Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife



Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Translator: Waterlily

Black-Bellied President Dotes on Wife, full title Elite Hidden Marriage: Black-Bellied President Dotes on Wife, is a completed novel written by 夏青衫. It consists of 1656 chapters.


After recently taking on the job as the President of Jing Sheng Group’s assistant, she is reported to the president, that has also just taken office, for work.

“Tomorrow morning, postpone all the meetings. At 9 o’clock, follow me to the civil administration office to receive the license.”

On the first day of work, she already encountered an overbearing president that is forcing her to receive the license. Should she resist or obey?

At night, a certain someone leans on the edge of the door, saying in a light and lazy manner: “Madam, I want to turn off the lights. Are you sure you want to go to sleep wrapped like a steamed dumpling while holding a knife?”

“Either that or you can go out to sleep!”

“Impossible, this is my home!”

“During the day, you transferred the house to me. So now it’s my home!”


*Chapters 1 — 14 were translated by Lotus Translations

Chapter 1 — Old Love, New Love

Chapter 2 — You’re an Excavator, Right?

Chapter 3 — Introducing Him

Chapter 4 — Sold for $100,000

Chapter 5 — The Perfect Man

Chapter 6 — It’s Snowing

Chapter 7 — Some People’s Public Display of Affection

Chapter 8 — Cannot Bear to Recall the Past

Chapter 9 — You Have a Crush on My Brother?

Chapter 10 — I Want to Go Home to Find My Mother

Chapter 11 — How Is Everything He Wears Good-Looking?

Chapter 12 — To Meet One’s Match

Chapter 13 — In the Future, Let’s Play Together

Chapter 14.1 — The Old Lady Urges Tang Seng to Take a Wife

Chapter 14.2 — The Old Lady Urges Tang Seng to Take a Wife

Chapter 15 — I’ll Vent on Your Behalf

Chapter 16 — It Takes a Villain to Beat a Villain

Chapter 17 — Uncle Worrying About Her Marriage

Chapter 18 — Being Schemed Against

Chapter 19 — Rescued

Chapter 20 — Hurry, Take This Chance to Knock Her Up!

Chapter 21 — Can’t Recognize Me After A Nap?

Chapter 22 — Is She Your Woman?

Chapter 23 — The Person In Her Dream Was Him

Chapter 24 — Dismissed By the University

Chapter 25 — The Drug’s After Effects

Chapter 26 — She’s Not Fit As A Teacher

Chapter 27 — Choosing to Sacrifice Her Again