dinner.

After the quick dinner, everyone once again continued their journey, and rushed to their destination.

As long as they still didn’t hand over the items into the hands of the person who was to receive the goods, they would not be able to stop worrying. Only when all these items were handed over, could they receive their commission, if they accidentally lost one of the items, a part of their commission would be deducted, but even if it was only a part of the commission, based on their huge number of team members, it was also a large amount of money.

Therefore, everyone tried their best to protect the items in each carriage, and didn’t dare to slack off in the slightest.

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