Chapter 77 Part 2

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Contrary to the flow of people who fled, Elvis rushed toward the city gate. His current speed was just like a flash of lightning, only left behind a few remnant of shadows on the ground, and very quickly arrived in the front of city gate.

The guards at the gate wanted to stop Elvis who was stopped in front of the city gate. However, Elvis lightly leaped, and right away jumped on the wall, then advancing towards the outside of city, to the place where he was originally found his grandmother’s corpse, but after he rushed there at full speed, he only saw a huge magical beast bite Vicia’s neck.

In split second, the great loss and guilt, mixed with uncontrollable anger, suddenly flooded his heart.

Elvis couldn’t restrain himself from killing the magical beast that had bitten Vicia’s neck, then holding Vicia’s body, as he letting out almost the same howling sound of pain as when he saw Vicia’s already stiff dead body at that time.

Elvis was bend down his waist, his azura pupils were tightening all at once. He was biting his lips hard, while suppressed his crazy killing intent.

When Elvis complexion right away changed, as he rushed forward with the speed as fast as lightning just a moment ago, Li Luo almost unable to follow Elvis’ footsteps.

Then after he catching up with Elvis, Li Luo right away saw Elvis’ expression was sort of to be so in pain as to not want to live, furthermore those rain of tears which poured down from his eyes, Li Luo only felt that he also feeling the same pain as Elvis. But he can’t do anything for Elvis, and can only watch him suffering alone there.

Li Luo ruthlessly slammed the invisible wall in front of him, never feeling so defeated like this before. He apparently never wrote this plot in his original book, it was estimated that the current world was automatically repaired. After all, the trial was to temper Elvis’ heart, he couldn’t go in and help him.

Li Luo looked anxiously in the front of the transparent barrier, although he knew that Elvis would not have anything matter, but when he saw his painful appearance, Li Luo’s heart still couldn’t help but tightened.

Elvis knew that he was going to experience a illusion, but even so, when the deepest scar inside his heart was once again revealed, it was still so painful. He was almost unable to control his desire to went crazy.

Just as Elvis was desperately trying to restrain his emotions, he found the scene in front of him was once again changed.

The body of Vicia in his arms was disappeared, and his line of sight stopped at the hem of a white robe in half moon embroidered, and a pair of boots exposed under it which looked much smaller than the other men’s feet.

When he saw a few threads of long silver hair were fluttered with the breeze, the color of Elvis’ pupils were almost turned into ink blue.

Elvis looked up and right away saw the face that he was very familiar with, which belonging to Li Luo. But it was different from the usual, that delicate face did not have a trace of expression, the pair of amber eyes was looked at him just like looked at a stranger.

“Elvis, I am come to say goodbye to you.”

Elvis pupils shrink, to say goodbye?

There was a happy smile on Li Luo’s face, and those pair of amber eyes were also began to shine, as if he was thinking about something that made him incomparable happy, “It’s time for me to leave, you are not already know?”

Elvis immediately felt his breathing were obstructed, after he confirming that Ludwig had concealed something from him, Elvis unconsciously right away have a strange feeling. He also occasionally dreaming of some vague scenes, and he would forgotten all of it when he wakes up, however the feeling of despair that he felt in his dreams didn’t disappeared after he woke up.

Ludwig would leave him, although the idea was ridiculous, after all, he has been signed a contract with Ludwig as his contracted beast, only when Elvis does not want him anymore, or he was dead, Ludwig was able to leave him. But even so, Elvis was still unable to eliminate this kind of thought.

This thought followed him relentlessly, and from time to time would appeared in his mind.

Therefore, when the dense fog just covered the trace of Li Luo, he only able to feel at ease, when he was hold the hand of his lover.

Elvis anxiously looked at this scene before his eyes which often appeared in his dream, and he couldn’t help but clutched his chest.

Besides his deceased grandmother, Ludwig was his most important person, and at the moment he even surpassed his grandmother’s position in his heart, he was his lover, he was the partner that he wanted to be together for a lifetime.

“Thank you for taking care of me for so long, Elvis. I hope that you will find someone who was important to you besides me.”

His had long been given his heart to this person in front of him, how can he find other people?

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  1. Your translations have gotten worse. Stop translating and work harder on the English. But if you truly cared about your fans who sincerely follow this bl novel, you would have at least gotten an editor or QC.

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