The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 121

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Chapter 121: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.26


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

The main peak was the largest mountain in the Xuan Ming Palace. There were a total of one hundred and eight palaces of different sizes on the peak and the biggest one was the main palace hall above the summit——the Dark Moon palace hall.

Li Luo was sitting on the flying spiritual tool, while glancing at the Dark Moon palace hall that stood tall above the summit far away, more beautiful than other palaces, and glistening brightly under the sunlight.

That should be the place where Chu Wuyong is currently staying. After all, the Dark Moon palace hall was prepared for the devil lord.

Li Luo originally thought that the big man would bring these servants to those small palaces below, but what he did not expect was that the big man would take him and the other five directly to the top of the Dark Moon palace hall.

“You guys are lucky, our Lord has sent away most of the previous servants in the palace hall, and now is precisely the time of the palace hall is short of servants. Previously, I had brought a few batches of dozens of people, you guys are the last few people who can enter the Dark Moon palace hall. I’ll send you to the places where the servants lived later. As long as you do a good job in the palace hall, and make the Lord satisfied, you will naturally get a lot more rewards than the other palace halls.”

The big man took the six people along with Li Luo to the open space in front of the Dark Moon palace hall, he turned over his body and looked at a few very young servants who were standing behind him, seemed to mention the general point.

Li Luo was standing at the back of the several youths, and a trace of happiness flashed through his eyes.

In this way, he doesn’t need to think about how to enter the Dark Moon palace hall to find Chu Wuyong.

Like the other youths, Li Luo immediately lowered his head slightly and respectfully made a sound of agreement, “Yes.” The big man nodded in satisfaction, and led the group inside the Dark Moon palace hall.

Just like it’s exterior, the inside of Dark Moon palace hall was also carved from jade everywhere. Not an area of the palace hall was not exquisite and beautiful, it looked very dazzling and overwhelming.

Chu Wuyong was not the type of person who liked luxury. Everything here was thoroughly reformed after Yun Tianheng seized the devil lord’s position, only then it has become this present luxurious appearance.

Li Luo pretended to be like the other youths, understanding the rules, as he slightly lowered his head and followed behind the big man, not daring to raise his head to look at the surrounding scenery.


Everyone walked through a long corridor, as ripples of light on the water surface were reflected above the corridor. When they were about to go to the exit, the big man seemed to notice someone, and his footsteps suddenly stopped, before he respectfully faced the front. His arrogant appearance a moment ago completely disappeared, as if he was just a small person who can be freely kneaded and deemed worthless. The big man called with a very respectful voice, “Lord.”

When Li Luo who was slightly lowering his head heard the big man called this out, he couldn’t help but lower his head a bit more. Although he really wanted to see what kind of appearance Chu Wuyong had now, after all, he has not seen Chu Wuyong for more than three hundred years.

However, he wasn’t clear at what level Chu Wuyong’s cultivation is now. If he rashly showed any abnormalities from the group, and Chu Wuyong would recognize the camouflage behind his real appearance, he was afraid that it was simply too late for him to say something and would be directly killed by Chu Wuyong.

Li Luo’s drooping eyes only saw a piece of black hem that fluttered gently before his eyes, and then instantly disappeared.

After a long time, the big man seemed to have finally recovered his voice, and said to the six of them, “You still stand to do what? Hurry up, follow me away.”

Li Luo also came back from his own thought about that piece of black hem, and together with the other five youths, closely followed behind the big man who was once again wearing a lofty expression.


Li Luo was holding a broom and he swept the fallen leaves in front of him. He had been in the Dark Moon palace hall for more than half a month. Because they had just entered recently, they were not arranged for the more important jobs, and were arranged to clean the courtyard of the outer hall of the Dark Moon palace hall.

The youth who was assigned in the same place with him was very talkative, and he would find him to chat between the gap of their work. Perhaps, because of his personality, his knowledge of information was also relatively abundant. Li Luo was also very willing to listen to the youth when it’s about an information he doesn’t know. After all, he simply has no access to any news now, and this young man was just like giving him a pillow when he was sleepy——just right.

On this day, as usual, Li Luo had long discovered a young man who would stick his head out and look around at the corner of the flower bed. Li Luo pretended not to see it, and continued to sweep the place in front of him.

The young man moved behind the flower bed for a while and saw that Li Luo did not find him, he could only walk out from behind the flower bed, and then walk behind Li Luo and pat his shoulder, “Xiao Luo.” He called Li Luo’s name, while turning over his head and looked around for a while, before turning his head back at Li Luo and whispered in Li Luo’s ear, “Did you heard the news?” After he mentioned this, the young man deliberately stopped. After that, he looked at Li Luo, seemed to be waiting for Li Luo to ask for follow-up.

Li Luo felt amused in his heart, obviously the eyes of this young man in front of him were flashing the expression of desperately wanting to tell him, but now he deliberately held back to speak.

He knew that even if he didn’t ask, the young man would soon be unable to bear to tell him the news he had just got, but Li Luo also didn’t want to deliberately tease the young man. So he followed the young man’s expectations, and asked, “What news?”

“Last night, it is said that there was a confidant of the former devil lord that unknowingly replaced the servant who had originally served the everyday life of the devil lord, and then tried to assassinate the devil lord while he served him. Fortunately, the devil lord has a profound spiritual power. He didn’t let the assassin succeed, instead the assassin was killed. It was said that the original servant’s body was also found inside a well in the inner hall.”

After he spoke until here the young man once again paused, and then continued, “Because the servant who served the devil lord is gone, therefore, the devil lord is now looking for a new servant to serve his everyday life. Although the devil lord liked to look for an ordinary person who has no spiritual power like us, it is estimated that he would likely select a senior servant. We simply don’t have a chance.”

The young man’s voice seemed to contain what a tone of pity when he said this. After all, although serving the devil lord was a bit dangerous, the benefits that he would get would certainly be better than that of an ordinary servant. He may even be allowed to embark on the path of cultivation. From then on, get rid of the mortal’s fate of growing old and death, and seeking longevity.

Li Luo wanted to say something to the boy, when an individual dressed in a darker shade color of servant clothes than him and the young man came over. Moreover, a jade plate hung on his waist——this was a senior servant who has been in the Dark Moon palace hall for several years. He walked to the front of Li Luo and the young man with an arrogant face. His small eyes swept a glance at them, “You two, what are you doing gathered together when you haven’t finished the task?”

By the time when Li Luo and the young man were facing him, respectfully indicated that they will not make this mistake again, only then that the youth’s eyes flashed a trace of pleased with himself and nodded with satisfaction.

“You two come with me, although you have no chance to be chosen this time, the Lord is benevolent, and let you these new servants, also enter the inner hall to gain insights.”

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