Poisonous Peasant ‘Concubine’

Poisonous Peasant ‘Concubine’


Genres: Romance, Yaoi

Translator: Jade

Poison Farm Concubine is a completed novel written by 颜若优雅 and consists of 755 chapters with 31 extras.


Ling JingXuan. A secret international doctor and killer. He can save people with one hand and kill with the other.  Right or wrong, both paths without exception would cause people to be terror stricken. One morning, he crossed over. With only four bare walls for a home, he was also given two free stir fried little buns. Ling Jingxuan couldn’t help but be speechless. Could this life be be any more unfortunate?

Yan Chengrui. Qing dynasty’s only prince holding a general title. During his first mishap on a mission, a good man forcibly became a slave wife. There was no one who was not disappointed from the imperial family, however it takes more than a day to become a yes-man to his lover. Who cares about the fool who makes the poisonous concubine mad. He can cure and also kill. Who dares to try to straighten him out? 

“What? Thirty Wen? You’re robbing people. So expensive!” 

One day in the month of a certain year, Ling Jingxuan took the two little buns to the market to buy living necessities. These five year old little buns, after hearing the price had to hold back their red faces. Fried little hands rigidly held onto the broken wallet. Ling Jingxuan suddenly wanted to cry but had no tears. Sons, we earned money but cannot spend it. Don’t tell me we can only use it as animal fodder?

In the end, it was obvious they only had two liang of silver. As a result, the items they bought were the cheapest. Seeing the smile of satisfaction from the little fried buns, Ling Jingxuan secretly vowed. One day he would develop them into super meat buns, a rich second generation family!


WARNING: Story contains mpreg and mentions of mpreg.




Prologue – Damn it, Gentler!

Chapter 1 – Transmigrated to Four Bare Walls

Chapter 2 – Stir Fried Little Buns

Chapter 3 – Deal with the High Ranking Village Women, Educate the Buns

Chapter 4 – Lingjia Village, Yuehua Ravine

Chapter 5 – Catching Fish, Digging Out Wild Herbs

Chapter 6 – Crescent Moon Spring, Appease the Little Buns

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