Chapter 130 Part 2

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Chapter 130.2:

“The old ancestor came out! The old ancestor came out! The young patriarch, the old ancestor came out, and is telling you to go meet him.” A young man dressed in a little manservant clothes quickly ran into a courtyard and called out to a person inside the room.

The old ancestor came out?

After hearing this, the youth who was originally sitting on the chair inside the room and had long been waiting anxiously and impatiently for more than three months, suddenly stood up from the chair and even knocked over the teacup in his hand.

The tea water in the cup immediately spilled to the ground, but the youth completely didn’t care, he walked to the door of the room with quick steps and opened the door. He looked at the young man who was running anxiously toward him, and then grabbed the young man’s arm, still wanting to determine the thing that he just heard, “Did the old ancestor really come out?”

“Yes, young patriarch, the old ancestor is currently in the main house, the patriarch and all the elders are also there.” The young man’s arm was grabbed by the youth very painfully, but he didn’t dare cry, and only once again said.

The youth’s face was suddenly filled with ecstasy. This kind of expression made the youth’s face seemed a little sinister, but he quickly put away the expression on his face, and once again turned back to a very gentle and refined look, then he looked at the young man and said, “Okay, I’ll go over now, you can inform the next person.”

“Yes.” The young man hastily responded.

The youth took out his own flying spiritual tool from his universal pouch, and calmly jumped above it, before rushing towards the main house in the southeast.

As soon as he was notified of the news regarding the old ancestor, the youth has been waiting for the old ancestor to come out in his heart. The date that the old ancestor said to go out, although only a short period of three months, but in his impatient waiting, it felt just like three hundred years long in general.

Now, the old ancestor has finally come out. The youth felt the block in his own heart, and his impatient and restless expression had finally dispersed.

Great, that was great, the future prospects that were waiting for him, it must be more extensive than it was now.

Knowing that in the whole Tianyun Continent, all the cultivators can only achieve a peak cultivation at the Synthesis stage; he was very unwilling in his heart. He was confident in his talent, and unwilling to accept that his cultivation has to stop only in the Synthesis stage. He still wanted to cross the higher steps, even to the extent that he can soar and become immortal, just like in the legends.

Soon, the youth arrived at the main house. He went down the flying spiritual tool and pushed open the door of the main house. He saw that it had long been filled with all the important elders in the clan, and his parents were sitting on both sides of the main seat.

Above the main seat, there was a middle-aged man who looked very benevolent.

After the youth saw the middle-aged man, he immediately respectfully bowed to him and said with a clear voice, “Old ancestor.”

The middle-aged man looked at the youth with a gentle temperament who came in from outside. He couldn’t help but show a satisfied smile. This was his great-great-great-great-grandson who was the child with the best aptitude within the current clan. He naturally can see the confidence in his blue eyes.

“Xing’er has arrived, quickly come over, let this old ancestor take a look. In these more than one hundred years of this old ancestor’s Closed Door Training, did Xing’er progressed more than before?”

The Xing’er from the middle-aged man’s mouth, was the youth Yi Tianxing, after he heard the words of his old ancestor, he immediately obediently took a few steps forward and stood in front of the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man sized up Yi Tianxing who stood in front of him a few times, and then nodded with satisfaction, “Not bad, Xing’er has advanced a small step.”

When they heard the middle-aged man praising Yi Tianxing, Yi Tianxing’s parents who were sitting next to the middle-aged man, can’t help but show a trace of smiles on their faces.

Yi Tianxing was also very proud in his heart after he heard the old ancestor praised himself. But for him, the most important thing now was naturally the thing that was mentioned by the old ancestor in front of his Immortal’s Cave three months ago.

“Old ancestor, previously the thing that you mentioned to Tianxing…”

The middle-aged man listened to Yi Tianxing’s words and glanced at him stealthily. Although he was very satisfied with this younger generation, his temper was still a bit impatient. However, the news that he brought this time, made him go in a Closed Door Training, couldn’t help but feel somewhat anticipated after hearing it, so he also doesn’t blame the youth now being so eager.

“This time I came out, it’s also for this matter. This is also the day when our Yi clan should not be extinct, my age is also big, and only has another several hundred years left, I’m afraid that I can no longer protect you. The spiritual energy on the Tianyun Continent has also become more and more sparse than before. I’m afraid that after a few hundred years, it can no longer produce even the power of the Synthesis stage.” After the middle-aged man said until here, he could not help but let out a faint sigh, and then look at Yi Tianxing, “Tianxing, what you have said to me before, is it true?”

“Yes, old ancestor, Tianxing saw it, it is absolutely true. That Chu Wuyong had indeed entered the hidden palace. Moreover, he also came out without mishap.”

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