Chapter 117 Part 2

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Chapter 117.2:

After Jin Chenji took Li Luo into the house, he directly opened the air conditioner in the living room.

Li Luo put on a pair of slippers that were bigger than his own feet, and then walked straight to the washroom next to the living room to place his washing items.

However, he had not walked a few steps, before Jin Chenji had spoken out, “Put it in the washroom inside my room. It is also convenient when you want to wash up after you get up.”

Li Luo originally thought it would have been rude to put his own washing items directly in the washroom inside the master’s bedroom, but since Jin Chenji already recommended this, Li Luo also wouldn’t refuse. After thanking Jin Chenji, he directly entered Jin Chenji’s bedroom.

Jin Chenji’s bedroom was giving the same feeling Jin Chenji was like him to the people. The whole bedroom was colored in a very simple cold hue. The black big bed was covered with the same black duvet. The dark gray curtains were not pulled up. The not hot sunshine of winter passed through from the glass window, and the light came from the living room was casting a layer of faint halo on the burgundy floor. A brown carpet was placed beside the bed on the left side.

On the left wall, there was a row of wooden wardrobes.

There was a door of the small room on the right side of the master bedroom, which was the washroom and also the bathroom. After Li Luo entered the master bedroom, he turned right and went to the washroom, and placed his own washing items next to Jin Chenji’s.

Jin Chenji was carrying a bag of Li Luo’s clothing, as he followed Li Luo’s pace, and entered his own bedroom.

In fact, for him, this place was just like the dormitory, it was just a place to rest. But he has never been so thankful that he designed this private space, and then he thought that he would sleep beside Li Luo this evening, Jin Chenji’s eyes can’t help but slightly darkened.

When Li Luo left the washroom, he saw Jin Chenji standing outside. After he saw the bag held in Jin Chenji’s hand, Li Luo immediately picked it up, “I will put this bag inside your wardrobe. Anyway, there are only a few pieces of my change of clothes, and there was nothing to sort out.”

“All right, you can just put it.” Even his family members were not allowed to enter this oldest young master Jin’s bedroom, but at this time, he felt that the appearance of this person in front of him walked around in his private territory, was especially pleasant to the eye.

Jin Chenji looked at Li Luo who was walking around in his bedroom, and his mood was especially joyful. He took out his mobile phone and looked at the time, before asking, “Xiao Luo, it’s almost 12 o’clock, what do you want to eat?”

“It doesn’t matter to me, you can order whatever.” Li Luo said, as he pulled open the wardrobe door and put his clothes bag inside.

After they finished eating the take-away food, the temperature inside the room also completely rose up.

Li Luo simply took off his jacket, revealing a white high-necked rabbit sweater, then he sat on the sofa in the living room with both his legs crossed, and facing the computer placed on the small side table and began to typing.

Li Luo’s skin was white and clear, and this pure white sweater made his skin appear even more white to the extreme, and his fair face that still had a trace of baby fat also looked a few years younger than his actual age. Even if someone said he was a senior high school student, the people also may not be doubted.

Jin Chenji was sitting on another sofa, he placed a lightweight laptop directly on his knees. While he handled several piled up official business, he would occasionally lift his eyes and took a few glances at the not far away Li Luo.

This kind of interacting pattern had been carried out for many years, and there was no trace of uncomfortable feeling.


The time passed very quickly and it was evening. Li Luo also no longer continued typing the words, and began watching TV dramas to overcome the boredom.

Jin Chenji turned off his computer. After he looked at the time, he went straight into the washroom of his bedroom and took a shower. Then he opened his own wardrobe, and swept a glance at the well-packed new pajamas, but he did not take it, instead took the black pajamas that he often wore, and then closed the wardrobe door.

“Xiao Luo, it’s late, go take a bath, and get ready to sleep.” Jin Chenji put his pajamas on the foot of the bed, then stood at the bedroom doorway and said to Li Luo who was still staring at the computer.

Only then Li Luo reluctantly removed his eyes from the dog blood ethics drama on the computer screen. After he turned off the computer, Li Luo put on the slippers and walked into the bedroom.

“I put the pajamas on the foot of the bed.” Jin Chenji timely reminded.

“En, I know.” Li Luo took out his own change of clothes, then picked up the pajamas that Jin Chenji had prepared for him and walked into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

Jin Chenji was one head taller than Li Luo, and his shoulders were wider than Li Luo, so when this black pajamas was worn on Li Luo’s body, it was big, almost two sizes larger than him.

Li Luo embarrassedly rolled up the cuffs and pants of the pajamas a small section before his hands and feet showed. This also can’t be blamed on him. His natural skeleton was relatively small, coupled with his baby face, it seems to give people the feeling that his exact age was relatively small.

Jin Chenji opened the air conditioner in the bedroom before he took a shower. When Li Luo came out, he immediately felt the original still somewhat cold temperature in the bedroom, now became almost the same warmth as in the living room.

Jin Chenji has occupied the right side of the bed. Li Luo walked to the left side of the bed, he lifted open the corner of the quilt and laid down.

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