Chapter 107 Part 2

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Chapter 107 Part 2

This kind of situation was a bit awkward, in his mind, Li Luo had already threw himself at street with an Orz posture, he simply wanted to frantically scratch the wall. In addition, he really wanted to strangle the him during those past few days, who clearly know the ending but didn’t have a bit of preparation for himself.

So now, what should he do? Li Luo’s brows wrinkled and tensed a bit, he can only call out Xiao Qi in his mind to come over to rescue him. Although Xiao Qi’s nature was someone who wants to escape, it had at least an artificial intelligence system with logic property, at least it can help him out to make up an excuse.

Because the current Chu Wuyong’s ability was below Li Luo, as a result, up until now in this world, Xiao Qi was always online and followed Li Luo, basically didn’t pretend to die. Unless Li Luo was unconscious or sleep, only then Xiao Qi would also immediately sink into a hibernation state.

After Xiao Qi came out, Li Luo immediately told Xiao Qi the matter that he was thinking about. At the moment, one person and one system discussed it for a few minutes.

In Chu Wuyong’s eyes, Li Luo looked like the sweetheart who felt a bit awkward because he was unwilling to part in his heart. It was a rare thing for Li Luo to hesitate for a long time because of a matter. Chu Wuyong’s heart immediately skipped a beat, his pair of eagle eyes stared at the man, but this time, he was closely staring at the face of the person in front of him, a trace of uncontrollable joy filled his heart——this person in front of him was worried about himself.

“No matter what punishment, this disciple would not have the slightest complaint, it’s this disciple who made master in a difficult position.” Chu Wuyong suddenly said, his pair of deep black eyes stared straight at Li Luo’s eyes, inside those eyes seemed to contain the color of the vast ocean of stars, as if going to transmit that thick color and dyed Li Luo’s eyes. This immediately made Li Luo forget the good words that he fabricated just a moment ago.

Li Luo stared blankly for a while, before abruptly pulled back his own mind, but his accelerated heartbeat because the stare of those pair of eyes still didn’t slow down, “Wuyong, the Sect Master has ordered you to leave the sect three days later.” Afterwards, Li Luo pursed his lips that somehow became a little red and burning hot, he paused and then said, “As this master just so happens, also encountered the bottleneck to break through to the middle stage of Nascent Soul, so this master would travel the world along with you, and understand the way of all living beings, seek the first line of opportunity to break through.”

Chu Wuyong completely never thought that Li Luo also wanted to leave the Clear Sky Sect together with him. He looked at those fair cheeks that dyed with a thin layer of red, Chu Wuyong’s heart was slightly touched. He slightly lowered his eyelids, as a few traces of unsuppressed purple lights flashing in his eyes.


Three days later, Li Luo directly rode the leaf-shaped boat to picked up Chu Wuyong from the Spiritual Lock Pagoda. He naturally didn’t tell everyone in the sect that he wanted to leave the Clear Sky Sect with Chu Wuyong, he only told Ye Tianqi that he would send his only disciple on the journey, and leave the the Clear Sky Sect for a period of time.

Ye Tianqi originally thought about the recent matter, he felt ashamed at Li Luo, so he naturally would not refuse Li Luo’s request, and let Li Luo accompany his only disciple for some time.

Chu Wuyong was sitting behind Li Luo and felt the mountain wind that directly blew his face, but his eyes were staring at the person sitting in front of him without a trace.

From the slender neck of that person who was exposed by the strong wind, to the thin and tough waist that was bounded by the belt. The waist that was completely outlined by the belt, and he didn’t know how many times he had stroke it in those nights, even the little black mole dotted on his back waist——he didn’t need to take off the man’s clothes, he could know exactly at any place. And the buttocks under the waist, which were covered by the robe, unlike the slim figure in front of him, those two pieces were unusually fleshy and good to pinch, and during those nights they were the parts that he loves.

As Chu Wuyong looked at Li Luo who was close to himself, his eyes became more and more deep. When he thought about the man’s slightly red cheeks three days ago, he couldn’t help but hook the corner of his lips and take back his line of sight. Since this person has now come out with him, he will only be able to stay with him. Anyway, it was still very long, he had plenty of time to make this person’s body and heart belong exclusively to himself.

The two men who were flying toward the big defensive arrays that protect the Clear Sky Sect, completely unaware that a beautiful man in a bright red robe had long been waited a few hundred miles away from the Clear Sky Sect, waiting for them to come out from the the big defensive arrays.

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