Chapter 118 Part 2

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Chapter 118.2:

At the moment, the feeling of great pain made Li Luo completely unable to spare any energy to think about the matter before he returned to this world, when he discovered his good buddy actually had such thoughts towards him. His previous outrageous suspicion was now likely to become a really messy matter.

After Li Luo ate the medicine pellet given by Xiao Qi, the feeling of severe pain gradually receded just like the tide, but Li Luo still felt the exhaustion in his whole body and simply could not make up his strength.

After lying like this for two more days, Li Luo felt that he had accumulated a little strength on his body, which made him barely hold the cave wall and stand up.

Then, after a few more days, Li Luo was finally able to walk around slowly, like a slightly weak person.

As early as he lay down on the ground, Li Luo heard the sound of water from the depths of the cave. Li Luo didn’t take care of his own body for many days, so after he can finally walk in small steps, he can’t help but walk towards the depths of the cave.

After walking about a hundred meters, Li Luo really saw a basin-sized puddle formed by stalactite dripping water. Moreover, this side was not so dark, that kind of almost can not see the road, as he thought. Instead, there were many light beams that he did not know from where it was projecting down, but it made the depths of the cave a bit bright.

Li Luo slowly walked to the front of the puddle, then slowly squatted down; his current unkempt image immediately reflected on the water surface.

At the moment, this person’s face was stained with some unknown thing, it was black in the east and gray in the west. He completely could not see what the appearance of his current body was, clearly.

Li Luo could only see the eyes. He immediately cupped his hands and scooped up the water, and began to wash his face.

After he washed his face and looked at the water surface again, Li Luo immediately stayed blankly there. The face that revealed on the water surface was even more gorgeous than a woman. Wasn’t this the one who forced him to choose to explode himself in order to guarantee the protagonist could leave safely, Yun Tianheng?!

Li Luo’s face revealed a shocked expression as he looked at the image reflected on the water surface. The image on the water surface also equally reveal a shocked expression, then those pair of red crystal beautiful eyes also had a kind of impulse to simply want to die again.

Hehe, please tell me, he has now become the arch-enemy of the protagonist who he wanted to eliminate quickly. Now that he was in this situation, how can he get close to the protagonist? Online, very urgent!

It was estimated that the previous severe injuries were most likely because he had been beaten by Chu Wuyong. Yun Tianheng was also very powerful, after he was beaten by Chu Wuyong into that appearance, he unexpectedly was still able to escape and ran into this cave. However, Xiao Qi said that Yun Tianheng was already dead. It was estimated because the body injuries were too heavy and he consumed all his spiritual power, and he did not come and ate the medicine pallet.

But no matter what, such a terrible mess, he really does not want to take over ah!

Li Luo felt his hair would fall because of worry. Now, let’s not ask whether Chu Wuyong was exactly Jin Chenji. He simply can not go to the front of Chu Wuyong. If he came to Chu Wuyong who was now able to beat the Demigod stage’s Yun Tianheng into that kind of miserable state, perhaps he would be killed by Chu Wuyong before he was able to walk in front of him.

Li Luo looked at that very beautiful face in the reflection of the water surface, and felt that his future was simply dark.

[Xiao Qi, can I still make a second choice now?]

[Great Host, fighting, I’m believe you can!] Xiao Qi was waving two ribbons in Li Luo’s consciousness to cheer him up.

AdvertisementLi Luo: [……] Was it really good for you to avoid talking like that?

In the end, Li Luo also can only helplessly accept this new identity, and settle be safe.

Because even though this current body can move around, but it was still very weak, Li Luo can only continue to cultivate in the cave, and waited until his body fully healing before make any plans.

But now this face of him was too obvious, and it was estimated that he can’t strut straight outside and walked around with this appearance.

Li Luo immediately asked Xiao Qi, whether or not it could make his face change to a different appearance, and the answer given by Xiao Qi was also very refreshing.

He can use the medicine pellet to change the appearance on Yun Tianheng’s body, but this can only deceive the cultivator who was in a lower rank than him. If it was the cultivator who was in a higher rank than him, they would pass through his false appearance and see his original appearance.

Li Luo finally put down the worry in his heart, he should not be so unlucky to go out and right away encounter Chu Wuyong.

What he needed now was to be able to go out and find out how the current situation outside, and then consider how he should approached Chu Wuyong.

Like this, Li Luo once again cultivated in the cave for half a month, only then he felt that the most of this body had recovered.

However, because the injury was too serious, his cultivation that had already reached the middle stage of Demigod and was about to touch the late stage, had now suddenly go back to the initial stage. Moreover, he was now unable to display the initial stage of Demigod level and can only maintain in the late stage of Nascent Soul, but it was also stronger than the general cultivator at the late stage of Nascent Soul level, even so, it was completely enough for Li Luo.

After all, before he left this world, the amount of cultivators who reached the Demigod stage were more than twenty in the whole continent, and there were four or five cultivators in the Synthesis stage, not to mention the Mahayana stage, of course that simply didn’t exist.

Therefore, it was impossible to just after a few hundred years, and suddenly there were many people who were better than him.

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