Chapter 34 Part 2

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Even if he said it, Liu Ruoyan also didn’t have the ability to save him, and Qin Yu would be blackened even worse. It would really not be long before Qin Yu tied a chain to his feet. Even more terrible was, he was afraid of his waist would not be able to stand the continued punishment from Qin Yu after he blackened, and if it continued to go on like that, his waist certainly would be broken. Even if a martial arts practitioner’s muscles and bones were softer, they couldn’t stand to take the many poses from Qin Yu every day as he moved to and fro inside him.

As a hardcore otaku, Li Luo had watched countless AV’s. Li Luo felt that he and Qin Yu had been doing many shameless and impatient things these days and that they have been opened to countless new worlds, he felt that his whole person wasn’t good enough for Liu Ruoyan.

“It’s not what you think. I’m in love with Yu, that kind of love between the lovers, he didn’t force me. I disappeared for five years because I had important things to do, a very urgent matter, so I didn’t have the chance to leave a message for Yu. Therefore you think that I disappeared, but I’m back now, and I only want to be together with Yu.”

“…you lied to me, you’re lying to me right?” When Liu Ruoyan heard Li Luo say that he liked Qin Yu after he opened his mouth, tears instantly ran down her face, she felt like her heart was in chaos.

Personally seeing Li Luo and Qin Yu’s closeness, and then hearing Li Luo say he liked Qin Yu, nothing could do more damage to her than this. She wasn’t married yes, she always believed that as long as she persisted in her efforts in getting close to Mucheng gege, one day he would return back her feelings. Therefore she has always insisted on, but now this reality was telling her that all her perseverance was useless, it was entirely only a one-sided love on her own part.

Seeing that Li Luo did not open his mouth to answer her, Liu Ruoyan’s tears were streaming down even more violently. She covered her mouth with her hands as she quickly stood up. Since she absurdly stood up, the chair crashed heavily onto the ground, producing an ear-piercing sound. Just like her broken heart, no longer able to join back together again.

Liu Ruoyan used her hands to cover her tearful eyes, before she rapidly rushed out of the room.

Qin Yu used a bit of his internal force with his eyes to quickly close the opened door. The people outside only saw Liu Rouyan rush out while crying, and then saw the door close again, not knowing what happened inside.

Inside the room, with an obviously cheerful smile on his lips, Qin Yu picked up Li Luo and carried him in his arms, directly throwing Li Luo on top of the soft bed.

Warning, Mature content.

“Although what you said to Liu Ruoyan, that you loved me was only in order to deceive her, I’m still very happy, today I’ll reward you first.” After he finished speaking, Qin Yu immediately pulled open Li Luo’s clothes, as he explored inside.

—If this was the reward that Qin Yu spoke about, he’d rather not have it!

Li Luo didn’t have a chance to say anything, because Qin Yu is lowered his head and sucked upon his excitement.


Li Luo is so shocked that he almost jumped up, but his waist was being held down tightly by Qin Yu.

Finally, in the instant that he released his desire, Li Luo felt as though he had ascended to heaven, but the feeling didn’t last long before he was eaten by Qin Yu again.

—So what kind of reward he said was a routine, where after he finished he was not going to let him lie down and quickly pressed him down again.

End of warning

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 34 Part 2

  1. I’M SO ANGRY AT ML RIGHT NOW! HOW DARE HE FORCE HIMSELF ON OUR MC?! I know that he’s in love with our MC but I really hate how he’s forcing MC to be with him!

  2. I repeat my previous comment
    As I can’t find words in English to describe what I’m feeling right now so I’ll say it in Spanish: Qin Yu es realmente un HIJO DE LAS MIL PUTA, PUTO LOCO SIN MORAL!! Vergación pal’coño! una Güevona! pocas veces vez a gente tan trimalditamente loca!

    He’s practically guaranteeing that he’s going to suffer in his future, you can’t tie someone up forever, it’s like this… ? And the worst thing is I think when it happens I won’t care. Was too cruel to Liu Ruoyan

  3. I hope this doesn’t leave trauma on luo, Ml totally used him as a sex slave here.
    Gld to see realistic view of mc not falling for the Ml phew. Now I hope next ml will be more considerate and morale

  4. omg I feel so bad for the FL she was a really good girl TT_________________TT

    The ML in this arc is so rape-y, I hope he’s much better in the next few arcs as this kinda transcends the possessive/yandere ML trope that is still a-okay.

    Props to the author for not making the MC a stockholm syndrome example though and thank you for the chapter <3 <3

  5. Hopefully ML personality in the next arc isn’t so forceful and fond of rape. I was bearing it alright til ML decided to prove his claim on Mucheng by molesting her in front of FL

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